A message to every NUFC fan heading to St. James’ Park today

Heading to St. James’ Park today for Newcastle’s crucial game against Wigan? This one’s for you.

When asked this week about the recent atmosphere inside St. James’ Park, Rafa Benitez responded with this powerful message to the fans:

“We are together in this race, we are at our strongest when we are united. The fans, the players, the staff – all of us helping to achieve our shared goal. Now is the time to stick together” 

Benitez hits the nail on the head here, and his words this week suggest he is fully aware of just how big of a role the fans have to play.

In light of this, we need every single person inside St.James’ Park to be nothing but a positive influence on the team today, in a bid to help our club achieve its ‘shared goal’ – promotion back to the Premier League.

Admittedly, Newcastle’s last two home performances against Bristol City and Fulham haven’t been good enough, justifying frustration amongst the fans. From hereon-in however, that must be put aside. The team needs every ounce of support it can get.

It’s simple. Players have a duty to perform on the pitch and as fans it is our duty to support from the stands. On several occasions this season we’ve warned our players against complacent performances, but I would question whether we, as fans, have ourselves become complacent from the terraces?

Moans and groans at the slightest mistake or backwards passes are not needed at this stage of the season. Negativity breeds negativity and this only serves to disrupt the team, intensifying anxieties on the pitch and contribute to a bad result.

We all have moments when we get lost in the heat of the game, that is to be expected, but we must make every effort to create a positive atmosphere and contribute towards a positive result.

There is no room now for negativity inside St. James’ Park. We’ve reached the final stretch of a long hard season – a hive of anxiety & hostility will only make this harder, but support will see us through as we enter what could be a defining moment in our club’s future over the coming weeks.

As fanatical fans of Newcastle United, we know the impact we can make when the players step out onto the pitch at St.James’ Park, so today, take your manager’s advice and stay behind your team from first whistle to last. Be the 12th man & do your bit to get our great club back where it belongs.

Let’s stay United! For Rafa, for our team, for promotion and for the future of our beloved football club.

Together we are stronger – WE can be the difference.

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

89 thoughts on “A message to every NUFC fan heading to St. James’ Park today

  1. Eric Sykes:
    Sorry to see Ed Harrison isn’t doing that great. I wish him well as he has steadfastly stuck with his blog through thick and thin. He also loves Rafa.

    here here

  2. Well this team isn’t great but I suppose it is doing the job that it was meant to do. I expect us to be promoted with 3/4 games left but I still hope we can win the title. Burton beating Huddersfield is an eye opener and may suggest that they won’t be rolling over on Wednesday night. Wigan didn’t roll over but they are poor and almost certainly relegated. I personally think today we weren’t ‘good’ we were just slightly better than a very poor, relegated Wigan side. I still think that this first 11 would be the absolute skeleton of a PL team and we’d need major additions to survive next season. We’ve had our expectations lowered over the last ten years, where doing well in the championship is seen as as good season, we shouldn’t even be in this league!

  3. DJG: I don’t think anybody is under any illusion (delusion) that this team is good enough for the PL. It was built for a purpose to get us out of this league and that job is almost done.

    I wish the football that we play was better but they hardly ever show it here so all I can go on is John (I’m going to slash my wrists) Anderson talking about turds all of the time. The last turd, the final turd.

  4. We created plenty chances today, but then we should at home to Wigan. I think today highlighted our biggest problem this season – if Gayle or Ritchie doesn’t do it, who does?!.

    I agree with Eric, that this squad was put together on a budget to get us out the league so that hopefully the money is spent in the summer.

    We should rob Helder Costa from Wolves when we go up imo – he’s a real talent and only 23.

  5. I have to be honest as someone who has regularly posted on this site for over 10yrs now – I truly hate what has happened to this site!!.

    Way too many articles getting thrown up now (cash in on the ads) and it isn’t easy to find the articles where you can poster comments – which mean nowt to the site owners anyway.
    No offence Olly coz I’m sure you put a lot of effort into the articles.

    This site used to be a cracking little community. It had its bickering and niggles but it was good crack. It’s a real shame to see it filled with **** advertising.

  6. Sharpy: I have an ad-blocker on the PC site and it seems to work for most. On the mobile site there are a ton of ads and links to unconnected articles. There have always been the Russian and Asian dating ads but there do seem to be a lot of just unconnected BS. If some was football, Northeast or Sport related maybe I could understand.

    One of the one’s on the mobile site today said “this is not an Asian dating site”. Yeah right, do you really think I am thick enough and gullible enough to fall for that 🙂 I never click on that stuff (the truth) because I always think there will be a virus, of the internet kind, not the STD kind.

  7. I can see 15 ads right now. Thread was terribly slow to refresh again yesterday and typing at a snails pace too. Had to shut down and restart pc twice and ended up doing a clean up to be able to access the site. Never click on the ads on any site I visit and this and the chronicle are the only sites I have problems with. Don’t understand why, still the best blog or should I say site .

  8. Agreed Kim. Still the best blog. Pleased with the result yesterday but why do we surrender midfield so much? Rafa has more knowledge of football than me but why cannot we play the ball out from the back? I know that Dummet and Colback aren’t good enough for this approach then bring in a reserve. Mbemba is good enough on the ball. I hate this lumping forward by Darlow that just surrenders possession to the opposition. Gayle is never going to win high balls. Anita showed yesterday that we can play good football when we keep the ball down.

  9. Really like Anita, one of our better players imo. Defo better RB than Debs was, better than Janmaat too, good defensively and still able to get forward when it’s appropriate .

  10. Lascelles is the one really bothering me. He just isn’t learning from his mistakes and keeps making the same one game after game that cost goals. When someone’s pestering you or chasing you lad just kick it away. He always thinks he has more time and presence to deal with it and he doesn’t. Just bloody clear it anywhere.

    Job almost done now. We’d have to lose 4 of the seven for HT to get anywhere near us. Not going to happen.

  11. I’m going to miss the next match, just landed in Kuala Lumpur and then in Shanghai Wednesday so time difference just too much.. gutted.

  12. Dubai Toon:
    I’m going to miss the next match, just landed in Kuala Lumpur and then in Shanghai Wednesday so time difference just too much.. gutted.

    you certainly get around mate 😎

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