The Bin Zayed Group – What actually happened with the NUFC takeover?

I have a question, well several actually, but one main one…..Where on earth are the Bin Zayed Group (BZG)?

It was around 3 months ago that we woke up to ‘BREAKING NEWS’ and back pages claiming a big takeover was finally in the offing. Many of us instantly thought it was a typical Ashley PR stunt….but this one seemed different.

The BZG were very vocal and came out to say everything was progressing well and they had submitted an offer. Ashley stayed silent which was fairly typical but he didn’t deny it – and that seemed key.

As it started to look like it was fading, there was another “statement” by BZG, released 5 weeks before the season started.

This was released through Peter Redding of Capital Radio in the UAE (which seemed dubious I have to say) which said:

“Both parties have worked diligently in finalising a deal, none more so than ourselves.

“We have completed every aspect required in a takeover process.

“Press claims of no bids or Premier League approval processes are simply untrue.

“The current owners have cooperated amicably throughout this process and if a deal is not forthcoming it will not be due to lack of effort from both parties.”

Then……….absolutely nothing.

Nothing. It is like they disappeared into the abyss. 

What actually happened with the takeover?

But then that opens a whole load more questions. 

  • Do we really believe that Ashley has enough power to influence the Bin Zayed Group to pretend there was a takeover just to increase season ticket sales? 
  • Why has Peter Redding, who boasted that he was in regular contact with BZG, not said another word? 
  • Do BZG even exist?
  • Was it all just a figment of my imagination?

I am not a journalist but surely those who are should be at the very least asking these questions?

Why hasn’t a local (or national) news outlet pushed to find out what has happened to the “bid”? 

Are we just supposed to forget about it?

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12 thoughts on “The Bin Zayed Group – What actually happened with the NUFC takeover?

  1. It’s like the stupid leading the stupid, who’s the bigger moron the multi billionaire lieing through his teeth helped by his endless accomplices or the fans who take it deep throat and turn up every week, supporting team not the regime? Give me a break who cares anymore bring on relegation if it rids us of Ashley.


  2. What an utterly ridiculous article !
    Why bother writing that because it is a question only a certain calorie challenged gentleman knows the answer to.
    The whole take over story was nothing but a Psy-Op for Ashley to try and get Benitez out of the door without him looking responsible.
    The next part of the con was to install a Geordie so that the natives would forget about Rafa and get behind another false messiah.

    The whole thing backfired on a massive scale with Ashley yet again misjudging the strength of feeling against him and a complete dud of a manager regardless of the place of his birth.
    That is why he did that interview with Samuel in The Mail in a last ditch attempt to try and win people around, But it just made things worse as usual.

    It wouldn’t have surprised me in the slightest if Fat Boy paid that firm to act as a fake decoy for him !


  3. What I’m hoping for this season is more panic buying, we go down and the Fat Controller can’t unload NUFC.
    I’ve given up on being a proud supporter. I want this mess to be an albatross around his neck that drags him under.


  4. It would only be fair if this BZG come out into the open and admit what has transpired if only to debunk the myth that Ashley wants to sell. They owe us that as a bare minimum. But then again so does Peter Kenyon. At least Staveley admitted she put offers on the table that Ashley dismissed hinting that he didn’t want to sell.


  5. Seems the Takeover has been done to death and keeping writing articles like this would just be a plan to wind the fans up.

    An article that has more questions than answers?? Not very well done. ❓


  6. NUFC have never been for sale for more than 12 years. The sellers? Messrs Hall/Shepherd, the buyer? One FCB.
    The fact that The BZG Group seem to have “Evaporated”, should come as absolutely no surprise as this is a regular occurrence in an “NUFC sale”, ( but never in the sale of any other club on the planet. They seem to just, well, get bought/sold/takenover).
    Also, it’s always these “Virtual” buyers who are @ fault, never Fat Boy to blame. Funny that.
    Take the “Staveley take over”. Weren’t there 3 other interested parties? Where did they go? “Pooff”! Dissappeared.
    The “Kenyon Deal?” There were also three other interested parties competing with the million Pound short man. But? “Pooff”! Dissappeared.
    “BZG?” Again 3 or 4 others interested, but, again? “Pooff”! Dissappeared. Who would be a prospective football owner buying from Ashley ey? Not good for your existence, to say the least. Or maybe the clues were always there for everyone to see.
    So why is this question only been asked now when every NUFC fan already knows, or should know, (but only those who open their eyes)?


  7. Why the has the press not try to find out what has happen to the take over ,they are always calling the toon for something,well let’s see them find out what happen ,because I am sure the thousands of toon supporters would die to no ,


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