Last-ditch bid to derail Saudis £300m takeover of Newcastle United lodged by Amnesty international

Our proposed Saudi-led takeover faces a fresh hurdle to climb as Amnesty International have written a last-ditch letter to the Premier League in protest of the move.

Amnesty International operates as a non-profitable organisation set up to fight the violation of human rights, but has faced criticism of its own in the past for being too partisan or selective in their agenda.

The letter writes to Premier League CEO Richard Masters, citing Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record as an ethical reason to prevent them from buying the club.

Here’s the full letter sent to PL chiefs from Amnesty International today:

Their human rights history is a concern and must be cleaned up – we can’t just completely ignore that because we want a takeover to happen – however there’s plenty to suggest it won’t scupper this takeover.

Saudi royal billionaires are already at the helm at Sheffield United, but I wasn’t aware of a complaint lodged towards them – although that in itself may point towards the fact Amnesty are highly unlikely to derail this takeover.

Also, the human rights record in Abu Dhabi is equally as shocking, yet nobody batted an eyelid when Sheikh Mansour strolled into town to bankroll Man City back in 2008. The hypocrisy is real.

Positive news is that The Guardian indicates no “red flags” have been met in the deal so far, and Keith Downie of Sky Sports believes that Amnesty’s latest sting will also unlikely have an impact on the outcome.

It’s also worth noting that any objection would surely have to come through the government – not the Premier League itself – and I don’t expect them to turn their back on Mohammed Prince Bin Salman; a man who was spotted having lunch with the Queen and holding talks with Theresa May not so long ago!

It feels like we are fast quickly becoming the envy of the Premier League despite winning absolutely zilch in over 50 years, so imagine what it will be like if/when we do have some success!

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6 thoughts on “Last-ditch bid to derail Saudis £300m takeover of Newcastle United lodged by Amnesty international

  1. Amnesty need to back off!
    None profitable however with very nice salary and a life style to match I wouldn’t mind guessing.
    For any good they may have done they have the blood of many innocent people on there hands for freeing bad people who go on to murder etc.
    Never mind the mental torture Ashley’s 13 years has caused for tens of thousands.
    In other words,,, f—k —-


  2. Omg as a true long time supporter of the toon is anyone really bothered what the Saudis are supposed to have done sports washing or summat. All we want is rid of the Fat controller and all his cronies and to get back our club. Bring on the Saudi’s.


  3. These are the same *******s who have tried to get our soldiers prosecuted in Afghanistan. I hope they protest outside St James, I will have my tomatoes ready..


  4. I am a Nufc fan from Sri Lanka, a very poor country. And we have many domestic workers (maids, servants, drivers, etc) go to Saudi Arabia to serve the rich there. Many of them get treated very badly, in the worst case a woman was executed for killing in self defence the Saudi man who tried to rape her. Other have had their hands chopped off. They face trials without lawyers and no financial assistance. Plus there is a clear hierarchy in Saudi (and the rest of the middle east): Saudis at the top, then white people, then the rich Asians, etc and the poor labourers at the very bottom.

    Think. There is more to life than football. I love the club. But I cannot support this. I know there are terrible owners in other clubs, but that doesn’t make it ok for us (Nufc). We, as humans, ought to be better and expect better. Even if it means giving something up.


  5. Do Amnesty International think it’s right to politicise sports?…..why aren’t they out in Saudi protesting there?…..because it’s easier to sit on their fat middle class asses firing emails off to the premier league and asking football fans to do their job for them while they pocket fat salaries collected in the name of charity.


  6. As an LGBT individual living in the region, I have never felt more disheartened at the failure of our region in refusing to accept the atrocities that occurs in Saudi Arabia. We are hosting UK pride next year, I now don’t feel this is appropriate and have written to pride.
    No one is denying Newcastle a takeover, so stop sulking. But people are being denied basic rights. I worry that the obsession amongst some for Newcastle to be this unstoppable force will result in increases in hate crime against those who voice displeasure.
    Ignore the bystander effect of “other clubs have bad people as owners”, this is your club. Make sure the Saudi’s know that women here don’t have a master and the LGBT community are equal.

    P.s. John Lunn – if football isn’t that much of a mental torture to you, may I suggest getting yourself a new hobby? Or I can suggest a good counsellor?


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