A must-read message to NUFC fans after the boycott bickering gets out of hand..

It is not easy being a Newcastle fan is it? At least at one point we used to be in it together – boy has that changed.

I have noticed a few things over the last 3 months and one of the main things has been the constant bickering between fans. At the moment, United we are not. Some of the comments and posts I’ve seen are disgusting at times.

Why is that?

Is it Rafa? Is it the boycott? Is it Bruce? Charnley? The poor atmosphere on Saturday? The confusion over what money has been spent? (I think that is an entirely different blog post to be honest). It is in fact, all of those things.

But what is the reason behind it ALL….Mike Ashley.

Personally, I was in favour of the boycott but what transpired from that were 2 negative things.

1) The reason for the boycott seemed to get lost on a lot of people which caused its own issues.

2) We started abusing each other – calling each other sheep and all sorts. A friend of mine absolutely loves Newcastle, she’s a season ticket holder, travels each time from York and really didn’t want to miss the game – its in her blood as they say. But she got a load of abuse on social media for standing by her desire to attend. That’s out of order. There’s no way anyone should be doing that to anyone because of their desire to attend the game. If anything, that sort of Neanderthal behavior makes people want to do the opposite.

But therein lies the issue.

Every year it is the same. We moan about an annual statement from Ashley. In 2017 it was actually analysed by Alan Pardew on Sky Sports if you remember – what a kick in the Fitz Halls that was. We complain, get all wound up for the entire summer/window and then return to St James’ on the first game back. Like clockwork. Imagine we got a win on Sunday – a few more and all would be forgotten until January when the club goes up for sale again.

I believe that not turning up for that 1 game would have sent a message to say we’ve had enough – it wasn’t about the money – but the statement itself. The media would talk and maybe someone would actually listen and see what we are standing for. Those that chose not to understand that and started saying it was about “lining his pockets” were deemed incorrect and it simply sent out the wrong message. And then in typical fashion – we turned on each other. The idea was something different and none violent and I thought it was worth a shot.

But, as a collective, we simply can’t stay away. I actually think that is a beautiful thing in many ways. We do have black and white blood. 

It’s like Desmond Tutu not going to church. It is our religion and we simply ask for our ‘sins’ to be forgiven and carry on.

The atmosphere on Saturday was poor – but that’s only because those that stayed away, were replaced by others wanting to see their team play. Fair enough. Some of those people may have been inexperienced at match days. They might not know the songs, might not have the confidence to get the crowd going. That doesn’t make them bad people. 

Add that to the stupid animosity we seem to have for each other at the moment and it simply creates a divide. There isn’t much to shout about.

Yes more people are staying away, but the overwhelming feeling that he’ll never leave and previous failed protests has meant many believe a one-off boycott will never be enough to make a statement big enough (to get him out).

THAT is our problem. We’re not bad people, but we are taken advantage of in a massive unsympathetic way.

Mike Ashley is absolutely taking us for granted. That very rare and amazing love we have for our club, as a collective set of fans, is being exposed. Do you think he cares about us? 

  • Don’t blame (Insert company name here) for not buying the club – blame Ashley for over pricing us (our market value is actually £227.32m)
  • Don’t blame Andy Carroll for being knackered/past it – blame the budget set by Ashley
  • Don’t blame Bruce for getting tactics wrong or potentially being out of his depth – blame Ashley for hiring him.
  • Don’t blame people for wanting to boycott, to try something new out of desperation – blame Ashley for sending people to the tipping point
  • Don’t blame Charnley for being slow in the transfer market – blame Ashley for hiring him
  • Don’t blame Perez for wanting to leave – Blame Ashley for having no ambition
  • I’ll not mention Rafa but you know where I am going.
  • Last of all DON’T BLAME EACH OTHER FOR BEING FANS – blame Ashley for taking advantage of hard working, good people who love their club. He doesn’t care how much he hurts us.

I don’t have the answers of how to get rid of him, but I know that being a fractured fan base really doesn’t help us.

Can we please just all be United again?

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6 thoughts on “A must-read message to NUFC fans after the boycott bickering gets out of hand..

  1. I totally agree the purpose of the Arsenal boycott was to highlight that the fans have had enough. It would have raised awareness and the press and TV would HAVE to discuss it. If the fans groups had then lined up John Gibson to be interviewed on Sky Sports to explain why the fans were doing it we could have got the truth out there instead of the constant PR spin coming from the club. If it had been organised and presented to the fans like this by the fans organisations the result may have been different but it failed because the consensus of opinion was that it wouldn’t hit Ashley in the pocket so there was no point staying away.


  2. A total boycott is needed on TV game but I don’t see it happening because we’re not united do the people who turn up realise what they are doing or do they expect everyone else to sort it for them while keeping fat man at our club


  3. If it had been organised and advertised in the correct way it may have been a success with fans willing to miss one game in order to raise the publics awareness and get the truth out there.

    People like John Gibson, Keegan and Shearer need to be involved to put the truth out there.


  4. At the end of the day Ashley WILL NOT SELL NEWCASTLE. It’s by far his biggest money earner. He wouldn’t care if no one turned up for one game. But no one turn up for 5 or 6 home games then he will start worrying. But it has to be a total boycott not just the odd few. Ashley would have been laughing his bollocks off on Saturday seeing how many did turn up. Only the fans can get him out. He starts losing income at Newcastle then his whole empire suffers


  5. Totally agree with you Danny only trouble is the season ticket holders won’t do it, I honestly think even though we had one of our best times under sir John Hall he is to blame, proper fans were priced out of the club and don’t forget this man sold us to ashley while his business partner was in hospital, I’ve been a supporter for nearly 50yrs this parasite needs removing and soon before were dragged under, it’s obvious to a blind man he cooks the books and sooner or later he will be caught, my only fear is the club will suffer, years ago all fans use to stick together we need to do it now before its to late hitting this greedy parasite in the pocket is the only way


  6. You’re full of Shute£ my 11 year old could of wrote a more realistic account of what’s happening. We’re you actually at the match on Sunday?? You bell hat.


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