The Benitez / takeover theory I’m clinging onto as D-Day nears – Is this what’s really going on?

It’s been 20 days since the Bin Zayed Group stated they’d ‘agreed terms’ with Mike Ashley, while Rafa Benitez’s current contract is due to expire in 10 days time.

It’s fair to say D-day is approaching for Newcastle United, but there’s a theory regarding Rafa’s future and a potential takeover that I’m clinging onto.

Firstly, I am trying to see the silence (both from Benitez, the BZG and Ashley/NUFC) as a good thing.

As I’ve stressed in previous pieces, I really do think that the club and / or Mike Ashley would’ve come out and rubbished claims being made by the Bin Zayed Group a few weeks ago if they weren’t remotely close to the truth.

Several journalists remain sceptical, but I’m not convinced many people know what’s going on.

I would be worried if Rafa Benitez was one of those people and in the dark about any proposed takeover, but perhaps he’s fully aware of the plans being made behind the scenes and is simply sitting tight and refusing to sign a new deal under Mike Ashley as he won’t be the owner of Newcastle United for much longer?

Think about it – We’ve heard no end of reports stating Mike Ashley’s offer is his ‘final offer’ and ‘non-negotiable’, so surely Rafa would’ve rejected it by now and came out to at least give fans an answer if he was A) unhappy with the terms offered in this take it or leave it proposal and B) not expecting any takeover to go through?

Perhaps I’m clutching at straws, but it doesn’t quite add up that Rafa would’ve stayed silent for this long when he of all people will know how desperate us fans are for answers.

As for the Bin Zayed Group, it would not be in their interests to make up claims that they are seriously planning to buy the club. After all, it would be one of the worst PR exercises I’ve known if it came out in the coming weeks that their interest was never genuine. They’d immediately be known as tire-kickers and time wasters and, as I’ve said before, I’m pretty sure Mike Ashley would’ve quickly dismissed their ‘interest’ if there was nothing in it.

I can’t help but feel like something’s going on.

Rafa’s silence may be because he’s hoping Mike Ashley will blink first and agree to compromise at the 11th hour, however I’m hoping (and praying!) he’s staying put because he knows a takeover is in the offing.

I must admit, I can’t see any takeover being done BEFORE Benitez’s deal expires in 10 days time – so Rafa’s future in all of this is a genuine concern – but I have a feeling the silence may be golden as far as this takeover is concerned.

The drawn out process may end up hampering our plans this summer and cutting our transfer window extremely short, but I’m sure both us fans and Rafa Benitez would accept that if it meant Mike Ashley was no more at Newcastle United.

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5 thoughts on “The Benitez / takeover theory I’m clinging onto as D-Day nears – Is this what’s really going on?

  1. These are my thoughts exactly. Rafa has nothing to gain by rushing to sign a contract with Ashley if chances are he can sign a better one with a new owner. It makes no difference to him or our chances of keeping him whether or not he signs a new deal before or after his current one runs out. If he had decided to leave, I believe he would have come out and said so. I think a takeover is happening and that Rafa will stay, and I don’t think that is wishful thinking.


  2. I reckon that (from Rafas viewpoint) he is only looking at the current offer and will never sign it. Any potential takeover is in the future so he can be sceptical that it may not happen. He can wait out the next few days and leave if the takeover has not happened. Why is he saying nothing? Maybe there is a clause in his current contract. Maybe he does not want to say anything controversial in case it affects the potential buyers opinion of him.


  3. Hi I believe in one thing 100%; that Rafa loves the fans and the area so much, that he wouldn’t wait till the end of June and walk away, something big is happening not just Ashley’s waist.


  4. We all wait with anticipation, I hope that this is not another of FCB little pokes at the club and more over the fans. Rafa I do think would have said if he was leaving and the press reporting he has not been approached yet by the BZG I find difficult to believe. They will know how important he is to the future of the club. So we all have to sit tight and cross everything that we can that Ashley is no longer the owner of our club going forward. Be it that timing to will be tight to get any new players in, if one window means we get new owners and a signed contract from Rafa I for one would take it.


  5. sorry but its the same **** different day how many times does it have to happen the club is not for sale if bzg are real they are trying to buy something that the owner is not selling, what is the saying “FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU, FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME” i think this is the third time now and you are still getting taken in, he must be rolling about laughing when he reads all your comments


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