Theory emerges after Mike Ashley suddenly reduces his asking price for NUFC – Do you agree?

A theory has emerged from several Newcastle fans following claims today that Mike Ashley has now lowered his asking price to around £300m, with many believing that is simply propaganda in a bid to see to the protests die down.

As you may have read this morning, both the Shields Gazette and The Chronicle have claimed that Ashley is now ready to reconsider his old asking price of £380m, with it now said that he’ll demand a fee in the region of £300m instead.

A sudden and pretty dramatic drop in price – and something that’s no washed at all with the majority of NUFC fans (and it’s not surprising given we know his devious and deceitful nature all too well).

Here’s some of the responses to the ‘news’ from Newcastle fans on Twitter, with many sharing the same theory behind it all:

“What a coincidence. Just as the protests start to gain traction he’s leaking stuff to the press about reducing the price and eager to sell etc… We have been here before of course.”

“This is 100% propaganda to water down protests. Can’t blame you for reporting.”

“Looks like Mike Ashley is trying to get fans to “ease off” you mean.”

“We’ve heard it all before it’s nothing but his PR team trying the ease the pressure.”

“Just a ploy to try and stop the protests and the damage being done.”

“All a smokescreen to deflect attention away from the protest and our league position.”

Whether it’s true or not, there’s only one thing we can do now – keep the pressure on and keep the protests going; especially when today’s ‘news’ could be proof that all of this is actually starting to get to him.

The more he realises that this will not ‘blow over’, the more he’ll realise that maybe it is actually time for him to sell up for good.

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

5 thoughts on “Theory emerges after Mike Ashley suddenly reduces his asking price for NUFC – Do you agree?

  1. Keep the pressure on him… hopefully he’s beginning to break under the recent pressure from the Toon Army, HMRC, SD shareholders and even his ‘mates’ are quitting him from the top jobs…
    then we can kick him oot of Toon!


  2. Asking people to boycott games is a big ask, however asking fans to not buy any of his merchandise, buy nothing in the ground, encourage wives husbands girl/boyfriends to stay clear of his outlets… this is quite feasible. Quite frankly I am astounded to see as many people still going into the club shop, buying drinks in his bar and visiting his shops. Why? I have never bought a drink in the bar or at the ground since Kevin Keegan left. Use your non buying power to annoy him. People may argue that this will be but a pin prick in his empire but if he was losing money in all his north eastll outlets he would start closing and he would not like that.


  3. Is it just the cynic me but what was the purchase price of House of Fraser? And whay did the big fella think the club was work 400 million….

    Could it have been to do with the interest free loans he has with the club needing to be paid….

    Maybe I’m wrong but hell of a coincidence that the club value came down by approximately the same money he bough HoF for don’t you think….


  4. Ashley isn’t really reducing the price at all as he pocketed £120 million for the team finishing 10th in Premiership and £20 million from summer transfers so would actually be making a gain of £20 million on his original asking price if my maths are correct.


  5. Keep the pressure going .. Never ever let it subside until he is out … And i mean out gone .. Its always bull**** that comes from his mouth and camp.. And nothing can be believed until he is gone … Pressure pressure pressure


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