Rafa Speaks of ‘Pride’ Ahead Of His 1000th Game

As reported by the Chronicle, in his weekly press-conference, Newcastle manager spoke about his time as a top level coach, saying: “I was really proud.

“There are so many games in football now it is difficult to be in charge for such a long time.

“The most important thing was to win the game but obviously after I thought of that.”

Benitez went on reminisce about when he started as a manager, saying: “When you start and you try to do everything.

“When I started with Real Madrid (reserves) you try to do everything like putting out cones and mannequins.

“Then you let other people help you.

“You see young coaches trying to do the same but you try to show them.”

He then spoke about the difficulties that young managers face now, adding: “Social media has made it harder.

“When things used to happen in the dressing room they stayed in the dressing room.”