George Caulkin reveals what Amanda Staveley’s side have told him in ‘positive’ takeover update

Some more promising words have arrived from George Caulkin today, with him insisting that the buying side remain convinced this deal is going ahead – even if an announcement may be delayed until ‘next week’.

The North-East’s reliable writer for The Athletic states that the mood amongst those involved in the deal remains “very positive”, with him stating that no genuine doubts have emerged regarding whether a deal will go through or not – suggesting it remains a case of when it goes through, not if.

Caulkin even states that those connected to the deal are carrying out plans behind the scenes and working away as if a buyout will go through – another indication that a deal may be imminent in the eyes of those involved.

Here’s what he’s had to say on the latest ‘Pod on the Tyne podcast‘ released earlier today:

“The latest information I was told from the buying side is that their latest timeframe might be next week, but there is a realisation that it’ll take as long as it has to take.

“The guidelines that they were given, it could take up to four weeks, but again there is no deadline to any of these. It’s just a guide and all of us have to respect that,” 

“In terms of the overall feeling and mood, nothing has changed, everyone is very positive, people behind the scenes are carrying on doing all the stuffs they will be doing as if it is going ahead.

“So no one has said to me that there are any doubts about that happening at the end of it all.

“There is a lot of noise, partly born out of our concerns and frustration.

“Exclusivity is irrelevant now that a deal has been signed because everything has been signed off apart from the regulatory approval and the money changing hands.”

So, once again, this is another strong message from one of the regions most credible reporters which essentially says the deal has only been delayed – not derailed.

That being said, he stresses that the initial ‘four week’ timeframe given to him was always just a guideline, not a deadline, urging all those desperate for an announcement to be patient.

It’s stressful, tedious and an incredibly nerve wracking wait for Newcastle fans, but we must take comfort from the fact George Caulkin is relaxed and reporting nothing but positive noises regarding its eventual completion.

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11 thoughts on “George Caulkin reveals what Amanda Staveley’s side have told him in ‘positive’ takeover update

  1. FFS get it into your Heads there will be NO takeover………… All Media hype………..


  2. Reposting this from an earlier thread as I would love to know if anyone has any insight to it

    One question that keeps bugging me about the takeover. When it’s all done and dusted, where will the club stand in terms of merchandise and advertising? Will the Fat cnut still be trousering cash from shirt sales and benefitting from free advertising or are both deals up for tender?


  3. A lot of total rubbish being written, and said about the take over, a lot of sad people who support other teams trying to cause unrest and filling news papers with the usual lies and a lot of people are falling for it, had to laugh at this nufc fans utube debate, get a life, the premier league is run by people who come from and are rapt up with the leaders of there country. This will go through if not the premier league will have a big big legal bill when they are taken to court over it, which I don’t think they will want to fight, as they can’t even make a decision about when game will or won’t start , and what ever the out come watch the court battle’s start between the clubs losing out on whatever it my be. I think will happen, stuff the rest of them , when has any one cared about right or wrong under Ashley, these reporters will be crying in there beers when the toon become a top two team, the press hate us especially the London press . But the toon will rise and there will be no stopping us, haway the lads?


  4. For someone who says so much Caulkin says very little.

    Never in the history of football takeover has a buyer ever said anything other than what Caulkin is telling us.

    For a credible reporter what has he ever actually told us?


  5. Well said Tom
    The rest of the uk (not all of it) do hate us
    They hate the fact we live in a great place and have a lot of history in the region
    They hate the fact we have great beaches
    They hate the fact we have a massive regional and country following Regarding all sports (rugby,horse racing)
    They hate the fact that we have the rugby weekend (every year if the rugby would allow it)
    They hate the fact there are loads of hen parties etc
    They hate the fact we are friendly people who say hello to strangers
    They hate the fact that we help our neighbours all year

    They just hate us

    But it’s not our fault we are nice


  6. I Tell you if this does bear fruit I will bear Mr George Caulkins bairns ! HWTL also just managed to bag me sen some bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale only £1.20 per bottle! Well be rude not to ! And dont think I can last for #cans sorry lads !


  7. fj1200xxx:
    FFS get it into your Heads there will be NO takeover………… All Media hype………..

    Said this from moment 1. There is no takeover never was never will be.


  8. Surely by now the fat bloke wants rid of us,hated by the fans,town,country.hes been offered a good price for the club,yet always seems reluctant to sell, his heart has never been in it. The greed amongst rich people is unbelievable. The likes of other clubs ,Man City,Chelsea, even Manure it’s ok for them to do wheeling and dealing that’s fine. Even with a great transfer pot of money it would take at least 5years to be any kind of threat to the top six. Plus our new owners aren’t just gonna throw money at us.


  9. Bad case of Strabismus in that photo. Hope she doesn’t have her lines crossed too.


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