Ex-Hull Star Diame Speaks Ahead of Quarter Final

As reported by the Chronicle, Mo Diame clearly feels that he needs to offer more to the side, despite Newcastle’s good start to the season. Diame said:

“I need to wake up because I have been sleeping since I got here,” the Senegal international explains during a frank and honest interview.

“To be honest, I have not played the football I have wanted to play since I have been here. The manager will always say he wants more from me, even if I am playing well.

In regards to Rafa Benitez, who is already a popular figure on Tyneside, he said: “He is pushing me and telling me he wants more. All the good things will come if I keep working. I feel it was a long season last year.”

Diame went on to speak about his time during the international break, saying: “I used the international break to refresh and see my family back home in Africa,” he added.

“I went to my country, Senegal to see my people and play in South Africa with Senegal.

“My Mum lives in Paris but all my people, my cousins, my aunties, are there in Senegal. It is always nice to be close to your own people.

“I only see them in the summer or on international breaks. And this summer, I only saw them for one week. I feel great now and am convinced of what I can give to Newcastle.

“I will use this game to push and to come back to my best.”