International Break Brings Bad News

As reported by The Mail yesterday, Jonjo Shelvey has been charged for an incident against Wolves.

Shelvey faces a five-match ban after allegedly making abusive comments to a Wolves playing. The comments themselves related to race, ethnicity or nationality.

Shelvey could face up to a five-game ban, leaving Newcastle in quite a bad situation. Shelvey is the only player at the club who can play the way that he does and although his replacement should be good enough to keep he side winning, things will be harder without Shelvey.

However, when things become more clear, we will see if Shelvey is again paying the price for having a questionable attitude, something that has arguably held him back throughout his whole career.

Hopefully this is the last incident of this nature that Shelvey is involved in on Tyneside and due to the severity of this charge, when more information is released, Shelvey could lose a lot of support.

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