What to do about Adam Armstrong?

This question has been in the back of my mind since the start of the season. Would Adam Armstrong be better off back with us once his loan deal with Barnsley expires on January 3rd, 2017 or should he stay with them for the entire season? Let’s first look at how’s he’s done so far with Barnsley: 3 appearances, 2 goals, 0 assists, 77.5% of his passes were successfully completed and he averages 2.8 shots per game. He’s scored so far against Preston and Reading.

Well what to make of the stats? First of all it’s a small sample size but 2 goals in 3 appearances is very encouraging. I won’t make any direct comparisons to Newcastle strikers yet (Hello Ayoze?) but it may not be long before it becomes very clear which player is progressing faster. Adam has also been an excellent striker for various England national sides with 10 goals in 12 appearances for the U-17’s and 8 goals in 9 appearances for the U-18’s as the highlights. A very decent record indeed! Overall he’s got 18 goals in 37 appearances at all age levels.

My own view is to take a look at his progress versus Perez at the end of December with a view to recalling him if he continues to perform well and Ayoze continues to struggle. That’s a given for me. Rafa won’t sit idle if we continue to have inconsistent displays up front. A recall would give Perez direct competition for his place and might result in great improvement for him and a huge positive result for us. If Perez can’t improve then Armstrong should be back with us in the new year.

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Long suffering Newcastle United supporter living in Canada. Retired a few years back. Living in beautiful British Columbia. Suffered through this dismal season and had lost hope until Rafa came along. Now looking forward to a quick return to the Prem!

36 thoughts on “What to do about Adam Armstrong?

  1. Cheers G2. You forgot to mention that one of Armstrong’s goals was brilliant and a contender for goal of the season in The Championship.

    You cut me off mid-Rooney-rant on the other thread but I won’t bring it to this one 🙂


  2. G2 – I think he’s even better than his stats but he needs games and a manager who fills him with confidence. Top prospect.


  3. good one G2, its a tough one this,but with Rafa he switchs players a lot so imo hes better off for us being at Barnsley where he will play week after week surely thats better to bring him on to the ccc level and beyond than being hitty missy here at the moment,hes just signed a new contract so no hurry for him,let him do his loan stint at Barnsley


  4. I believe Arma will be a good player for us. Trouble is, if he comes back this season he won’t get in ahead of Gayle, so he would be back up. Not sure being back up is good for him at this stage of his career. He needs exposure.

    This is a debate that could gather momentum as the season wears on though G2, especially if Perez continues to struggle. I would not give up on the little Spaniard yet though. He definitely has quality.


  5. Some current Villa manager odds (the 1st 3 are true):

    Steve Brucie 10/11
    David Wagner 3/1
    Steve McClaren 14/1
    Lee Clark 1,000,000/1
    John Carver – didn’t you get my CV last time the job was available?


  6. Imo villa have a lot of problems. Wagner would be mad to leave his club for them. Yes Villa are the better prospect in he long term, but this year Huddersfield are. Whoever next gets the villa job will probably find themselves getting sacked at the seasons end when they fail to get promoted.


  7. Ryan Giggs’ Swansea interview:

    Ryan: Hi, my name is Giggsy McClure and you probably know me from such shows as “Yes, I ****ed my sister-in-law behind my brother’s back for seven years and everybody still loves me”.

    New owners: **** off, next.


  8. i see for seven away games in a row tickets have sold out,these ccc clubs must be very happy toon are in this lge


  9. icedog:
    i see for seven away games in a row tickets have sold out,these ccc clubs must be very happy toon are in this lge

    Yet all they can do is moan that we are buying the title, talk about want your cake and eat it.


  10. G2, Good read mate , thanks. Good question about Arma, I’m glad he has signed a new contract with us but we need to leave him where he is where he’ll get lots of playing time which he won’t with us sadly.


  11. Kimtoon: I would be surprised if Wagner chose to go to Villa because it is entering the unknown. There are questions about this Dr. Xia guy, about the real value of his company and even if he has a Doctorate. Villa are in many ways a sleeping giant but Wagner only has to look down the road to Leeds to see how a badly run club can remain in the doldrums.

    If he stays at Huddersfield they could be the next Watford, Bournemouth or Palace. FFS, Palace just spent 30 million on one player so the game has changed with all of the money in the PL. West Yorkshire are crying out for a PL team so best he stays there. I am sure they would fill their 25,000 seat stadium in the PL.


  12. I’m a big fan of Armstrong and his attitude seems to be first class.
    He seems to be ready to do whatever it takes to prove himself and get his chance whenever it comes for NUFC. I hope it happens for him one day coz I think he could be a local hero and they don’t come around often.


  13. Unless we see improvement from Diame, it wouldn’t shock me to see Armstrong back with us come January…assuming Arma keeps playing well


  14. Thanks for all the comments lads and lasses. I tried to confirm Armstrong’s stats from at least 2 sources and couldn’t believe he had only had 3 appearances. Shamrock’s 6 appearances makes much more sense. I think we’ll see him back with us by next season at the latest. He will need to work his socks off this season and then prepare himself for the Prem. Don’t really know what to make of Perez. His struggles are surprising to me.


  15. Diame is a puzzle as well. Possibly he’ll improve with time. We are in a rush to get back up however so he’d better not take too long! 😀


  16. You know what it is G2. Diame has probably done alright in terms of team play but that Villa mi**** from 6 yards that probably cost us the win is what I (we?) think about when Diame is mentioned. Until he knocks in a few that will be ingrained in my memory.


  17. I’ll do a stats article during the international break. Don’t know if it will be a player comparison or general team thing but should be fun anyway.


  18. Shamrock:
    I’ll do a stats article during the international break. Don’t know if it will be a player comparison or general team thing but should be fun anyway.

    Look forward to it Sham


  19. This one is for Troysta. The journalists are finally starting to question Rooney’s role and ability and he is getting a bit annoyed with it. Beforeand they had always gone along with whatever he said in the England press conferences with a “Yes Wayne, No Wayne, Three bags full Wayne” attitude. They had only ever gone tabloid on him before about his personal life:


    Now they have seen he cannot trap a ball. He is so arrogant and full of the captaincy that he comes back to midfield to collect the ball and then realises he has no-one to pass forward to because HE should have been the one up front ready to receive the pass, and he has screwed up the whole shape of the team. So he does a short pass or a 40 yard pass to the other wing. As Jose said, even he (Jose) could make that pass with no pressure.

    The press had given Wayne a free pass until very recently


  20. Let’s play 20 questions… Who am I describing?

    * He argues with Refs and often tells them to fck off and never gets a yellow card.

    * He vacates his striker role to collect the ball at his own 18 yard box.

    * The ball bounces off him like he has rubber feet or summink.

    * He decides where he plays but now says he doesn’t decide and that is the Manager’s job.

    * He ignores all of the Managers instructions and plays where he wants.

    * He ignores everything that has taken place in training and changes things on the fly during a game without the Manager’s consent.

    * He is always sh!t at tournaments against better teams but pads his goals record against minnows.

    * He still thinks he is England’s best player when he really is a millstone around the National team’s neck.

    * He should have retired after being at the forefront of the Euros debacle, at least as culpable as Mr. Roy.



  21. Oh FFS. I just read The Mail’s article on Rooney’s press conference and it seems like he is saying to Southgate – you pick the team, but I am a midfielder even though Mourinho says I am not, but I am, so pick me there… Quotes from The Mail:

    “Then, of course, there’s the question of where he plays. And by the sound of things, Rooney’s future will be in midfield.

    ‘I feel I can control and dictate games from there,’ Rooney added. ‘I’m not saying I’m better. I’m saying I can play there to a very high standard.

    ‘Of course you cannot beat the feeling of scoring goals. But I love football whether it is scoring or not. I’ve said many times I’ll play for England as striker, midfield, No 10. I played exactly to instructions, what was asked of me.

    ‘I’d never come in and say I want to play here or there, I play where I’m asked. But I’m sure Gareth will have his opinions where I should play or if I play.’”

    No he didn’t play to instructions. He dropped into deep midfield to collect the ball and then do nothing with it for Man U. He slowed the game down and did exactly the opposite to what Mourinho wanted. That is why he was dropped (apart from being sh!t). Now he is saying he will play wherever the England Manager wants him to play AS LONG AS IT IS IN MIDFIELD, WHERE ROONEY WANTS TO PLAY 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Over to you Troysta.


  22. “Gareth will have his opinions of where I should play” says Wayne. No Wayne. Gareth should tell you where to play, his opinion is the only one that matters. You are not the manager, he is. Of course, when it comes to the actual game Rooney will do whatever he wants just like he did under Mr. Roy and the one game he played under Toad of Toad Hall.


  23. This is the first time Rooney has been asked difficult questions and he has no answers:


    The fawning press and his sycophantic ex-footballer mates have protected him, as have those who want to sell Man U and England shirts. The Emperor has had no clothes for a long time and now some are waking up to that fact. Rooney wants to reinvent himself as some sort of new Pirlo. But Pirlo could make a forward pass and control a ball. Skills that sadly are missing in Rooney’s present iteration.


  24. Actually, I am as mad at the press, pundits, Managers and ex-players for turning a blind eye to the fact that Wayne was given too much control as his skills were waning. I think it is his natural game to bull around the pitch and come back to get the ball and it was up to the Manager to keep him focused. Rooney has many faults but these have been allowed to go unchecked by a complicit football world in England. The ex-players will defend him no matter what but the a lot of the press have turned and they will probably go on a witch hunt to make up for them not pointing out the obvious earlier.


  25. ERIC aye mate hes started with his ass licking bull****,Southgate is good manager and should be given the job blah blah blah,makes me sick and poor Southgate is getting half a million quid for two months work its a disgrace ffs


  26. He has NEVER turned up for tournaments imo and I have never rated him as I don’t think he has the brains to be a clever footballer. If he did he would understand the instructions he’s given and follow them to the letter not go off on a tangent marauding all over the shop like some bully in a playground 5 aside.


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