Arsenal fan reveals why he was left ‘absolutely shocked’ after attending Saturday’s game vs NUFC

After speaking to him prior to the game for our weekly ‘Opposition Opinion’ piece, we spoke to Arsenal fan James Pearce about Saturday’s game – with him explaining to us why he was left ‘absolutely shocked’ by our approach and overall performance.

Without further adieu, here’s what he told us after the game:

“It was my first trip to St James’ and it turned out to be a good one for us Gunners, but I was so unimpressed with what I saw from you guys in the end.

“You started pretty well and we’re the better team going into the break (even though you didn’t actually create much at all) but your second half performance and was woeful. I was absolutely shocked to be honest – especially when Rafa is such a good tactical coach.”

“As I say, you did well to keep yourself in the game in the first half, but I thought you’d then build on that in the second. I fully expected you to up the intensity,  bring on your big guns in Rondon and Shelvey and pepper our back four; our clear weak point.

“Considering we’re a team who can be got at, you stood off and made it easy for us in the end. We really didn’t play well at all and, as a team, we’re there to be got at – so I was baffled that you sat off in the second half after doing so well in the first to get a foothold in the game.

“One final thought. I was told brilliant things about the atmosphere at your place, but it was very quiet – with the biggest ‘roars’ coming when a decision went against you. 

“I’m not surprised when seeing how lacklustre and unadventurous you were in the second half, but it just shows how flat things seem to be after what was such a good season for you last year. 

“Good luck for the season lads!”

I couldn’t agree more with James, and I suspect most NUFC fans reading this will too.

Unfortunately, he’s not wrong about the atmosphere either, but then again, with a lack of new signings, Rafa’s future in serious doubt and poor performances on the pitch, we’ve not exactly been given much to shout about.

That being said, our team needs us more than ever when we’re struggling.

Do you agree with James here?

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

6 thoughts on “Arsenal fan reveals why he was left ‘absolutely shocked’ after attending Saturday’s game vs NUFC

  1. Definatley agree with him. Rafa has lost the plot. Rafa will leave at the end of the season. Ashley will not sell and we are more than likely going down yet again. Yes we had a disgraceful window but Rafa must take a fair proportion of the blame for his decision making since the start of the season. Still, will not be his problem soon.


  2. We need more passion from the fans. Yes, we have failed to get in the players we need. Yes, Mike Ashley is the worst owner in the premiership. But average players can over-perform if given the true magical magpies vocal support. Cheer them to hell and back. Don’t grumble at mistakes, or they will be afraid to try anything special. Up the Raffa-kution!!!


  3. Totally agreed with him on what he said about the atmosphere(not like those days ’95). As for Rafa’s lineup and tactics he did it on purpose. Yes you are reading it right I mean it, Rafa is trying his best in his own little secret way to get CAshley to sell the club. He’s helping buyers that way because he loves this club too and really wants to help bring those glory days back. I’ve commented on a few youtube channels and what I said was a fact, yup black and white the truth that’s all not to target any geordie or Toon fan. What would I benefit from it??? So what was my comment? Well all I said, Quote: If you’re going to talk the talk than walk the walk and stop complaining-complaining that’s making other club fans and the media make us a Premier League laughing stock. But what I got was two racist bigotries telling me in a way I have no right to comment as I have no birthrights like them and ask me to join “Scumberland, or whoever is winning at the time”. The biggest problem is the owner and not the managers or players only, yes there are some managers and players that are BS but not all and definitely not Rafa. Example: This channel Newcastle Fans TV the host Lee, when I told him I’m not going to buy any more jerseys to put money in CAshley’s pockets even how much I love the away jersey that looks like ’95 season (the year I chose Newcastle over Liverpool to be a fan) his reply was Quote: “I didn’t buy from the club I bought it from outside the club”. What??? That’s not going to make CAshely sell the club when he can still make money and torment Rafa and us(Fans). The only difference is he makes less with a middleman involved. LMBO!!! It was not easy being a Singapore NUFC fan back then ’95, as the majority was ManU/Liverpool/Arsenal. I remember how I was laugh at till some years later when the fan base started to grow. ‘WE’ The Rest Of The World NUFC Fans can only support ‘YOU’ yes Geordie Born and Bred in Newcastle, ‘IF’ only you will take a leap of faith to do what’s right for this club. If you want CAshley to leave than you have to hurt his pockets. 50 thousand plus fans don’t want to boycott games for the fear that it will affect Rafa and the players and get us relegated. Then stop buying merchandise (from the club SportsDirect or even outside the club as it still puts money in his pockets only difference is how much), beers and pies from the club on match day. When a Businessman can’t make money he will sell. God Blessed Everyone!! HWTL!!!

    P.S.! There’s a saying, Quote: “The truth, indeed, is something that mankind, for some mysterious reason, instinctively dislikes. Every man who tries to tell it is unpopular, and even when, by the sheer strength of his case, he prevails, he is put down as a scoundrel.”


  4. There is so much negative vibes in the city towards NUFC, and around the club that it was always going to be transferred to the terraces.
    People really do take themselves way too seriously these days..


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