I really hope Mike Ashley reads this..

Last week we were sent an email from a frustrated Newcastle United fan, who revealed how he and his family have been impacted by Mike Ashley’s decision to take payments for the 2020/21 season – a move he and the club are refusing to reverse despite a series of urgent requests.

Read what the Newcastle United fan (who’s asked for his identity to remain anonymous) sent below, with this being one of many examples where the NUFC owner’s selfish and shameless actions have left loyal fans to struggle during these difficult times.

Message from unnamed NUFC fan:

On the season ticket renewal date, I knew the 2020/21 money was due, but given the fact we are all really up against it during these unprecedented times, football has just shown how insignificant it is in the grand scheme of things.

 I had hoped that the club would take a pragmatic view on the situation and try and help us fans where they could, by pausing payments/deferring to a time when we know more about where we stand.  If games are played behind closed doors, would the club refund me? I highly doubt that they would.

My current priorities are to ensure that I have enough food in the house to feed ourselves, enough petrol in the car to enable me to be there for my parents who both have underlying health issues when required as I have caring responsibilities.

This month is always a bad month because of all the utility bills are due and I’m having to wait for them to chase me for payments.

I’m probably in a more fortunate position than some that I can rely on family/friends to help if needed, but there is a lot more less fortunate people out there who live week to week, this will impact those a lot people more.

Newcastle United always prides itself with saying we must ‘stay united’ and to stay loyal. Yet, when the fans really need some support and ask for little common sense from the club, they ignore us and just think of the bank balance.

Newcastle fans will not forget or forgive the clubs lack of empathy during this difficult time.

Best regards guys, hope you and your families are well, stay safe.

The club have so far refused to reverse their decision, continuing to take season ticket payments and direct debits from fans during these tough times, but messages like this must be read by Mike Ashley.

It’s time he had some morality about him and did what’s right – unless he’s taking all the cash he can before he finally sells up!

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6 thoughts on “I really hope Mike Ashley reads this..

  1. If you’re waiting for Fatley to find some morality you’d be better off waiting for a porcelain dog to **** on your carpet.


  2. So, now that the FCB’s actions directly affect him, this person finds it unacceptable? Shameless hypocrite who proves that it’s all about himself.


  3. Shows how disrespectful this leech on society FCB is he only cares about money as he is getting an income from season tickets he should not be allowed to furlough staff for tax payers and the government to pay to prop up his dictatorship


  4. I appreciate we’re all up to our necks here but if he knew it was due and didn’t want to pay it, why didn’t he cancel it?


  5. I have zero sympathy, we’ve known who Ashley really is for the best part of 12 years now, those with a modicum of self respect stopped filling his pockets a while ago. If anyone thought that this would play out any differently were lying to themselves.

    This guy clearly waited for the impossible so he didn’t lose his loyalty points. He actually gambled on Ashley doing the right thing!

    Ashley is the pr!ck in this for sure, but anyone who thought this would play out any differently is deluded, if you’re that hard up for cash and a global pandemic hits, then you cancel all none essential direct debits.

    As an added bonus, not only is no one getting that money back but if the remainder of the season is played behind closed doors you won’t be getting a partial refund or deferred games, I promise you that now.


  6. Hopefully the sheep see with what we’re dealing with, he’s bleeding the club dry an still fans see him through rise tinted glasses, cancel season tickets and stop going til he sells up. Its not rocket science


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