Legend criticizes Newcastle for not acting like a big club

Speaking to ESPN, Newcastle United legend Kevin Keegan has stated his belief that the Magpies do not act like a big club at times.

While Newcastle United may not be in the Premier League at the moment, there is no doubting the club’s size as well as influence around the world.

Newcastle United boast one of the biggest fan base in England and the Magpies are able to fill their 50,000 plus capacity stadium St. James Park every week despite currently plying their trade in the Championship.

Therefore, it is a bit of a shame that Newcastle have not been able to provide their passionate fans with success on the pitch in recent years and a host of questionable decisions from the board is largely to be blamed for their recent struggles.

Now club legend Kevin Keegan has gone on to state that Newcastle’s status as a top side in England is never in doubt but he has criticized his former side for not always acting like a big club over the past few years.

Keegan said, “It is a big club, it just sometimes doesn’t act like one. That’s happened with a lot of clubs, not just Newcastle. You could say the same about loads of clubs.

“I don’t have anything to do with inside there now, but you’ll never lose what these people feel about this football club. They might not like certain things at certain times, but they’ll still be there, they’ll always be there. They’ll always surprise you like they did when Alan signed — 15,000 people turned up.”