Sickening footage emerges of Mike Ashley after his rare appearance at St James’ Park

During his first appearance at St James’ Park in sixteen months, Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley was pictured smirking and laughing as disgruntled fans made their feelings known in the first half of Saturday’s defeat to Leicester.

As captured by the TV cameras during Saturday’s game, this was Mike Ashley’s face when 50,000 chanted “stand up if you hate Ashley” at St James’ Park in the 23rd minute.

We already know he doesn’t give a damn, but to see this smug look on his face when we’re all clearly hurting is nothing short of disgraceful.

The fact he can sit there and laugh at fans – who spend their hard earned money on ‘his’ club – when we’re facing yet another defeat (our fourth straight at home) says everything you need to know about him.

He couldn’t give a toss about us, Rafa Benitez or Newcastle United football club – and the look on his face here when all three of these things are struggling

This is a situation HE has created, yet there’s no sign of him being concerned or empathetic in the slightest.

He’s a coward, a crook and a cancer that’s attached itself to our club. The sooner he’s gone, the better – but you fear the damage has already been done as far as this season is concerned.

About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

6 thoughts on “Sickening footage emerges of Mike Ashley after his rare appearance at St James’ Park

  1. Do you really expect anything else from the guy? Maybe you would rather he broke down in tears and promised Rafa the world. But as you said there were 50000 fans singing that. What makes me laugh is the fact there are still 50000 fans attending home games. Those fans only have themselves to blame for turning up to watch the ****. I stopped going when the fat **** took over. Get real people. You want Ashley out then stop turning up ffs


  2. Well, stop going to his club and putting cash in his pocket !! And before you say it, yes the club is bigger than Ashley and shouldn’t be his but the reality is that it is – NUFC fans need to think hard and stop spending money at the club, either on tickets, or merchandise or hospitality. Surely everyone understands that money talks and this constant nonsense about turning up to support the team just plays into his hands. Watch that smile disappear when matches are played with a half empty SJP. Short term pain for long term gain.


  3. Personally I’m surprised he didn’t stand up.

    By writing stuff like this you are just marching to his drum. Playing into his hands.

    What would you expect him to do? The Multi-Billionaire who, by the way, has put a lot more into the club than the fans who are complaining.


  4. I’m sick to death of ‘Support the Team, not the Regime’ what a load of rubbish………absolutely pointless either go to the match, take it on the chin and wrap up or don’t go to the match and take some positive action that actually might have an effect
    But do something instead of nothing


  5. Brrrian:
    The Multi-Billionaire who, by the way, has put a lot more into the club than the fans who are complaining.

    I would hazard a guess that every single fan has put more into the club than MA,seeing as he makes money every single season x 10.Your comment is ignorant and quite frankly,pathetic.


  6. He is smiling at the irony of 50k people chanting at him while they still line up like sheep to buy a ticket and line his pockets.
    Stop going you bloody fools!


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