“Shut up Rafa” – Sky reject launches astonishing attack on Benitez – Claims Mike Ashley is right

Sky Sports reject Richard Keys has launched an unbelievable attack on Rafa Benitez following the Spaniard’s damning comments on the situation at Newcastle United this week – stating he should ‘Shut up’ or ‘walk’.

This isn’t the first time Keys – who was sacked by Sky several years ago for sexist remarks – has had a pop at Rafa, with him clearly having something against the Spaniard, having no sympathy for his current situation and all the support in the world for none other than Mike Ashley.

Here’s his incredible Twitter rant at Rafa today in response to his quotes stating he was ‘really worried’ about the current situation at NUFC:

“Shut up Rafa – or walk – which is your right.

“The club will survive you.

“Mike Ashley isn’t going to change for you.

“He was right last season – you had more than enough.”

Utter lies and a total lack of respect once again from Keys.

A reminder – here’s what he said about Benitez back in May after he delivered a 10th place finish for NUFC:

“Well done Rafa. It turns out Mike Ashley was right after all.

“After spending £102m on 18 players the previous season Ashley always believed Benitez had enough to make Newcastle comfortable. He did. Now comes Rafa’s big test.

“I’m tired of reading about his threats to leave if he doesn’t get his own way. He won’t get his own way.

“I’ve no idea where Benitez will find a better job – because he certainly wouldn’t enjoy working at West Ham.

“We’re in for some big changes in the dug outs this summer – more changes than we’ve ever seen.

“As owners go searching for men with a magic wand here’s something to think about.

“It remains the case – and always will – that the teams with the best players are going to be successful. Be careful what you wish for…..”

Moronic and childish comments from a man who seems to just enjoy being purposefully controversial.

The Katie Hopkins of the football world.

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10 thoughts on ““Shut up Rafa” – Sky reject launches astonishing attack on Benitez – Claims Mike Ashley is right

  1. I’m not one for messaging people of importance but your not one of them anyway.
    It’s ok to have your say, freedom of speech etc., however I feel the air conditioning in the Middle East is affecting you Richard, the rubbish your spouting out from afar re Rafa and NUFC seems just to let people know your still around. You used to be ok while you resided in the U.K. but things must have gone sour since then. Anyway hope your tan is good


  2. Keys knows nothing about football or management and he should keep his mouth shut about Rafa . There’s a lot of tension about so he should be careful not to bump into a Geordie right now . He’s just AN ARSE KISSING ASHLEY PRETENTIOUS TWAT!¡!!


  3. Ashley was right. He thought that with the players we had and the manager we had we would survive. And we did. What’s wrong with Keys saying that??

    Personally, until Lejeune got injured I thought we had enough to survive this year too.
    Kenedy and Dubravka for a full season? Plus the others that have been brought in?

    Let’s not forget – Rafa left Real Madrid because he complained that the team wasn’t good enough.


  4. Ashley is a toss pot . These people who are so far up ashleys arse spouting crap every day. Had this much to spend blah blah. What about the money he has pocketed from players sold and the amazing support. 50000 every home game in the championship etc etc. What about his interview on sky sports benitez can have every penny generated. What a shock when the yearly figures came out and low and behold millions in debt no money. Let’s bid 5 million for a player worth 10 then turn round and say he wasn’t worth that much but we tried to sign the player or hes too old etc. Same every year what was the point of him buying the club greedy greedy man . Sell up.


  5. Message to brrrian (above) are you having a wind up or what!!! Tell me in your wisdom who the hell is gunna be scoring enough goals for us this season. You are talking about last season and I agree our target was to stay up but now we need to push forward we can’t do that with the strikers we have right now. Gayle has no confidence joselu is a target man and that’s being generous and muto is more of a nos 10. Surely as the seasons go by we and every other team look to strengthen our squads. Why is it that us Newcastle fans are not allowed to dream of Europe anymore?? I can’t believe that a real Geordie fan can for one agree with all keys has said and two agree with how our pretentious owner runs our club. When Rafa walks and he WILL our club and Ashley are going to be in ****t street that is certain!!!!


  6. Strange because a couple of days before he tweeted about his own club Coventry complaining about their owners who have apparently been rubbish over the last 10 years but make a profit!!!!!! The man is either not very bright, deluded or friends with Mr Ashley. And Brian if you believe being relegation battles every year some you win some you lose then your not far from Mr keys


  7. I remember commenting on Richard ‘wolverine’ key’s moronic tweet last year.
    Clearly another year hasn’t made him less of a crank


  8. Problem for NUfC is they’ve got the big club mentality but not the money. See you in the championship lads( again ).


  9. Who the hell does Richard Keys think he is, he has no room to say anything about anyone .
    He is a bloody wife cheating NOBODY. Who should shut his big mouth and crawl back to the only place he could get a job, a place which would suit him down to the groud the way they treat women.


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