Sorry, but Alan Shearer’s had an absolute shocker here..

This is going to be hugely controversial and I have my tin hat ready. Really disappointed in Shearer’s MOTD analysis.

He called out the players and slammed them for their performance. Yes, absolutely bang on. But not one mention of the tactics or formation which is the absolute crux of the problem. Basically seems like he doesn’t want to give criticism to his mate.

He’s calling out Almiron, whose role has significantly changed in Bruce’s team. Last year he was a component in a unit, we got players forward with more pace and purpose. He created space and dragged defenders out of position, turned defence into attack, and always had support. Perez and Rondon were always close to him in support or running off him, the wing backs pushed up and arrived late in attacks without being picked up, and Longstaff and Hayden took turns in getting forward depending on who it suited better tactically.

You watch highlights of us from last season from January onwards and when we changed the the back 3. Yes it was turgid at times, the main aim was to stifle and get behind the ball, but look how many men we got forward when we did attack.

Now Almiron is getting the ball deep and is 40 yards away from Joelinton – a striker who played his best football for Hoffenheim running off people, not isolated 40 yards from his teammates.

The wing backs stay deep and the only one of the central 3 players (who you could throw a f****g towel over by the way) who bursts forward is Hayden because he’s the only one athletically capable.

It’s the difference between having a world class tactician like Rafa, then going to a clueless dinosaur like Steve Bruce and, as much as I love him, Shearer’s focus on Almiron was a complete and utter cop out.

I didn’t expect him to slate his mate, but I expected better than that from a man who normally ‘gets it’.

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11 thoughts on “Sorry, but Alan Shearer’s had an absolute shocker here..

  1. True. And as expected. But leave Shearer alone. He has the rest of the season to criticise Bruce’s tactical naivety. Leave your sticks and stones for the true targets. And in order, Ashley, Charnley, the bleating sheep who don’t support the boycotts, Bruce and finally, the players who fail to give there all.


  2. Jamie is completely right if Bruce doesn’t go well go down ! They run around headless with no direction ! He Bruce is killing mig who showed what a good player he was last year with the right players around him and tactics! I really fear for us this season


  3. Shearer is right, almiron is a headless chicken atleast Rafa kept him in line.
    Fucking Hayden was playing right wing most of the game.
    Ritchie thought he was a forward half the match.
    Ashley to blame and the Dan’s for enabling him.


  4. dummett dosnt help the team at all none the wonder the rest of the defence had poor games either play him left back or dont play him i know i wouldn’t


  5. What’s happened to all the happy clappy crew who said Bruce and our team would be fine 😯


  6. Wouldn’t you agree that the team did OK against the Arse? So suddenly Bruce has lost the plot?
    I agree with the comment about Dummett. It’s all very Pardewy to take him out of the left back position. That said I’m not happy clappy but I don’t see how they can completely change the system and expect the team to take to it straight away.


  7. Lascellles is the real problem at the back ,he’s so tactically unaware half the time he looks blindfolded with someone telling him where to go through an earpiece,i do not know what Rafa seen in him and now Bruce but we will concede a lot more goals with him in the side.


  8. I had hoped that this new 5-3-2 system would work even better than the 5-2-3, with one of the midfielders linking up with Almiron and Joelinton, with Longstaff being mooted as that midfielder. However, he was poor last week and was dropped and it seems that Hayden – best player from the opening matches – is the one to drive forward. However, Almiron has been coming far too deep and isolating Joelinton, as mentioned by Shearer. He’s looked shattered in the last 10/15 minutes of both games, but he’s covered too much ground. Almiron is ineffective in defence, so needs to stay up field and will hopefully be more effective.

    Bruce has to find a system that works.

    Plus, no one has mentioned the fact that Schar has been strolling around and not looking interested in both games. He doesn’t look happy to be here!


  9. Rafa is a great manager and Ashley is a hard headed businessman who has taken a great gamble in letting him go. After 10 games at the start of last season we had 3 points but on the whole the majority of supporters still supported the team. Steve Bruce is not the choice of many supporters but he is our coach and he should be given time (at least 10 games) to prove he can put a team on the pitch to get the points to avoid relegation. Get behind the team, support them and get rid of the toxic atmosphere that will only reduce the confidence of the players and make matters worse. Steve Bruce could start by appointing Alan Shearer as attacking coach!!


  10. We need a formation change like yesterday. My gosh two up front is a joke! Almiron will be fine if he has some passing options. We need 3 up front. I’d like to see a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-1-1 with the midfield wings getting forward. I’d even like to try a 4-3-3, with two defensive mids, 1 attacking mid. Anything but leaving our striker all alone with no options.


  11. it seems that fromm the comments that you all attended the shambolic norwich show!!!-m when will you learn – ONL;Y WAY IS TO STAY AWAY!!!!



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