Club reporter reveals what it may take for Mike Ashley to sack Steve Bruce – VERY worrying

During a Q&A at the Chronicle yesterday, Lee Ryder was asked how long Steve Bruce has before the panic button is pressed by Mike Ashley.

To say Ryder’s answer is worrying for Newcastle United supporters would be an understatement, with him believing we’d have to be ‘9 or 10 points adrift’ at the bottom before Ashley sacks the man he paid ‘millions’ to land over the summer:

I’ve just been asked that exact question by somebody in the office, but it’s not as simple as putting a timeframe on it.

If Mike Ashley was to fire the head coach now it would be a vote of no confidence in the club’s own decision-making process.

They have just paid millions in compensation to secure his release from Sheff Wed and they’d have to pay out again if they terminated his three-year deal.

I honestly think that Bruce would have to be nine or 10 points adrift in the relegation zone before they decided to hit the panic button.

‘If Newcastle stay up and get more players in this January, it will probably be deemed as laying the foundations for the new manager.’

Mike Ashley’s hates to be proved wrong which means Bruce will get more time to turn this mess around. Ashley’s stubbornness is a huge problem for Newcastle, the way they are playing right now, the club could well be left 10 points adrift in the next few months – By then changing the manager would’ve come far too late.

Having been in a similar situation under Steve McClaren, Ashley as a “Good businessman” should have learnt his lesson. However, Newcastle are only heading in one direction at the moment.

The very fact it cost Newcastle more to appoint Bruce than it would have been to keep Rafael Benitez is completely bemusing. 

After twelve years of mistake after mistake, it is clear that Ashley does not learn from his mistakes. You cannot run Newcastle United like a Debenham’s or a Sports Direct. That model may work at another club but not on Tyneside. 

A Good businessman would know when to cut their losses or realise when something is not working and a change is needed. Ashley doesn’t have a clue, like Bruce he is way, way out of his depth. 

Unfortunately, Ashley has been out of his depth for twelve years now, Newcastle are heading towards the iceberg once again, this time though, there will be no lifeboats arriving to save them.

One thought on “Club reporter reveals what it may take for Mike Ashley to sack Steve Bruce – VERY worrying

  1. Let fatty f##k up again and this time let’s hope it hurts his empire when unfortunately we are relegated due to his f##king stile of management

    Toss pot

    Ps have been invited by mun Utd supporters to watch the game in Tenerife this Sunday only because they fell sorry for me and are willing to buy the beer


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