A message to the NUFC ‘fans’ slating West Brom’s Salomon Rondon before he’s even signed..

Salomon Rondon is not even a Newcastle United player yet, but I’m seeing quite a few fans already slating his potential arrival – with many taking to social media to write him off before he’s even kicked a ball for the club.

People are allowed to have an opinion and question if he’s the right man for the job, but how on earth can you call yourself a ‘supporter’ if you’ve already got it in for him, deciding he’s going to be a certain flop?

The definition of a supporter – “a person who approves of and encourages a public figure”.

Quite a few will claim to bleed black and white as Newcastle United ‘supporters’, yet I see far too many intent on slating and berating their own players (See responses to Joselu’s post on social media or the abuse Dummett and Diame have received prior to coming good).

Don’t get me wrong, Ashley’s lack of investment can easily lead us to a glass half empty mentality, but taking those frustrations out on the wrong people is a dangerous game.

Now, you are well within your rights to have an opinion on Rondon and admit you aren’t too fond on the idea of us signing him. What I struggle with is those who write him off before he’s even kicked a ball for the club – especially when he’s the type of player who’ll give 110% if and when he pulls on that black and white jersey.

Remember that phrase ‘we don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a team that tries’? Yeh..

I understand the frustration to an extent. It’s another loan, he’s not been prolific at West Brom and the main objective this summer was to sign a PROVEN striker – something he is not based on his three seasons in England so far.

What I will say, however, is this. He’s played in some shocking West Brom sides under some awful managers (Pulis, Pardew, Megson) and I for one actually back Benitez to get the best out of him. He does miss more than he should – so I can’t use West Brom and their managers as *too* much of an excuse as all goals are the same size – but I back our system and Benitez’s management to get the best from him.

You may disagree, and that’s fine, but if you don’t rate him, can we at least agree to give him a clean slate at Newcastle United and judge him on that – not his previous failings with West Brom?

There’s a few who’ll compare him to Mitrovic and question if he’s any better. My response to that is simple..

He’ll do much better than Mitrovic – that’s almost a fact. Why? Because Rafa will actually play him! Mitrovic didn’t have a future at the club. That was abundantly clear, so I myself am just glad we have a striker of Benitez’s choice in Rondon.

Unlike Mitrovic – a player he was clearly not prepared to play – Rafa has a lot to work with when it comes to Rondon. He’s 6ft 2′, built like an ox, a hard worker, surprisingly mobile for his size and strong in the air – not forgetting just about every West Brom fan I speak too insist what a top bloke he is.

These things don’t give us that 15 goals striker we sorely lack, but Rafa will know he has something to work with here – which is more than can be said about Joselu after yet another ineffective performance against Augsburg on Saturday.

If you don’t rate him then fine, it’s understandable after all, but he’ll DEFINITELY not succeed at St James’ Park if a few thousand fans are using their energy to get at him, not get behind him.

I totally understand fan’s frustration after ANOTHER penny pinching summer, but we really don’t need that sort of negativity to be funnelled towards a new signing – especially when strikers often live & die on confidence levels!

So, if indeed he does sign, can we all agree to get behind him and give him the best chance of success under Rafa Benitez – a world class manager who does know what he’s doing after all..

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

15 thoughts on “A message to the NUFC ‘fans’ slating West Brom’s Salomon Rondon before he’s even signed..

  1. Best article I have read in a while to be honest, it is true, regardless of what lad has done before. If and when he signs we need to back like he is Shearer, Cole or a Ferdinand.


  2. Myth:
    Best article I have read in a while to be honest, it is true, regardless of what lad has done before. If and when he signs we need to back like he is Shearer, Cole or a Ferdinand.

    Thanks mate – appreciate that!


  3. Totally agree with the sentiment and content of the article. He was a one in four striker for West Brom, but I back Rafa to get him to a 1 in 3 at the very least, and for him to be a handful that creates plenty of opportunities for others.


  4. Excellent article that is needed to be wrote more, from other forums. My boy who’s ten got sick of a SUPPORTER behind us, saying his negative attitude towards our players was sad. We need more of this and as for social media, it’s an easy option for cowards to slate, in fact, destroy players. I’m tired of it and although it is tough at the minute, you pointed out “a team that tries” last season they worked their socks off. We are made to look like the idiots that the southern press portray, with mindless people like the minority.


  5. Albion fan here. Rondon will give you absolutely everything , but unfortunately he REALLY lacks when it comes to being clinical infront of goal. He won’t bag you 15 goals a season but he will create plenty of chances through his hold up play.

    He’s spent most of his Albion days playing up top by himself, maybe with someone with a bit of quality around him will bring out the best in him.

    Just don’t get your hopes up if he’s through 1 on 1 with the keeper.


  6. yes I liked that article a lot, I understand why fans are doing this, however I think it right to give the guy a chance and if he fails then make your comments known.


  7. While there are some who will attack the player himself I think it’s misguided to suggest much of the negativity is actually directed at him personally.

    He’s merely being used as evidence of the absolute disdain the owner has for you, me and our football club.

    And it is ours. He may hold the keys but without support the club is no more.

    Of course we’ll get behind the lad, he seems like a good honest pro.

    It is however deeply troubling that so many seen genuinely happy with a signing they themselves derided only a few weeks ago.

    Turn up and cheer the the entire team on by all means. But don’t forget where we are now.

    Under the current stewardship every season is now a coin toss and it will absolutely land on tails in the not too distant future.

    Blind support is money in the bank for the owner.

    Let’s not acquiesce and show thanks for the derisory effort made on our behalf.

    Discuss the issues on forums (without attacking those with a different point of view,) turn up to meetings, join demonstrations and show this man that in the face of open hostility that we, this club, this city, remain united.


  8. I’m sure all baggies fans, like me, wish Rondon all the best. He is a hero in Venuzuala but not the Brummie Road I’m afraid. He worked tirelessly for the Albion often as the lone striker and he is a thoroughly nice bloke – but therefore I think we stuck with him far longer than he deserved at times. Trouble is he just didn’t score enough goals in the Premier league missing decent chances more often that not. He might have scored more in the EFL, he might not – but what we do know is that Gayle will definitely score goals in the EFL.
    Have a good season guys.


  9. Do you guys commenting on here even know there is a live discussion going on a daily and continuous basis under the heading “Featured discussion”. Get on that one – you’ll be warmly welcomed.


  10. georgio:
    Do you guys commenting on here even know there is a live discussion going on a daily and continuous basis under the heading “Featured discussion”. Get on that one – you’ll be warmly welcomed.
    Well said Georgio!! THe blog needs new people posting and commenting


  11. Excellent article these will be the same fans who moaned all last season instead of getting behind the team.when a player wears our colours we should all be 100pc behind them.
    I am fan of almost 60yrs n still bleed black n white


  12. What a timely article. I have never commented on any article before, but I believe this one is such a good common sense piece of advice that it should be complimented. I often shudder at the comments of some of the so called fans, obviously some are young, and the advent of social media has made it easy to “blurt out” frustrations and feelings to a world wide audience without thought of consequence. However, the damage that can be inflicted by these opinions, which at the time of being vented have no foundation, is immense. If the target of these opinions read them and take them as being the average sentiment of the fans, then why would they put in any effort or heart and soul for the cause? To have been judged and found wanting before even being given a chance is not the way to gain loyalty and commitment from anyone, footballer or not.
    I personally think the blame for all the ill feeling and anger should be laid at the door of the instigator. I have been a Newcastle United supporter since the 1962/3 season, and having seen the likes of Lord Westwood II, Gordon McKeag etc. as Chairman, my opinion is that the present incumbent is the root of all the discontent. A Sporting Institution like Newcastle United is not just a vehicle for advertising and profit. It is the main hope for pride and success for a whole region, city and culture, to abuse it the way it is being is immoral. I think it’s very sad state of affairs that one man, in the name of greed/profit/business/”bloody Mindedness” (take your pick) can cause such ill feeling is a sad indictment of the 21st Century. We live in a world where we can speak very loudly but money will always speak louder.


  13. I don’t think saying he’s not much of an upgrade on what we already has is “slating” him. I hope he does well but I think he might be similar to Mitro.

    I notice the players have refused to do interviews with the press including Sky TV and have also refused to do their individual pics for Sky due to Jabba being a **** about bonuses again…. Shock horror! Good on them I say.


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