Unbelievable as ex-SAFC boss tells Keys & Gray that NUFC’s players are the issue…not Bruce

David Moyes is the latest dinosaur (sorry, person) to throw his weight behind Steve Bruce and defend him, suggesting the players are at fault for our on field issues – not our new head coach.

The usual “deserves a chance” and “experienced” platitudes are predictably thrown about while thinly veiled criticism at the fans, not so thinly veiled support for the owner and full blown criticism of the players, who were absolutely fine before Bruce came along is also there in all its glory. All this whilst sat next to Keys and Gray……it’s beyond nauseating.

Watch here (maybe not while you’re eating):

Now, there is no Newcastle fan who thinks the players aren’t also to blame, and they were dreadful on Sunday.

However it seems we’re the only ones to ask the question…..why were they so bad? Could it be that they are being poorly coached, set up and motivated by a “coach” who simply isn’t good enough? There isn’t a single factor that indicates otherwise if you understand This current squad and more importantly, have witnessed Steve Bruce’s managerial career.

The punditry world and their dog defend Bruce despite his poor managerial record, and these group of players, despite proving they are good enough and one of the hard working teams we’ve had in years, are taking the flak for Bruce’s ineptitude. I swear Bruce is either the nicest man in the world or he has photos of them all in uncompromising positions.

Regarding Moyes comments on Ashley…..maybe he’s being diplomatic as he senses there may be a job opportunities open soon.

The sad thing is, I’d have him over Bruce any day.

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