2 thoughts on “Benitez ordered to stop moaning by the Newcastle United hierarchy

  1. The “board” is Lee Charnley, and he answers to Rafa. No evidence. No sources. No quotes. The only report mentioning anything similar was about Carragher, who said Rafa should stop moaning and get on with it. In fact, if you read what Rafa says, and has repeated several times, he has been backed to the extent that he agreed with Ashley. He thought he could do alot with that amount of money, turned out he couldn’t. He badly under-estimated the transfer fees and wages being expected to secure average Prem standard players. And he failed to secure Tammy Abraham on loan, meaning he would have to pay alot more money for striker(s). He said several times, “We made a mistake” early in the window, ie. Rafa and his team of assistants and scout, referring to the Abraham deal. There has not actually been one word of criticism of the “board”. He repeated over and over that he knew how much he was getting, it was very clear. Conclusion – False news.

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