Mike Ashley – The cheating girlfriend who needs to be dumped: A must-read for NUFC fans

Bear with me on this one please, it does make sense.

If you have had someone cheat on you, then you know it can be tough to take – what do you do? Do you let her off and carry on to see how it goes, running the risk of it happening again, or do you end it there.

If you love her then you might give her a 2nd chance, after all she is the true love of your life right? You’ve heard her side of the story and she said it actually wasn’t her fault. OK, but please don’t do it again because that was horrible.

But she does.

In fact, over your 12 year relationship she has lied and cheated on you 2-3 time per year. You actually grow to just accept that is how your life is meant to be. You entered the relationship with much higher expectations and hopes, but she has worn you down to the point where you expect her to cheat, and if she doesn’t then that’s great news. In fact, she is only with you because you pay the rent, it means her money can be spent on shopping and nights out. It is financially beneficial for her to stay with you – but that’s all it is to her.

Then your mates get hold of you and wake you up, there are other girls out there that like you and want to treat you with respect and make you feel better.

How many of you would put up with that for 12 years? Not many, I imagine?

You see where I am going with this yet…?

Being a Newcastle fan is EXACTLY the same. Bit by bit we have lost our way. Our euphoria when we first ‘met’ Ashley. He was one of us, he drank in the terraces with us and gave us hope of a brighter future.
Very quickly he got bored of us and it was very clear that he did not ‘love’ us. He constantly lied and he cheated us. We kept falling for it and we still had hope, but he played us for so long that we just grew to accept it.
Our LOVE for this club is what kept us going, it is more than just a club to us, it is a way of life, it is family time, it is a community. Yes we all have frustrations in relationships but that is only because we care. Imagine not caring? That would be rubbish. Those are the people who support 2-3 PL teams. We’re not like them.

We care and we are loyal. We have Black and White blood.

But when is enough, enough?

I’m personally tired of getting cheated on, I’m sick of being unloved and disrespected. I don’t want to pay for Ashley’s shopping and nights in the Casino. I’m refusing to pay his rent anymore.

I know there are better owners out there who will like us, treat us with respect and make me feel better. I will give EVERYTHING back in that relationship.

This has to be a peaceful break up though. As mates we need to stick together and we have to get Ashley out. Lets not be West Ham fans and create havoc.

I am fully behind boycotting the first game of the season against Arsenal and see where it gets us.

Even if you have paid for your season ticket – that’s OK. People do understand why – some of us find it harder to let go, but that is actually a good thing. Lets go to pubs instead (just for that game) and put the money back into the CITY! It doesn’t have to be a protest, no huge organisation and potential idiotic violence. Just have a good time with your mates in the pub and hope for a result.

In a nutshell, can we please work together to get rid of this fat lass and find a fitter one?

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4 thoughts on “Mike Ashley – The cheating girlfriend who needs to be dumped: A must-read for NUFC fans

  1. Guys, PLEASE BOYCOTT THE GAME……it’s the only tool we have, which will hurt him…..


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