NUFC reporter shares intriguing Kenyon / Staveley theory as George Caulkin addresses takeover situation..

The Chronicle’s Mark Douglas has raised an intriguing point on the NUFC takeover front, wondering how Mike Ashley saw Amanda Staveley as a ‘time waster’ given Peter Kenyon is STILL struggling to find investors.

This is a very good point and one that I’m surprised hasn’t been flagged up by more – although it makes you wonder if Ashley’s link to Kenyon has allowed him to see through his flaws as a potential buyer.

No one knows the ins and outs, but it was reported on good authority (by George Caulkin himself) that Staveley had submitted THREE officials bids to buy the club.

How can she be deemed a ‘time waster’ while Ashley calls Kenyon the ‘best fit’ for Newcastle United – a man who is now trying to find any investor he can to back a takeover bid his current party clearly can’t afford without support.

Caulkin also had his say on the current takeover situation, stating that it is his understanding that Kenyon is still seeking investors to back his takeover bid, with him refusing to get carried away at this stage given the lack of progress over a potential deal up to this point:

The tedious wait for a much needed takeover goes on..

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9 thoughts on “NUFC reporter shares intriguing Kenyon / Staveley theory as George Caulkin addresses takeover situation..

  1. I believe everybody who has looked at the club has valued it at less than what Ashley does, Kenyon’s mob Rockefeller Capital Group are far more expeienced than Ashley at valuing investments considering there history and Capital, for me that’s where the problem lies hence all these clauses wanting to be added by serious investor’s…is Newcastle United really worth a quarter of what Man Utd is valued at ? I think not…


  2. It is Ashley’s clauses, that gives him so much control over the club after he has sold it, that is stopping serious investment. Stuff like advertising, future development of the sites around St James, the club shop, who is allowed to be an official sponsor, even petty little things like the backdrop for the TV after-game interviews of coach and players – mind boggling. Serious investors have a chuckle, then move on.
    I think Kenyon realises there isn’t any proper chance of buying NUFC, cos its not really up for sale, but he is using it to garner support for purchasing some other club – he has the backers, just not on Ashley’s terms or at Ashley’s valuations – ideally he is looking for a solid club that’s on the down, but could ‘bounce’ up like a Wolves – maybe that mob, just down the road ?!? 😯


  3. It came on good authority alright – from Staveley herself in an on the record interview after being called a time-waster. She outlined the 3 bids she made.

    I’ve been calling out this fact for weeks.


  4. You’re spot on Olly – we don’t know the ins and outs. We hardly know anything.

    We don’t know , for example, that Kenyon is still trying to raise funds. We knew he was 2 months ago but we have no idea where he’s at now.

    We think we know that Kenyon has 200 million available but we didn’t know anything about what money Stavely had. She claimed that she had access to big bucks including sovereign wealth funds but she didn’t appear to provide proof, plus sovereign wealth funds don’t invest in high risk ventures.

    We don’t know what’s happening with Kenyon’s offer while everyone claimed to know what Staveley was up to – shouting from the rafters and doing business in the public domain.

    We don’t know the details of Kenyon’s offer, if he’s made one, but we are told that Staveley made 3 offers all of which were less that acceptable to Ashley , either not hitting the required number of having ridiculous conditions attached. Seriously – who in their right mind would sell with a condition relating to performance AFTER they sold.

    Why is Ashley taking Kenyon seriously when he called Staveley a time waster? I think we’ve answered that one.

    If you’ve ever tried to sell a used car you get to recognise the time wasters pretty quickly. I’d guess its the same with a business.


  5. HERE’S a question for all these who say they know what is going on in the takeover saga.
    If KENYON hasn’t got the money to buy the club in the first place WHERE will the money that is needed to buy players going to come from ?

    SEEMS to me RAFA will be in exactly the same position as he is now with no money to buy even a bag of chips.



  6. No one should be surprised about ASHLEY, the bloke is a total lying asshole god knows why any business consortium has any kind of dealings with a thing like him.


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