Richard Keys sends comical warning to NUFC fans as he accepts Saudi takeover is happening

You know a Saudi-backed takeover at Newcastle United is probably going ahead when even Richard Keys accepts defeat..

The disgraced former Sky Sports host has had another pop at the Saudis in his latest blog post, but finally appears to have come to terms with the fact this deal is going through – predicting that we’ll hear the news we’ve all been waiting for “this week”.

That said, the Bein Sports presenter feels Mike Ashley will ‘have a lot to answer for’ if and when he sells up to the Saudis, also warning that “all of us on Tyneside” must be careful what we wish for.

Here’s what he’s had to say, with his disappointment at the “sad, unprincipled world we live in” seeming a bit rich coming from a man who cheated on his seriously ill wife with his daughters best friend and was sacked by Sky Sports for clear sexism:

“Of course the PL has got another. massive issue to decide on this week. Does it waive through the Saudi led takeover of Newcastle? Before going into a bit more detail – let me say this – if it does, it will never again be able to mount a winnable case against Piracy. Stream away guys.

“For getting on for four years now, the Saudi Govt has supported the theft of intellectual properties owned by the beIN Media Group.’

“People say to me ‘aren’t you scared of the Saudi’s? Should you really be saying what you do?’ Scared of what? The Sovereign Fund buying Newcastle is a separate entity to the Saudi Govt. Or at least that’s the basis of the argument that’s being made so that the takeover can be waived through. Of course that’s nonsense – but just to be sure – I’m not thinking of jumping off my balcony any time soon – nor do I have plans to visit any Saudi Embassy!

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Mike Ashley has a lot to answer for if the deal goes through – and if half a dozen Sports Direct outlets open in Riyadh over the next few weeks then we’ll all know what it was really about. I’ve said for months that there’s another deal on the table – and the Daily Mirror’s article a week ago proved me right.

The American, Henry Mauriss wants it and he’s not short of a few bob. Surely that deal would suit the Toon Army? Why not? It would get the PL out of a tight corner, that’s for sure.’

“I expect the Saudi deal will get the nod of approval this week. If so – good luck to everybody connected with the club. As for the rest of us – as I said – stream away.

What a sad, unprincipled world we live in.

Be careful what you wish for Mr Masters. And all of you on Tyneside.

He tries one last time to talk about this ‘other bid’, mentioning the alleged interest from Henry Mauriss, but it’s all too little too late now and there’s nothing he can do about it.

A bitter man who’s hypocrisy knows no bounds.

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8 thoughts on “Richard Keys sends comical warning to NUFC fans as he accepts Saudi takeover is happening

  1. Says the man working in a country which has been lambasted over its own human rights record, and also paid some $1 billion over to IS and Iranian backed terror groups to release kidnapped Prince’s, and jihadi’s captured in Syria.
    Shameless hypocrite.


  2. How this creature can talk about principles is beyond me ! Where were these principles when he was shifting his daughters best friend while his wife was seriously ill with cancer? Where were these principles when he thought he could just say whatever lewd thoughts were in his head towards young women on sky ? And has he also forgotten about his boss who is under investigation for corruption! Mr Al-Khelaifi who is also a ex fifa boss ! Erm now then fifa bosses ! Straight as arrows them lot ! He is accused of giving away a luxury villa in exchange to secure broadcast rights for international football tournaments! Hairy Hypocrisy is afoot


  3. Funny how no one cares that Ashley runs a football despite all his flaws, all his controversy of how he runs his business, take evasion, theft (in the form of free advertising, buying advertising would bring with it more tax payments), the conditions his employees work under – the stockroom areas of those stores are accidents waiting to happen, I’m sure I could go on to name more. He is a product of our country and he’s committed crimes of his own which no one except us geordie are demanding him answer for. Funny that. Ok maybe he hasn’t murdered someone but he would happily send (I use that loosely, blackmail might be a better word) his staff to work during the lockdown to work while they are being paid through the public purse to help him earn a few extra quid. So yeh, hasn’t committed murder, but would happily send people out during a worldwide pandemic without any PPE or regard for their safety and welfare. If one of his staff got this virus and died as a result, would this not be manslaughter? (Wreckless disregard for life). Yet he is fit to run a club? I dont get it. I agree with Gary Neville and others who say we should use this as an opportunity to work with the Saudis to develop their culture and human rights laws etc. But to ask them to change their laws and cultures which a largely drawn on religious believe from over thousands of years is not right. I dont agree with the things they are accused of by any means but that’s why we should work with them. Remember there were some liberal leaders in this country within the last 20-30 years that were covering up the Westminster paedophile rings etc. So it’s not like we are perfect as a country. The expenses scandal a few years ago, an illegal war in Iraq, theres plenty we as a country are guilty of. So maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge


  4. It is an unprincipled world when we have someone like him trying to tell others what to do. He is afraid of losing his job, because be assured the Saudi’s will do a deal to cover PL games directly with the PL side lining BeIn.

    He is a scumbag of the highest order and lower than a snakes belly….Keys be careful what you wish for….has your family forgiven you yet?



  5. Why is no one reporting the fact that Man Utd have been sponsored by the Saudi Govt owned tv company to the tune of hundreds of £££millions for the past 12 years, and of course this money will stop once they have taken over NUFC…Keys is of course a die hard Man Utd fan so why is he not lambasting his own club??
    Why is he not reporting the horrendious conditions migrant workers have to endure in Qatar where he works and lives??? OR the now proven Qatar bribary to win the World Cup???
    Its all because its NUFC, and the powers want to keep the club down and in it’s place. Speak to Man City fan who will tell you all about this hipocracy that they endured……


  6. So Ollie – jst out off interest. How wud you and the other fan websites feel if yor site was copied, a proxy put up with all traffic redirected too themm insted. Yor traffic, what you spent years building up, went from what it is now to less than half, along with yor cash

    A bit sad you mock everything Keyes says, but it cud be you being pirated. Not so funny.


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