A must-read message to every NUFC fan unsure of ‘Boycott Arsenal’

There are still many fans that think the point of ‘#BoycottArsenal’ is to simply stop us from “lining Mike Ashley’s pockets” – but it really isn’t. It’s much more than that.

Yes, it does hold some significance as an empty stadium means no match day tickets or refreshments. But those of you that have renewed your season tickets saying “he already has my money so it makes no difference if I go” – Here is where you’re missing the point.

Because the point is the statement we’re supposed to be making as UNITED fans. UNITING against Ashley, saying enough is enough, showing we’ll take a stand and put up a real fight to get our club back.

Sir Bobby Robson once said that a football club was: “The Noise, the Passion, the feeling of Belonging and the Pride in your City”

How many of those do you feel by being at the game? I honestly believe by boycotting the Arsenal game, we are MORE akin to that quote by Sir Bobby. 

The whole point of the boycott is to show that we are no longer mugs. The stadium being empty would show on the cameras, it would give Sky something to talk about. It would show that for many years we have tolerated (or at least been made mugs of) and now we need it to change. Pundits will take note and whether they back us or not, it doesn’t matter. The fans will be taken seriously.


You can still go into town and make your own match day plans, but with your friends in a pub instead of inside St James’ Park (see @EmptyForAshley on Twitter, with them gathering several bars/pubs who are screening the game free of charge and offering special offers to fans on the day).

We don’t need to be angry in front of the cameras, we don’t need to punch horses and make it an embarrassment – we just need to be UNITED in the boycott. 

If people still decide to go then that is their choice, and they are 100% entitled to that. I just think it is worth getting the whole point of the boycott across. It is not just about money, it is about doing what we do best – supporting Newcastle United by doing something different to save or club.

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5 thoughts on “A must-read message to every NUFC fan unsure of ‘Boycott Arsenal’

  1. Why doesn’t someone organise an “OCCUPY THE PITCH” peaceful sit down protest for the first home SKY LIVE game against Arsenal – garnering world wide publicity for the cause? 2-3 thousand should do it!


  2. After muck deliberation I’ve decided to go to the Arsenal game and NO BULLYBOY that goes on any blog and uses threatening or hostile language against likeminded fans will not put me off. I have a mind of my own and as much as I detest Ashley for what he is doing to our club I will always support my team. Someone like him will never give way to the fans revolution he’s too thick skinned and arrogant for it. I’ll do my bit in my own way without any threats from online clowns or those that will no doubt be hangering round the stadium for after the match.


  3. Can’t see any bullyboy threatening language in the above article. Poor excuse from Rob.
    The writer is just giving his opinion


  4. The Postman:
    Can’t see any bullyboy threatening language in the above article. Poor excuse from Rob.
    The writer is just giving his opinion

    And Rob is just giving his opinion.


  5. I’m hoping the fans go ahead with the boycott so that when their absence is hardly noticed on TV once and for all they will have admit that they are just an arrogant minority and they do not represent the average Newcastle supporter.

    Yes, we’re all pissed off with the way Ashley does things but to the point where we runaround chanting anti-Ashley slogans in the street, and abuse his staff? No, because we’re civilised people.

    This continual whinging is like booking into the Savoy and complaining because you don’t like the font on the room service menu.

    When SBR was manager did the fans have any more say in the running of the club? No.
    When Keegan was manager did the fans have any more say in the running of the club? No.
    When Hall and Shepperd owned the club did the fans have any more say in the running of the club? No.

    When did it suddenly become expected that the fans have a say in running the club?

    Do the fans have a say in the running of any of the other EPL clubs?

    As for “saving our club”, we are stable, profitable, and last year we were in the world’s top 20 richest clubs. Oh yes – please save us from this sustainability!

    The club’s going through a rough patch. Fans do not desert their club just because they are going through a rough patch, or because they disagree with something that’s been done. That’s just petulent.

    As for Bruce’s appointment, proper fans will get behind him and the club. Supporting your club through thick and thin, and good times and bad is not being a mug, or a sheep, or a brainless moron. It’s called being a fan.

    Ok – we get it – you don’t like the way the club’s being run. But for gods sake give it a rest and let us have some peace and quiet! Get over it! Recent events have shown us that if you are shouting about boycotts and not buying season tickets you are in a very small minority indeed.


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