Premier League Legend Isn’t Happy With Moussa Sissoko

As reported by the Chronicle, Chris Sutton has been hammering Moussa Sissoko, the former Premier League hotshot described the French interternational as ‘A lot of money wasted.’

Sutton’s comments are another blow for Sissoko, who has even been recently questioned by his new manager.

Pochettino told Sissoko that he ‘doesn’t deserve’ to be in the Tottenham side and Sutton quite clearly shares this view, saying: “Sissoko was a bad buy and Pochettino is questioning him now. They have got the ‘Newcastle’ Sissoko.

“That was a really odd move to virtually everybody in the country looking from the outside thinking why on earth have they signed Sissoko?

 Sutton then echoed the thoughts of many Newcastle fans, adding: “He downed tools last season. How can you trust him?

It’s not just Newcastle fans who will agree with Sutton though, many Spurs fans will no doubt agree with him when he says: “That’s a massive disappointment. A lot of money wasted.”