Jamaal Lascelles speaks out after meeting with Mike Ashley – “It might not be what everyone wants to hear”

Jamaal Lascelles has spoken out following the club’s ‘dinner date’ with Mike Ashley a month ago, saying that the meal was ‘really positive’, claiming that he is actually a ‘nice guy’ – and that the negativity and protests must stop from Newcastle fans.

The skipper – who signed a new six-year-deal earlier today – claims that this ‘might not be what everyone wants to hear’, but he insists that it is now vital that everyone sticks together, suggesting we may be stuck with Ashley for a little longer yet.

As revealed by Sky’s Keith Downie, here’s what Lascelles has said about his meeting with Ashley when speaking to the press in the last few moments:

“Speaking honestly, and it might not be what everyone wants to hear, but it’s important that everyone is together.

“Having the meal was really positive; listening to how the owner speaks and how he is as a man.

“The players are all saying the same.”

He then went on to call Ashley a ‘nice guy’ – urging fans to stop the negativity and focus their efforts on getting behind the team:

“He’s a nice guy.

“I know fingers are being pointed at him, but I think it was a positive meeting and if it could happen more, I don’t think it would do any harm.

“If there are divides, I think it creates problems. If everyone in Newcastle stopped the negativity and tried to form a unity, that would help.

“When there are problems going on around off the pitch, it does have an effect on you as players. It would help if everyone came together and put all that bad energy into positive energy, helping us get three points. That’s what everybody wants.”

Lascelles is playing a VERY dangerous game here. He’s siding with the enemy – and it may be no coincidence that he has given Ashley has just given him a pay rise following his new deal.

It seems all the players took a lot out of the meal and ‘pizza date’ with Ashley – however I would argue that it only does so much.

They may have appreciated it, but it doesn’t change the damage he did over the summer after failing to invest and leaving us woefully lacking in quality heading into the new season.

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

9 thoughts on “Jamaal Lascelles speaks out after meeting with Mike Ashley – “It might not be what everyone wants to hear”

  1. No Jamaal, it’s what we all want.

    You see our love for NUFC was before you or Ashley and will go on well after you and Ashley leave NUFC.

    But we don’t want to hear it – we want to SEE it. You see we’ve heard too many of Ashley’s words – he’d sell the club – Rafa will get every penny the club generated – all just words.

    If Ashley does instead of says, then nobody would he happier than the fans.

    I’m thrilled that Lascelles has signed a new contract though. I’m a big fan of him as a player and captain – that’s a big positive ahead of the Jan window. Players seeing the likes of Lascelles committing themselves to NUFC must have them thinking, it can’t be that bad there after all.


  2. Call me paranoid but …. 6year deal to maximise value on sale and pro Ashley statement so the fans wont be too upset when he is sold . Gone in the summer


  3. Sorry Jamaal – Ashley may pull the wool over your eyes but us Toon fans are a bit more switched on to our illustrious owner. If his lips move he’s telling lies – it’s as simple as that.
    He has to go – however we do it.


  4. C’mon Jamal, Ashley is a proven con man and a liar, don’t be sucked in and bought over a meal and an improved contract. You know as well as everyone that Ashley has lied repeatedly and done no favours for the manager and fans. Your a good skipper and leader of men, and part of this is stand up and be counted, it goes with the territory.


  5. He isa SELL OUT ARSEHOLE WHO IS NOW KISSING SATAN’s ( ASHLEY’s) BACKSIDE saying how wonderfull he is.
    He has dropped to the bottom of the heap as far as I’m concerned.


  6. He has just signed a 1 year extension to his old contract – Big deal!
    Will be off to Chelsea for £35 million in Jan similar to Andy Carroll when he signed a new contract.


  7. Of course Jamaal is going to side with the devil when the devil is treating him to a meal and a pay rise and a new contract! Us fans have supported the team 100% from day 1 and always will but we are at risk of losing a decent and loved manager because Ashley is making his job difficult to do! The reason we want Ashley out is for the entire team, to make things better for them and to be the club we once were. There are people who want to buy us but Ashley is ****ing around and changing the terms because he is having fun ruining a decent club. Stop being bought off so easily Jamaal, the fans ARE supporting the team!


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