A message to NUFC / Mike Ashley after the embarrassing email I’ve just received..

My personal email account has been playing up over the last few days and, just as we hear official confirmation of Ayoze Perez’s move to Leicester City, the following pops up in my inbox..

A message from the club asking me to renew my season ticket:

“There is still time to renew your Newcastle United season ticket.

“Supporters who haven’t yet renewed have until Thursday 4 July to renew their existing seat before unsold seats are released for general sale.

“Renewing for 2019/20 is easy.”

Turns out this was actually issued yesterday, with today being the deadline for season ticket renewals, but that’s not the point here.

This, along with a pathetic plea to come and buy the new £65 home shirt, is the only form of communication we’ve had from the club all summer. To say I’m seething is an understatement.

This club and Mike Ashley are asking us to renew – for what? Why should we? Why does he deserve our money when we’ve now been left with the following after an absolutely SHAMBOLIC summer so far:

  • No Rafa Benitez – a world-class manager we were lucky to have.
  • No Ayoze Perez – our top scorer over the past TWO seasons sold.
  • No Salomon Rondon – our player of the season and best striker.
  • No new manager
  • No new signings
  • No update on a takeover
  • Longstaff tipped to join Manchester United – our top young talent.
  • No Mo Diame – allowed to leave on a free as we wouldn’t offer him a 2-year deal.
  • Replica shirts priced at £65 – The MOST EXPENSIVE in the country.
  • Season ticket prices increased

Mike Ashley and his cronies, employed to milk this cash cow of a club, are not only spineless, heartless and incompetent individuals, but all seem intent on driving our club into the ground and crushing the supporters who’ve lined their pockets for 12 years now.

This has to stop. It can’t go on. Things need to change – and I don’t mean we just need to sign a £30m Perez replacement and things will all be OK. They won’t be. That would be papering over the cracks that are now unrepairable from this poisonous and cancerous Mike Ashley era.

We’ve had some lows under Ashley – he’s lied, treated legends with complete and utter contempt and disrespected our club on countless occasions – but this summer is the final straw for me.

Either sell up, or at least make some form of effort to communicate and repair some of the damage before you do.

Not renewing your season ticket may be tough to take, but a short term sacrifice could bring long term success back to our great club.

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About Olly Hawkins

Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

21 thoughts on “A message to NUFC / Mike Ashley after the embarrassing email I’ve just received..

  1. I have never followed a boycott but I will now the Arsenal game will be my first this club is a joke a total; laughing stock.. ENOUGH is ENOUGH


  2. Boycott is the best chance we have of ridding the club of this vermin. Ashley never cared about the club or supporters, but as for Charnley! How, as a geordie, he can look himself in the mirror is beyond rational.


  3. Get down the bookies and get a few bob on us getting relegated!! The whole situation is a complete mess, the Fat controller has no intention of selling the club, only our best players!!
    No manager
    No forwards
    No young talent
    No new players
    No hope
    championship ere we come!


  4. This is the kind of content that could be used in a protest to the FA about Mike Ashley and the way he runs our club.


  5. Boycott boycott boycott.This is only one way to pull out the Fatttl..F_cker..Plss Geordies..Rise ur voice..it’s our Club..with a wonderful History here….
    Plsss everyone don’t renew ur season pass.. Humble request by on of the die hard Fan ..From MALAYSIA


  6. As the saying goes “ you can fool some of the people all of the time and some of the people some of the time etc etc” Newcastle supporters are renowned the world over for supporting the team in all weathers,wether they’re playing well or badly,proudly wearing the strip,and giving vocal support….BUT when people try to con us,pee up our backs and tell us it’s raining….it’s time to react!……if you were reading what’s going on at another club we’d be laughing at them….like they’re laughing at us!Its time to show Billy Bunter and his “school chums” their entertainment is over !


  7. Everyone should start by boycotting the arsenal game, it would be great to all meet outside the ground on match day, singing and supporting the team from outside. Imagine the noise and the exposure. Surely the FA and sponsors would put pressure on the FCB


  8. How much would every fan need to put in to buy the club?
    It must have been done before at other clubs?!?!
    Buy the club and we will never be in this position again!!!


  9. Well said my friend I’m from near Aldershot hants cancelled my season ticket witch really pains me 650 mile round trip to be ****ing robbed of any hope to see my glorious toon achieve something the time for payback is now get rid of the fat ******* at all costs no prisoners he’s stolen from all of us with his lies lining his pockets at our expense I think the law calls it deception no more peaceful protest let the thief feel our wrath


  10. Its illegal to mislead someone into obtaining money that is law that is a fact it’s fraud we have all been misled by this greedy ******* for one reason and one reason only to line his pocket lets start a fund to prosecute the thief seriously look it up its theft by deception


  11. Been following NUFC since i was born i have had a season ticket from 1973, it has taken ashley , 12 years to break me , i won’t be going back until the club is sold.Ashley can sell a player within 48hrs for a huge profit , why cant he sell NUFC, as he will make another profit on this great club, Why be cause he is a greedy B– F– S—- and see Nufc as a gold mine, and will not relinquish it by repeatably moving goal post to potential buyers. i will start sporting them gain once this vile, greedy person with no feeling for any one or thing only MONEY.


  12. 38 years we have had season tickets, but we will not be back until Ashley has gone!!

    Enough is enough!!



  13. Boycott all games til he’s gone. Please everyone. Detractors should be considered SCABS. FCBgo home


  14. Unless we get new owners I am not going to another Newcastle game until the fat ****ing **** stops milking our club.


  15. It’s a shame it’s took some supporters so long for the penny to finally drop. Anyone who buys a season ticket now should be treated with the same disdain as the FCB is treated. How any supporter can line his pockets by buying a season ticket or anything from his jumble sales is beyond me. We’re all to blame for our fantastic yet misguided support but this has to STOP NOW!!!!


  16. The only way to put any kind of pressure on Ashley is to stop going to home games , Don’t renew your season ticket, don’t give him your money, it’s no good paying and then walking out of games and complaining ,


  17. A Gibson:
    How much would every fan need to put in to buy the club?
    It must have been done before at other clubs?!?!
    Buy the club and we will never be in this position again!!!

    about 6 k each


  18. I’m so proud I’m bouncing!

    To choose to boycott the thing most of us love the most is as hard as it gets.

    As said in original post:

    “Not renewing your season ticket may be tough to take, but a short term sacrifice could bring long term success back to our great club.”

    Me being w/o a single doubt ALL IN on the boycott, knowing what the sacrifice of not going to the game hurts, I SALUTE YOU all brave soldiers!

    Now or never.


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