New protest idea emerges – & could take place during Newcastle vs Wolves – Would you do this?

A new campaign has emerged on social media in an attempt to protests against Mike Ashley – with fans now planning to throw tennis balls onto the pitch during December’s clash with Wolves at St James’ Park.

Several fans have insisted that Ashley will only take protests seriously if a full boycott occurs, however it’s also accepted that an empty (ish) St James’ Park would not do the players any good – especially when they’re in dire need of a win and confidence boost.

This campaign – called ‘Say BALLS to Mike Ashley‘ – has now emerged on Twitter, asking each NUFC fan to bring a tennis ball to St James’ Park when we face Wolves on December 9th – with fans asked to all throw them onto the pitch in protest on the 15th minute.

The campaign has only just begun, however several NUFC fan account have already started to get behind them on social media, sharing their plan for December’s protest.

As seen below, this type of protest was seen at Hull this time last year.

Would you get involved in this, or are you not a fan?

It’s hard to know what to do when the pressure MUST be increased on Ashley while the team NEEDS our support..

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12 thoughts on “New protest idea emerges – & could take place during Newcastle vs Wolves – Would you do this?

  1. Throwing things into the pitch will likely bring heavy sanctions to NUFC.Where you going to get said tennis balls,Sports Direct ?


  2. Would you? Could you? Should you?
    Look either send out a boycott or stop talking about if we should do this that and the other


  3. Fkn pathetic. Someone else has already done that. Let’s at least be original ?

    Full game boycott or get used to Tier 3 football ?


  4. It’s a boycott or nothing boys.

    Throwing ANYTHING onto the pitch is bad form, and how will that be any less disturbing for the players than a boycott.

    Fans who have paid for season tickets obviously find stomaching a boycott difficult so here’s a plan.

    At a preferably televised home match, with Ashley present arrange a mass walkout at the 75 minute mark.

    Fans start chants every ten minutes – something like this to “get me to the church on time”
    Starting fifteen minutes in..

    “We’re all walking out in sixty minutes
    Were going to the pub to grab a beer
    We’re with the team and Rafa
    Coz we all support the gaffer
    But Ashley you’re not wanted here”

    Followed by serious vocal support for the team for a couple of minutes.

    Repeat on the 25 minute mark with “We’re all going home in 50 minutes”, then 40, 30, 20 and then “10 more” to keep the rhythm.

    THe chants should whip up the other not so radical fans to join in with the chants and even the walkout.

    At 75 minutes everyone turn to look at Ashley and sing

    “We’re all going now cos you’re still with us
    Were going to the pub to grab a beer
    We’re with the team and Rafa
    Coz we all support the gaffer
    But Ashley you’re not wanted here”
    A minute of vocal uproar to let the team know we support them

    THen head for the gates.

    But of course you have to have a substantial reaction, otherwise it just ends up looking as feeble as all the other attempts have.

    Announce it in advance, – sing about it at matches, then do it.

    From an impact point of view it gets the greatest reaction.


  5. What a pity supporters seem to expend more energy opposing Mike Ashley than getting behind the manager and the team. Brighton supporters – not even taking up the full quota of tickets- were louder than us last week.
    Match stats: 68% possession: 27 shots and 6 on target (only 8 and 2 for Brighton): 10 corners (against their 2). Don’t tell me there is not enough there to cheer about.
    I think we should start doing what’s on the tin and SUPPORT Rafa and the lads instead of thinking up stupid ways of distracting them from what we we want- a winning team.


  6. fcuking stupid make us more of a laughing stock and give the great unwashed something else to laugh at us


  7. Do you all remember a idiot that we signed called Micheal Owen? He spent 90% of his time at Newcastle on the medical table because he had every injury known to man, woman, child and dog. Surely throwing tennis balls on the pitch would seriously injur one or more of our superstar footballers who want nothing more than to show their talent on the beloved turf of st James park. Now a better idea would be for every fan to take a air rifle with them and point it at all the players. That way they either try to play the game of football or they get shot in the *******. Then at the end of the game every fan points at Ashley and altogether shout leave and never come back :))))). Now that would be a great protest


  8. What a ridiculous idea, let’s throw objects onto the pitch and disrupt a game. That will help the team when it needs our support!


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