Another Mike Ashley PR stunt? There’s now 3 clear signs that it is..

As the ‘takeover talk’ conveniently drags into January and transfer activity continues to be non existent, there’s now several signs to suggest this is another Ashley PR stunt – paving the way for yet another window where Mike gets away with out investment.

Here’s three clear signs that suggest the NUFC owner is up to his old tricks once again.

Takeover timing

Just like last year, takeover talk has piped up at a perfect time for him and the worst time for us. It all emerged late in the year, there’s conveniently not been enough time to get it done by January, but it’s still bubbling away in the background – or so we’re lead to believe.

That Kenyon letter was also bizarre. Ok, it MIGHT make some think that Kenyon’s interest, but it just delays the unrest by making people believe something is happening when, in reality, there’s been no bid accepted and he’s struggling to raise funds?

Transfer talk to make it look like he tried

It appears we’re chasing a deal that Ashley’s never going to sanction in Miguel Almiron. Yes we’re always linked with so many names, but Almiron seems to me like a player Rafa clearly wants, but one Ashley is never going to pay the required £20m plus for. So, this one will most probably drag on until the final few days of January, the club will give it the old ‘we tried’ and we’ll end up with signing an underwhelming no.10 on loan from Europe? Sounds depressing, but frustratingly likely given how Ashley tends to operate.

Using uncertainty over Rafa as a reason not to spend

There was a report in the Times just a few days ago suggesting that he was offering Rafa a one-year contract extension – saying he’d suddenly release transfer funds if he signed. He must know he’s not going to sign it (why would he commit to Ashley’s regime after everything he’s done?), but that probably works nicely for Ashley. It fits in with the narrative of not spending.

Despite us facing up to the very real risk of relegation, there’s a feeling (yet again) that Benitez won’t be backed.

Ashley is a risk taker, but he is going to lose our Premier League status, our biggest asset in Benitez and a huge number of season tickets if he lets this sorry situation escalate even further.

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20 thoughts on “Another Mike Ashley PR stunt? There’s now 3 clear signs that it is..

  1. I’m sick of that fat barsteward so much I’m not going back until he’s gone.
    I’ve paid for my ticket, but I’m not giving him my time , that the can’t take.
    I’m so disillusioned with the whole rotten club I’m going non league.
    Thank you Mike Ashley , you being the most greedy person in the world has broken me.
    You need to move on and quickly as it is going to take the club years and years to recover from your tight fisted gain .
    So , spare a thought for the mess you’ve left behind when , if , you go and your sitting in your villa somewhere eating pies , spare a thought for the Generations of football supporters of Newcastle whose dreams and hopes you’ve shattered over the years .
    I know you won’t, because that’s the type of greedy liar you are .
    Please just go, The good people of Newcastle despise you and want you out, and seriously, take a good look at yourself and then you may realise why.


  2. The man is a lose lunatic any sane person would do anything to protect an investment worth 300million yet he will wait until deadline day hawking clubs with the beggers cup looking for loan deals. We don’t deserve to be a premier league team with him as an owner. If he wanted a club that he didn’t have to finance he should have bought a league one team he has turn nufc into a premier league pound shop club.


  3. Spoke to a fan last night who has 2 season tickets, and his answer to my question was that what do you expect me to do, my reply was stop putting your money in his pocket grow a pair and start boycotting games this leech will never sell up unless we break him my any means possible


  4. Nufc11:
    The man is a lose lunatic any sane person would do anything to protect an investment worth 300million yet he will wait until deadline day hawking clubs with the beggers cup looking for loan deals. We don’t deserve to be a premier league team with him as an owner. If he wanted a club that he didn’t have to finance he should have bought a league one team he has turn nufc into a premier league pound shop club.

    Maybe thats his plan. Maybe he prefers NUFC in lower leagues where it suits what he is prepared to invest. Its possible the plan is to take us back down, lose rafa, get some journeyman manager to keep us mid-table in Championship. One thing that was aparent in that famous Sky interview is that he did not feel he was able to invest at the top level. Its a crock of crap but maybe its what he wants.


  5. The only way we will get our club back is to take a back seat for a couple of years, hopefully he will cut his losses and move on. What do I mean by a back seat.
    Stop going to home games yes the team will suffer but in the long run we will all be happier!
    Do not buy anything that will fill his pockets, look at his business assets and stay away!
    In my opinion he loves winding us all up, I think he gets a kick out of it!
    You say he is a business man so why would he not invest, look he is already richer than all of us put together so he doesn’t bloody care!


  6. They’ll be lining up to sign Rafa when he goes at the end of the season and toon are a championship side again where there will be no chance of a bounceback this time around.

    I cannot see a chunk of light at the end of this endless dark tunnel with fat ashley as your worst nightmare.

    Tired of reading blogs in hope and desperation

    How the hell is that bloke still walking the streets


  7. I’m sickened like all our fans. I live in Australia from good Geordie stock, my father. So I don’t go to too many home matches, so feel bad about suggesting to people that they should boycott.
    However, as I’m sure we are all well aware now, that drastic action is needed to remove the fat greedy man from our club.
    It’s already been said enough, the way to hurt greedy people, is in their pocket. So don’t just boycott the matches, Google all his business ventures and ban them as well.
    No buying from his stores and publicise it to all the people you know what he owns so they can boycott him to.


  8. No serious bidders for club
    No money for players
    No ambition
    No investment in training facilities
    No decent attacking players
    No development of future talent
    No long term plan
    No hope of premier league next season
    No Rafa in the summer
    No decent players left once relegated
    No more of my time and money
    No more fans


  9. Simple they are both at a standoff, if the manager cared as much as people believe he would sign the contract to push the owner to issue the funds. If not then he can walk away head held high and move to another club, the full on protests can be had in earnest.


  10. Can’t believe any fans thought that he’d sell up in the first place tbh. Also people still look to see who we might sign after 11 years of the toad. #some never learn .


  11. Its all a pack of LIES from the FAT B**T**D as usual.

    He’s NEVER going to sell the club, best we can hope for is that he either has a heart attack and snuffs it or has an accident and carks it.

    As for new players its back to the BARGAIN BASEMENT OR THE £ Shop for RAFA as usual.

    Hate saying this but RAFA Leave and find a club that will appreciate you , Leave for the good of your health , you have sadly done all you can under the ARSEHOLE who owns the club.


  12. Perhaps you would like to point us to the bit of the article that says Ashley will suddenly release funds for transfers if Rafa signs?
    Personally I think that there were bits in there that say things like “BELIEVE”, “THINK” SUSPECT”, “MAYBE”, “PROBABLY” AND “PERHAPS”, all strong indication that this is the opinion of the journo, and not actual fact.
    If/when Ashley actually signs I somehow don’t think you guys will be lining up to admit how wrong you were.


  13. What a pile of CRAP KENYON hasn’t got the money , SURELY you would make sure you had the Money in place First before you even made an approach to buy the club.

    This is why it is all BULLSHIT AND LIES put out by That well known LIER ASHLEY.


  14. Hang on to your hats boys there are new signings on the horizen, new deals in the pipeline, yep of we go ITS BARGAIN BASEMENT AND THE £1 SHOP search again.
    EVEN more garbage to watch running around like headless chickens at ST JAMES’S


  15. Ashley is now never going to spend to keep the club in the Prem since the time it didn’t work backing McClaren with funds, Then Benitez being unable to stop the rot.
    He is quite happy with what he has with a squad which is not quite good enough for the top flight but too good for The Championship.

    If they do go down then he has most of his squad there now for next seasons campaign with Dwight Gayle joining back up to be the main man in the second tier again.
    Add to the fact parachute payments and a fan base which he now knows will turn up en masse despite what he does to them, He cannot lose in the scheme of things and keeps his billboard going !


  16. NO takeover ,NO transfers,NO premier league,NO managaer andNO hope is were we are heading for, a major club of this size been treated like this is an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE . never agreed with boycotting but we cant keep going on like this ,filling his pockets week in week out,maybe its time now to force these issues,before we are totally wrecked with no way back. LET US PRAY!!


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