‘Several’ new signings set to join Joelinton at NUFC in the ‘coming days’ – The Telegraph

According to the Telegraph’s Luke Edwards, ‘several more signings‘ could be set to arrive at Newcastle in the ‘coming days’ following Joelinton’s proposed move from Hoffenheim.

He claims that a move was sanctioned for Joelinton as soon as Steve Bruce’s arrival was confirmed yesterday, with him also reporting that the 58-year-old has now agreed to several other deals lined up by the club.

This suggests Steve Bruce doesn’t have a huge say on picking our transfer targets – which is no surprise given head of recruitment Steve Nickson appears to have taken up that role.

Instead it seems he just gives the ‘green light’ as our ‘head coach’ (not ‘manager’) to say he’s happy to sign the said player the club have lined up.

Here’s a snippet from Luke Edwards’ latest piece for the Telegraph, which drops a clear hint on the transfer front:

“Telegraph Sport revealed earlier this week that Brazilian striker Joelinton would move from Hoffenheim as soon as Bruce had been officially appointed and the former Sheffield Wednesday manager has also given a green light for several more signings to be made in the coming days.”

While no names are mentioned aside from Joelinton – who is reportedly closing in on a £36m move – you can all but guarantee that any new signings will be young players who fit into Mike Ashley’s transfer blue print.

New arrivals may be absolutely essential given we’ve downgraded our manager and been left with a paper-thin squad lacking in quality, but we must not be fooled – even if there is late influx of new arrivals.

After all, last minute sticky plasters won’t make up for the neglect and mass destruction that Mike Ashley has allowed this summer.

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12 thoughts on “‘Several’ new signings set to join Joelinton at NUFC in the ‘coming days’ – The Telegraph

  1. Well in all fairness, the role of manager is dying out, with many clubs going for head coach role and a separate recruitment team. I think this is quite fair.
    I loved Benitez but I think he pushed his mould too much, knowing the fans were behind him. In the end, the dislike between himself and Ashley was too great to over come. I also think Benitez has known for a very long time he was going to go to China. The money on offer was crazy. I think Bruce is a bit under whelming for sure but so many times it’s proved that big names means big problems. Whether it be a footballer or a manager. We have some good quality players in Almiron, Shelvy, Hayden, laseslles, Dubravka and the new lad Longstaff. We have an issue up front which needs addressing and hopefully it will be. Perez is a loss but he only showed up half the time anyway. Rondon is a bigger loss for sure.
    Interesting managerial stat is the Steve Bruce beat Benitez in head ons more than any other manager ever did. 60 odd percent win ratio against a Benitez team. May well have been crap everywhere else but defo has the measure of Benitez.


  2. Craig I tend to agree with looking for the positives. Cant change that Rafa has gone and don’t blame him either.

    Im up for seeing how things pan out. Would rather enjoy seeing what happens then writing off the season. Hopefully the squad will see this as a chance to kick on and prove that they werent only good under Rafa’s spell. That would be a good personal ambition for each player imho.


  3. One theory about the takeover is that new owners might not have wanted to be shackled with A) a huge salary commitment for Rafa each year, and B) having to ALSO spend big on expensive players that Rafa might want each year. This is not a criticism of Rafa at all, but its realistic. Rafa did amazing for us but hasnt been bulletproof at every club like chelsea or Real. Maybe potential owners are spooked by that.

    Hopefully things will still go through and we’ll end up in a couple of years with a young up and coming manager who can forge us into a modern team, with a decent business plan under new owners.


  4. There is clearly zero take over, I do not think there ever was. We need to never ever believe that kind of talk again as it’s all waffle and only ever shows it’s face at convenient times you will notice. Ashley will never ever sell NUFC. Makes him too much money.


  5. 3 comments in a row that don’t write the season off , steady boys you’ll be accused of being part of the problem 😀 😀

    The fact is so far Rondon has returned to his parent club as has gayle
    Perez triggered a buy out clause he was slagged off most matches anyway as for joselu ?
    other than that its the same, and new signings will improve things,
    likewise almiron and lejune for a full season will improve things

    lets F~~ the owner and get behind the team


  6. Totally agree with all the above comments, Rafa has gone, let’s get behind the team and new manager.


  7. Tom:
    Totally agree with all the above comments, Rafa has gone, let’s get behind the team and new manager.

    Me too. Let’s focus on the club i.e. the fans and the team. That’s what I’ve always enjoyed being a part of.


  8. You can’t get behind the ‘team’ without giving support to the regime.
    You Muppets just keep proving that no matter what the fat tw@t does you’ll keep turning up. It’s not like this is anything new from him – he did it with McClaren and Carver FFS! Escaped relegation by the skin of our teeth the got relegated anyway next season. You folk are like Lemmings.


  9. Ashlie out boycott boycott boycott boycott are you lot friggin mad buying players who use the club as a steppingstone won’t do any good ashlie is only buying players to make money on them for himself not to build a team go to games and you’re all traitors all ashlie lovers scum your not welcome scum


  10. Down with the slug. No reason to pay another penny to that greedy grasping **** bag. I will watch my team every week from my TV. No more season tickets, no more merch till the swine has gone. That being said good luck to the guys that stay they deserve it but shelve, darlow, colback and any of the other ****s from the latest Morpeth saga need to get sacked for bringing the club into disrepute. Why the hell they were in a takeaway at 3am the night before going on tour. Just shows how little they care about a club. Treating people like peons isn’t right, get rid!


  11. No one has a gun to anyone’s head to support Ashley’s version of Newcastle. If I dripped and moaned like half you lot on here I could not class myself a supporter. You dont like it … quite simple.. stop supporting and following.


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