Move Over Matt Ritchie?

As we all know; Matt Ritchie was out of yesterday’s win over Cardiff. The Scotland star missed the game through suspension but his absence from the starting line-up was not missed.

On many occasions this season Ritchie has been hailed as Newcastle’s star player and has even sometimes been referred to as the best player in the Championship.

However, it should be said that whenever Christian Atsu has taken Ritchie’s place in the first team, he has looked no worse than fans favourite, Ritchie.

Atsu plays the game very differently to Ritchie. Where Ritchie will often slow the game down to play a killer pass or deliver a cross, Atsu usually likes to play the game at a high pace and with plenty of intensity. Again, though, it should be noted that the Ghanaian is more than capable of slowing the game down when needed.

Atsu impressed again against Cardiff and Ritchie may find his place in the side in more jeopardy from now on and in the week when Florian Thauvin was sold to Marseilles, Atsu made his case for a permanent transfer.

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  1. Sham , it comes to something when we are more engaged by US politics than our national football team. Says it all really. 😆

    Question- which is the bigger joke, Trump or England ❓ Both promise much but ultimately will deliver sweet FA 😉


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