Leicester 0-1 Newcastle: Monumental display secures Premier League survival

The perfect away performance and the HUGE win we’ve being waiting for to move TEN points clear of the bottom three and secure Premier League survival.

Benitez got his tactics absolutely spot on, but the players put in a monumental effort and deserve huge praise; especially on the back of last weekend’s deflating result.

The first half was played out perfectly and the theme continued. We limited Leicester to possession football in safe areas while also being dangerous on the counter and sharp on the ball when we got forward ourselves. We played with real desire and discipline but also showed real quality when and where it mattered – and that’s the key difference between tonight’s win and last weekend’s defeat to Palace.

The goal was brilliant (watch it below), with Ritchie’s delivery and Perez’s fantastic piece of movement and finish giving us that moment of quality we were crying out for last weekend:


Every player did themselves proud tonight. Rondon lead the lines expertly, proving once again why it’s imperative we sign him permanently, while Almiron and Perez were menaces in attack all night. Ki and Hayden did solid jobs in the middle, Lascelles put in a strong display after the odd wobble in recent weeks, Schar was top class once again and Javier Manquillo also came in and did a very decent job at right-back.

Matt Ritchie also deserves real credit for the job he did at both ends, defending well and playing a huge part in Perez’s goal. Play like that every week and he’ll never look out of place at this level; even as a left wing-back.

Here’s how the bottom half of the table looks after tonight’s result:

Elsewhere this weekend Cardiff face a trip to Burnley, Brighton host Bournemouth and Southampton play Wolves at St. Mary’s, but relegation fears seem non-existent now we’re practically 11 clear of Cardiff when factoring in goal difference.

Just four games left for us now, with Southampton, Brighton and Fulham representing three VERY winnable games:

  • Southampton (H)
  • Brighton (A)
  • Liverpool (H)
  • Fulham (A)

I wasn’t overly confident coming into this one, with Leicester in real form after winning all of their last four league games, but we were absolutely brilliant and fully deserved this moment.

What an effort from all involved.


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144 thoughts on “Leicester 0-1 Newcastle: Monumental display secures Premier League survival

  1. Alan Smith said “you don’t see David De Gea make this kind of mistake very often”.

    Yes you do. He did the same thing at the World Cup for Spain.


  2. 24 minutes and 45 seconds and Martin Tyler brings up 1999 again. This time some spurious reference to coming back against Juve from 2 goals down before winning in the Nou Camp.


  3. Two most overrated players in the world at the moment are De Gea and Pogba.

    Pogba isn’t a bad player when he turns up every 3 games.


  4. So, Brighton might be going down THIS YEAR. Be careful what you wish for Isaac Hayden!

    I said Brighton would go down next year, but you never know with Brighton’s run in.


  5. Brighton 0-2 down to Cardiff now. They are sending themselves down here!!. Built their success on a solid defence, but that’s letting him right down in the run in.

    On a CL note – world class players turn up in the big games = Messi. Overhyped ones don’t = Pogba.


  6. Eric – if Brighton won tonight I’m sure that would have sent Cardiff down – their fate was in their own hands!. Not finished yet, but if they go down, this is the game where it all went wrong.

    If Warnock keeps Cardiff up he should get manager of the season for me!. Having to deal with the Sala situation, and the quality of their squad – I think many people probably tipped them to go down bottom of the league. So if he can keep them up – that would be a greater achievement than City or Lpool winning the league imo.


  7. Brighton remaining fixtures:

    Wolves away
    Spurs away
    NUFC home
    Arse away
    City home

    I really think it will come down to our game for Brighton now. Maybe Wolves, but of they lose that one…


  8. Coutinho scores a Coutinho goal. I have been flicking between Brighton and Barca.

    Man U have been absolutely terrible. Can’t really judge Barca playing this man U team. Pogba disappeared.


  9. This actually pretty much guarantees us safety. There is no way Brighton AND Cardiff get to38 points. I know we were safe anyway but this seals it.


  10. The problem with that lime fluorescent green strip is I keep thinking they have 11 goalies on the pitch.


  11. Brighton have a horror run in. Cardiff’s not too good either but bloody hell Brighton in the ****.

    On another note, why can’t we at least try and replicate the success that Ajax have at their academy? They’re constantly producing good players and they earn less money than us. It’s terrible how neglected our academy is.


  12. It was shocking that it took Brighton this long to be in so much trouble with their squad. mind you, Cardiff have a crap squad as well so who knows how this will end.

    But back to the media faves.

    I was thinking the other day and said so on here that I couldn’t see Man U returning to former glories anytime soon. Tonight proved it. They obviously have better players than us so I am not Lording it over them as a NUFC fan. But… they should be better than they are and if they rely on Pogba and De Gea they are fcked.

    At the moment I would say they are about equal 5th best team in the PL with Arsenal. But Arsenal have a problem they can fix with 1 or 2 players – their defense. Man U (I refuse to call them “United” even though I will call Man City “City’ 🙂 ).

    Man U just have too many overrated players. Sanchez is their new Rooney. Too much mileage on them legs at a relatively young age and too much money in the bank in Sanchez’s case (not Rooney, I think he still has the desire just not the legs).


  13. Has Ole won a game since being made permanent manager?.

    I might have a bet on him being the first manager sacked next season.


  14. Stuart: They are idiots. But I am not sure if they are THAT stupid.

    Ritchie has been great since being switched to a wing back and is beginning to have an understanding with Almiron.


  15. Sorry Stuart, I didn’t read the article and it is from The Sun.

    Ritchie is under contract for 2 more years and The Sun are saying he was denied an extension from a Manager who is out of contract in 4 games. A TOTAL MADE UP, NON-STORY!!!


  16. Another win for Cardiff and it looks like we will be deciding BOTH the PL winner and relegation:

    * Man City can win all of their remaining games but any slip up will make the 2nd to last game at SJP the decider probably.

    * Brighton’s best chance of points is at home against us. If Cardiff get a win we might send Brighton down.


  17. And… with those squads whoever stays up between Hughton and Colin W@nker should be manager of the year.


  18. Sharpy17
    April 16, 2019 at 22:19
    Has Ole won a game since being made permanent manager?.

    I might have a bet on him being the first manager sacked next season.

    Yep, they beat West Ham last saturday 2.1 courtesy of two Progba pens, Hammers were unlucky


  19. The Guardian have 2 articles on Man U and between them they have over 2,000 readers’ comments. It is hilarious to me that they are all now coming around to my way of thinking on Pogba. A show pony who you can just imagine practicing his dance moves in front of the mirror for after he scores another penalty. Was he even on the field last night? Sorry, I ddn’t notice him. Maybe he was hiding in the shadow cast by his ego.


  20. Kimtoon: I watched the Man U/West Ham game and the Mancs were very lucky. They got the benefit of the 50/50 decisions. The offside West Ham goal was touch and go and so was one of the penalties. Looked at individually you wouldn’t blame the officials for making the calls they made. But that is, and is not the point. Man U get all of those decisions, or 80% of them. So, when there is a marginal call it almost always goes in their favour and that is cheating/incompetence/conspiracy by the Refs. The pundits go along with it as well. They discuss every call in isolation when they should also be looking at the whole, the amount of calls that go in certain teams’ favour and realise there is something deeper going on. Conscious or unconscious bias, it is still bias. I think Man U have 16 penalties this year now.


  21. And Ashley Young should be sent off almost every game. He is the dirtiest player in the league and if Jonjo Shelvey committed half the assaults that Young does he would be suspended for most of the season.


  22. KIMTOON:
    April 16, 2019 at 22:19
    Has Ole won a game since being made permanent manager?.

    I might have a bet on him being the first manager sacked next season.

    Yep, they beat West Ham last saturday 2.1 courtesy of two Progba pens, Hammers were unlucky

    Kim – oh yes, I forgot about that. It will be interesting to see who he brings in in the summer. I’d be selling Pogba though – he let him and the fans down last night. That was the game to step up and show you’re world class & he went missing. The lad is talented, but hasn’t got the minerals in the big games imo.


  23. I am actually looking forward to the Southampton game because we can approach it with no fear. I have no clue about the result because Southampton are punching above their weight – their squad is not that good, even Shane Long is scoring FFS and that is a barometer of how much they are overachieving. It wont last with these players.

    But what of NUFC? The Caulkin article seems to suggest that the circus will be coming back to town soon. Perhaps Ashley has not been involved because he has other things on his mind but he has form on ignoring his Managers – Shearer. But that can wait for a few weeks when we see what is happening. I still think Rafa’s only real option is Sevilla because their coach has leukemia. Would he really go to China? He doesn’t strike me as someone who is only in it for the money.

    I will indulge myself in a bit of Man U bashing instead. They have visited Chicago a few times and their fans are as arrogant as they come. Now they have turned on the team and the Manager will be next even though he is “one of their own”. He is out of his depth.


  24. It is obvious that Man U need a massive squad overhaul. Their problem is not that they have underachievers it is that this is their level. Solsjkaer is not the man to fix it either and they do not have a Director of Football. Who is Ole going to find after being stuck in Cardiff and Norway for 5 years. And they have all of this dead wood on massive salaries. Who would want Sanchez on 350k a week?

    Maybe money will fix it but it will take another manager and 5 years. Because, who are they going to buy? Is there anybody out there who could make a difference? MBappe and Neymar would cost north of 200 million each and Bale is almost 30 and on 500k a week.

    Then there is the attitude in the squad. Why exactly does Pogba have all of these millions of Instagram followers? What has he ever done? Part of the reason Woodward supposedly went after him was his social media presence and how this fits in with raising brand awareness. This is the world we live in but I don’t understand it 🙂

    Then there’s Jesse Lingard. He seems like a nice lad but he has started his own fashion business. Have you seen the way he dresses? Who would want to look like that? The Sun often do features where they dissect what footballers are wearing and show where you can buy the clothes on the highstreet at a fraction of the cost. I am always amazed at how stupid these people are – they will have a pair of ripped jeans for $1,500 or a Gucci t-shirt with a lion on it for $1,000. Seriously, what can Lingard possibly design when he looks like he has been shopping during the last hour of a jumble sale.


  25. That’s enough Man U. I am just enjoying their fans squirming and moaning and especially seeing their ex-players tie themselves in knots trying to explain what is going on – support Ole, don’t support Ole; Pogba is brilliant, no he is lazy and doesn’t turn up! A club with no direction and I am very happy about that because, as I said, it looks like the circus will be back in Newcastle soon and I really want to take my mind off that.


  26. Matt Ritchie says his best position is left wing-back. I find it very strange that a player who turns 30 in September has took this long to discover this. But I also think he is right. In the PL I always thought he wasn’t suited to being a reverse winger, too often asked to track back in support of our inferior right fullbacks. He was more the Pardew style winger being more defensive and valued for his workrate, but not suited to cutting in and shooting.

    He looks to be developing a decent understanding now with Almiron and I would keep him. I think he has done really well after being switched to the left.

    I know it is The Sun and very likely made up but there does seem to be some sense that he has been told he can look for another club. Mainly because of age and that he has only 2 years to run on his contract meaning Fatty might want to cash in when he still has some value. However, I would give him a 1 year extension based on how he is playing now as a replacement would cost a fortune. I mean, Chilwell is being talked about in the 50 million range and I thought Matt was the better player in the Leicester game.

    And we also know that if we sell Ritchie for 15 million that Rafa or whoever the new manager is would only get 5 million for a replacement.


  27. You have to fancy Spurs to beat Ajax. I know Ajax beat Juve but their defense is getting old. This is probably Ajax’s one and only chance as the team looks like it will be broken up just like Monaco was. When they played Madrid I read a stat that the entire Ajax 1st team, reserves and youth team get paid less than Gareth Bale. The economics don’t add up for Ajax so that’s them done.


  28. I would say Liverpool-Barca is 50/50 as well. This Barca team are getting old together but you can never write off a team with Lionel Messi and you can’t judge how good or bad they are from the Man U performance. This is not the Barca of Xavi, Iniesta and Puyols.

    People are acting like it is destiny, a last chance to get Messi another Champions League. As we have just seen it doesn’t always work like that. Pep was brought in for the CL and so was Ronaldo but now look what happened.

    Robbie Earle, one of the ex-Pat pundits in the US was asked about the chances of a City quadruple and he said 50-50. I thought he was a fool then and said so on here and it has proved to be the case. I do however think there is a decent chance of a triple. Of course there will be a chorus of Man U fans saying it doesn’t really count because it doesn’t include the CL, ’99 was the real deal etc.


  29. I think I would like Liverpool to win the Champions League. Stick it to Man U. Then I don’t really care who wins the league as one would be a treble for City (assuming they beat Watford) and the other a double for Liverpool.

    It is all about spite for me this year. I am sick of the arrogance of Man U fans lording it over everybody for all of those years and success for their 2 main rivals would really stick in their craws. Especially since I do not see anything changing there for the next 5 years and I don’t see any way that OGS sees out his 3 year contract. Scrapping for the last CL place every year will really fck up their business model and it couldn’t happen to a worse set of fans.

    The only fly in the my perfect scenario ointment is if Liverpool win nothing, which is very possible. But get past Barca and they would have to be favourites for the CL.


  30. Eric I’m probably the exact opposite. I remember the scousers lording it for however long until in 88 the Dons stuffed the white suited idiots. The mancs are angels by comparison. Personally my dream is the season that Liverpool and West Ham get relegated


  31. I think I’d like either Ajax or Spurs to win the CL. When you consider what they’ve spent on players in comparison, it makes their achievement of even reaching the semi finals huge imo. But what’s more impressive is the way they have done it. They haven’t parked the bus and hoped to nick it on away goals – both have played some great football to watch.

    That game last night was brilliant & proved VAR works. I’m not sure many refs would have the bottle to disallow that last minute goal without VAR – and everyone accepted it. Brilliant.

    It would be great to see Spurs win the CL and Lpool win the league – just to spread things out a bit.
    But my head tells me Barca wins the CL and City win the league – especially as that’s their sole focus now they are out the CL.


  32. It is actually pretty clear to me what Man U should do and it has to come from the owners. The Glazers should give Woodward his massive payoff and also kiss goodbye to OGS at the end of the season. They brought in the wrong ex-player. They should have brought in the entire Ajax Management team and probably can still do it if the Glazers are willing to bite the bullet. They need a complete overhaul and the people in place are not the ones to do it.

    Van Der Sar the ex-player as commercial manager and the big boss, Overmars as Director of Football and hire their Manager whilst you’re at it.

    Sorry for more Man U, I am just enjoying this too much and all I can see is a massive train wreck for them if they continue on this course.


  33. Premandup: I half agree with you because the red Scousers can be total arrogant t!ts as well. Both teams have a sense of entitlement but Man Us dominance was more recent so they attracted more of the plastics and bandwagon jumpers.

    And didn’t you know that football was only invented in 1992 at the start of the PL and Sky eras 🙂


  34. True. However as a Wimbledon fan born and raised. The once chance we had at Europe was scuppered by Liverpool ‘fans’ at Hysel, and even when we beat them at Wembley our shirt sponsors, Carlsberg, jumped ship to the red half of Merseyside. I don’t mind the blue half so much.


  35. PREM i used to travel to every game in years gone bye only the odd one now,what i found was every time we went to anfield the fans were great with us taking us to clubs around the place,Everton fan were just evil and rude and fighting on every time give me L/pool fans everytime over Everton so called fans


  36. Living as I do in Cheshire, and with my son going to LIPA in September, I tend to meet quite a few scousers, it’s probably only coincidence that the handful I would call friends are Blue and the couple I’ve fallen out with were red. Meaningless small sample.


  37. Can anybody explain to me what these utter morons are trying to achieve protesting in London? I get they have a right to protest but don’t people have a right to live their every day lives in distrusted by ********s?

    I’m going make a video of me revving my Range Rover on my drive until it runs out of diesel and at the same time throw a load of coal on my fire.

    Utter pricks need to get jobs and stop dictating to people what we should and shouldn’t be doing. They have a manifesto which says everyone should not be allowed to eat meet and people shouldn’t be allowed to use planes unless it’s an absolute emergency.

    Honestly, how do we produce these people!


  38. So the club made a profit of £18.6m and have offered Rafa £50m a season for the next two seasons plus sales. BUT he must only buy players under 26. That’s a massive no go for Rafa surely? He’s not able to build a team he wants. Can he accept that? I wouldn’t.


  39. There’s still something fishy about NUFCs accounts. the latest numbers show a profit of 19 million and a repayment to Ashley of 33 million. That is 52 million in the black which is what I have been saying all year.

    But these accounts are a year old and the latest financial period ends this June. The last reported wage bill is 93 million and we know from other sources this has been further reduced. Our net transfer spend was zero after Mitro went to Fulham and yet we had to take out an overdraft to buy Almiron.

    The profit this year will be at least the 52 million combined surplus. My back of a napkin calculation was 50-70 million. If Ashley really is going to spend what is made that means there will be plenty of money in the bank to spend the 50 million mentioned and plenty going forwards. The overdraft for Almiron just doesn’t jive with these numbers but I suppose it could have been a short term cash flow problem.

    We are in good shape financially, but we knew this all along. It was a matter of releasing the funds. When you have guaranteed money from the PL it should be a simple matter to get an overdraft from the bank based on future earnings.

    I wonder if 50 million is enough for Rafa? If you add on sales he could have a decent budget. However, they will probably pull another accounting trick in that regard. For example if Jonjo is sold for 20 million on a 5 year deal they will probably tell Rafa he can only have the 4 million up front money even though the rest of the installments are guaranteed.


  40. The number that I saw for this years wages was 57 million and the 4th lowest in the PL. Intuitively this seems low and I am not sure if I trust random sources on the internet any more than I trust NUFC. We didn’t offload any big salaries this year apart from Mitro so I am guessing this figure is wrong. My gut says about 80 million which would give us a healthy profit for the current year plus room to even add wages.


  41. Is the under 26 restriction too much for Rafa. I don’t see why it would be as long as they relax it for perceived bargains like Ki and Schar. And why wouldn’t they? In the scheme of things the transfer and Agent fees for those two were a drop in the bucket.

    I have no idea what Rafa will do. I doubt he wants to go to China and as I have said before there is not much open in the PL and I think Sevilla is the most likely alternative. Not sure if there have been any developments there.

    Maybe Man U when Ole gets sacked 🙂


  42. Stuart79
    April 18, 2019 at 17:19
    So the club made a profit of £18.6m and have offered Rafa £50m a season for the next two seasons plus sales. BUT he must only buy players under 26. That’s a massive no go for Rafa surely? He’s not able to build a team he wants. Can he accept that? I wouldn’t.

    not a chance mate


  43. Saw Olly’s stats on Hayden and it looks like he has become an important player for us, but we knew that intuitively from watching him play. I know he said in a recent programme that he still wants away, but where would he go?

    I have wondered this before. The South Coast teams are all about 3 hours drive from South Wales. West Midland teams are not that much less and will they even have a team in the PL? And would they be willing to pay 15 million which is probably his minimum value now?

    It is all well and good saying you want away but you have to have a destination and Brighton are down this year or next so he would be stupid to go there.

    Watford is probably the only realistic option. Maybe Palace.


  44. The rumoured club for Hayden was Brighton and it is interesting that he said he had lined up somewhere to live as well. Does this mean his girlfriend and child would move there and be 3 hours away from their family which is the stated reason he wants out of Newcastle? She had moved to Newcastle and then had a bad pregnancy which meant she wanted to be close to her family. However, it seems they want it all ways now because Brighton isn’t exactly close to South Wales. Closer than Newcastle but still slog in a car with a 1-year-old.

    You can’t keep an unhappy player but I am also not so sure he would be that unhappy if we double his wages and he is Rafa’s first choice defensive midfielder. That is quite possible, especially given Diame’s age and contract situation.


  45. I think the default/easy pick for NUFC against S’ton would be a 1-1 draw.

    Do you know there hasn’t been a sing draw in the PL for a month? That suggests we are due a few.

    Mackems have a pretty much must win game tomorrow. Please lose.

    Just read that Ole Gunner Solsjkaer is on a 1 year payoff on his 3 year deal. That makes it pretty much a rolling 1 year contract which makes sense. I really can’t see him surviving past Christmas and I have no idea why you would give him the transfer reins as there is a big clearout needed and big decisions on Pogba, Matic and Mata to be made as well as Sanchez if anybody wants him. De Gea wants wages parity with Sanchez which shows how stupid that deal was in the first place and De Gea is certainly not top 10 in the World anymore. When a goalies confidence is shot, you may as well say goodbye.


  46. Basically the club are telling Rafa what he can and can’t do in the transfer market. Firstly they say they won’t sign players over 26 and then they say the club will bring in one or two players to improve the team and not spread the money over a number of players. What if the manager wants to do the opposite? What makes Ashley and Charnley know better? Two relegations, a last day escape and numerous near misses shows their policy just doesn’t work.

    Why are they so hell bent on their number one priority being resale value of a incoming player? They really don’t give a **** what value the player adds on the pitch, that’s irrelevant to them. It’s all about the profit they can make when selling him. Why? When we have such little ambition what difference does it really make?


  47. Stuart: the U26 policy should definitely not be a hard and fast rule. As I mentioned above there should be exceptions for bargains like Ki and Schar. Breaking it also got us out of The Championship FFS. They know nothing about physiology as well. Some players can have another 10 years at 26 like Pirlo, Del Piero or Milner and some are basically going downhill at best like Kaka, Rooney and Owen.

    They should tell Rafa that this should be his target market but let him break the rules.

    There is no guarantee that the younger player will work out either. Look at Kenedy, we saw he had skills and for whatever reason he has turned to sh!t this year. What would have happened to the sell-on value if we had paid 20 million for him. Or Murphy? It doesn’t work the same way as importing generic tat from sweatshops in Bangladesh. There are so many other factors to consider.

    There are tons more recent examples of spending 20 million on what are perceived sure-fire prospects – Ihanaecho, Solanke, Ibe, they want 20 million + for Origi. They might work out but the list of failures is longer than the list of successes.


  48. Nobody flies under the radar anymore as well. We had successes and failures when Carr was running things but we were mainly looking at players who were running down their contracts or recovering from injury and were connected to the Mondial Sports Agency. I don’t think that is a long term plan although it did work OK for a while.

    Now, as soon as anybody young has a good season the papers slap a zero onto their fee and the big clubs seem willing to pay it. Hudson-Odoi hadn’t played a single game and Bayern offered 35 million. Sancho’s fee is 80 million. And they are talking 50 million for Declan Rice who has had a decent 12 months but that’s it.

    You are not paying for potential anymore, they are pricing young players like the finished article. It would be interesting to see where all of these U26 bargains are without Rafa’s contacts. If Rafa leaves our whole scouting system leaves with him. We are left with Nixon who has been in the job a year and I bet he mainly scouts the players Rafa tells him to look at like Almiron.


  49. AND… sell on value is all well and good but they used to sell NUFC as a STEPPING STONE to bigger and better things. A shop window run by a very successful shopkeeper. I hope they don’t mean they want to go back to this policy when they emphasize sell-on value.

    Even worse, the emphasis on a couple of good players seems like they want to return to the purples policy where they wanted to pay for 11 quality players with the academy providing the rest of the squad. Our academy wasn’t good enough to do it then and certainly isn’t now.

    Rafa has shown that spending judiciously on some older backup is necessary especially since the loan market is so touch and go, and not just for us. For every Rondon there is a Bareca and Slimani and for every Kenedy 2018 there is a Kenedy 2019.