Steve Bruce – Have a bit more belief!

I’ve been one of Steve Bruce’s biggest critics since he become the chosen one at the Toon – but I want him to do well, of course.

I watch his dower demeanour when interviewed, always talking the opposition up whilst offering little optimism for his own team, using phrases such as ‘hopefully we can nick something’.

That line is exactly the phrase he used prior to our trip to newly promoted Norwich – ‘hopefully we can nick something’ – Have a bit more belief Steve.

No matter who the opposition is – Give us some hope, give the team belief, be positive – tell us we can win every game. Make me want to listen to what you have to say.

As fans, all we want to see, is 100% effort, like at Spurs. We can accept being beaten by a  better team and hold our head up at the same time.

Watford is the perfect opportunity to collect points, but in his press conference Steve is again not overly optimistic, calling Watford a ‘very, very good club’. How do you rate, Liverpool and Manchester City Steve? Maybe I just see his caution as pessimism, but now we’re on the up after that win last weekend, let’s be more positive.

He certainly doesn’t motivate me, but perhaps we should all get behind him and the team and let’s see where we are at Christmas.

After all, we all know where the root of the problem lies, the owner, who appears to have surrounded himself with people who know less about football than him.

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