“I’m surprisingly optimistic!” – Why Sunday wasn’t as bad as some are making out..

So we’re finally off and running again, though I suspect the word “ambling” might be more fitting to describe our teams usual start-of-the-season stroll out of the gates.
The so-called “discussions” that were popping up during the window after Rafa had disappeared off to  even greener pastures were less than informed and also, coincidentally less than entertaining, so it’s been a while since I last posted an article. Not long enough, you may say. Aaaah, the beauty of living in a democracy!

I suspect we might need to consider Rafa more of an explorer than a football manager. Who else could be on 6 million a year and actually find greener grass elsewhere?  

The speculation on his replacement was the usual mixture of clueless optimism and ludicrous out of the box thinking with everyone from Mourinho to Kevin Nolan getting a mention, but the bouquet was finally caught by Steve Bruce, or to give him his full name according to some fans  “Oh No, Anyone But Steve Bruce”.

Well he’s here now and thanks to Rafa’s record breaking start of ten games without a win last season, I guess Bruce will be here for a while. Bit of a contrast to the old days when Sir Bobby, who had already proven himself at the club, was shown the door after only 4 games of the new season.
The good old days of Sir Bobby. A time when we got to play in Europe and it wasn’t called “pre-season”.  

The transfer window in itself, while it was still open, was a silly as ever and was never going to be worth the trouble of commenting on, though I have to say I did have something to say about the rumours on Carroll. Personally I think it was a shrewd bit of business, and once he gets back up on his barstool again I think he’ll contribute as much, if not more, than many of the others who are currently loitering round the club.

Add his arrival to those of 2 defenders you’ve never heard of and a couple of playground heroes and I have to say it was a fairly normal window for the Toon, though not a patch on Fenwick’s at Christmas.
I’m surprisingly optimistic. More optimistic than Rafa was when he thought our team was so bad that we were hoping to find three teams worse than us

A brief question on the quality of builders work these days, why are we always told that the transfer window “slammed shut”? Is this the only metaphor that today’s hacks are capable of coming up with relating to a window?  

With our first game under our belt I actually thought that considering most of the players met up for the first time in the changing room before the game, and were introduced to their manager on the touchline, it wasn’t too bad a performance, if you choose to ignore the number of times we gave the ball away in defence. And yes, Willems was caught napping on the wing. And yes,  Lascelles completely redefined the term “no-mans land”.

But apart from that it wasn’t a bad performance.

I know I may be in the minority but personally I think Lascelles has had his fifteen minutes and we need to find another player that we can endlessly rant on about , who will never play for England’s big boys.

One thought on ““I’m surprisingly optimistic!” – Why Sunday wasn’t as bad as some are making out..

  1. Well… under Rafa last year we had to wait until November to win a game so I certainly see no need to be getting stressed out over a 0-1 loss to Arsenal.


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