Mike Ashley now sick of Saudi takeover saga? – Now he knows how we’ve felt for 13 years..

After weeks of wondering, it’s been widely reported that a £300m Saudi-backed takeover will be announced ‘this week’.

Last night, however, a concerning report from The Guardian claimed new legal documents had been sent to the Premier League which threaten to delay the deal even further.

Predictably, an article has now arrived from the Daily Mail today, stating that Mike Ashley is “growing increasingly annoyed” by the time it’s taking for this big money buyout to be concluded, stating he expected the deal to be wrapped up ‘at least two weeks ago’.

For starters, he won’t be nearly as frustrated as us fans. He’s a billionaire who’s been relaxing in a family mansion in Miami as he waits for his £300m to arrive, all while us Newcastle fans sit in self-isolation biting our fingernails and refreshing Twitter every 5 minutes, as we desperately await official confirmation of a deal that could revolutionise our sleeping giant of a football club for the better.

That’s not even the main part of it all, however.

If he thinks waiting a few more weeks for the ‘good news’ is annoying, he should try living in our shoes for the past 13 years. We’ve pumped our hard earned money, precious time and all of our emotions into this football club for over a decade – all to see it go absolutely nowhere thanks to one man’s greed and neglect.

Just about every generation have become disillusioned, lost hope or fallen out of love with their club. Teenagers on Tyneside know nothing but a miserable Mike Ashley era and fans who were brought up on the competitive Keegan days forced to sit through TWO relegations and constant scraps for survival. We’re the only ones who should be frustrated here, Mike.

Not only that, this is a man who refuses to communicate, making his “annoyance” at any delay and a lack of progress laughable. What about the time you left us in limbo for MONTHS last summer when we were waiting for news on a takeover, a new deal for Rafa Benitez or a permanent deal for Salomon Rondon, Mike?! We were given no guidance and then no hope, with all three possible deals coming to nothing.

This isn’t the first time either. How many takeover sagas have we been forced to sit through for months on end – only to be let down time and time again. Periods of uncertainty which ultimately end in disappointment are something us fans have become all too used to, sadly, so it’s about time that ended.

Thankfully, it’s well documented that contracts have been signed, deposits paid and all the terms agreed ahead of this Staveley-led takeover involving the Saudis, so it’s no longer in Mike Ashley’s hands.

If the Premier League approve the deal – which I still think they will – and the £300m then arrives into Ashley’s bank account, there’s nothing he can do.

It shows his petulant nature that he’s become annoyed by a two-week wait at a time where this global crisis has slowed everything down. This is the same man who’s refusing to stop season ticket payments or refund fans hit badly by COVID-19, despite the fact football at St James’ Park will clearly not be returning anytime soon.

We all want this takeover to be announced ASAP for our own sanity, but it’s almost amusing that Mike Ashley is finally getting a taste of his own medicine after he’s constantly ignored and completely neglected us for 13 years.

The sooner we get this parasite out of our football club, the better.

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375 thoughts on “Mike Ashley now sick of Saudi takeover saga? – Now he knows how we’ve felt for 13 years..

  1. Jurgen Klopp says he didn’t learn much on lockdown except that Gary Neville has an opinion on absolutely everything. I telt ye he was becoming football’s Piers Morgan. And some of his opinions are totally out there. Was wondering if he was on lockdown with his idiot brother?

    When people get posdcasts and columns they tend to fill them with absolute shyte. I have listened to Robbie Savage on a BBC podcast and surprisingly he is not dumb. I had mostly read his columns in The Sun before where he acted like a ranting monkey. I suppose he has only about 1,000 and has to be controversial to get the clicks.


  2. I watched Rabiot at PSG and he is a very good player. However, his stats in terms of goals and assists are not that great for his skill level. A bit like Shelvey in that regard.

    Jonjo has come out of his shell recently which is a good sign. He has this sulky reputation and he may have grown out of it because he seems personable on these podcasts. Hope it is not just an act.


  3. The problem with some of these player links is that they are on crazy money. Ramsay was a free agent and Juve paid him stupid money to go there. Even Barca cannot live within their means now and are looking at a 200 million Euro shortfall and the papers are saying they will ask their players for paycuts after fans return. Good luck with that one, the contracts are iron clad. This means they will have to sell and loan to get players off their books. This is why I do not think a loan for Coutinho is pie in the sky.

    I know I shouldn’t care about the wages players MIGHT get at NUFC because it is not my money. But we cant set a precedent by overpaying like Man U did with Alexis Sanchez when all of the other players’ agents then used him as a new benchmark. If clubs are looking at reducing wages by 30% across the board, as it is suggested Barca are, then I don’t see why we should pay Cavani his current wedge. I just don’t see much competition for the high earners.

    And the transfer fees. The papers are acting like this CV-19 pandemic and a future gloabal recession is not happening. They are quoting prices like it was last January’s transfer window. With no buyers how can the fees be the same? Answer – they won’t be. It is the tabloids especially who want a massive headline number for their clickbait articles.

    There’s nothing going on so I thought I would have a ramble. Plus, the pop-up video seems to be p!ssing people off. My ad blocker seems to have stopped it. At the top of the page Olly asks that ad blockers be removed because that’s how they make money. I will disable mine when they stop having 100 meaningless ads whenever I click on an article. My phone doesn’t have ad blocker and it is unreadable for this site.


  4. Does Ashley have covid-19 or is he just fat and ugly? This is one of the questions your intrepid reporter will attempt to answer. Stay tuned for updates….


  5. Well, I’ve sorted that more quickly than I imagined. He’s just fat and ugly. And greedy and amoral. And a general tosser….


  6. How will footy work going forward and absent a vaccine? Just TV revenue? I suppose hoardings would still work as along as the game is televised. And what about kit? How much will the sale of kit be affected by covid? What other revenue streams remain. We need a good investigation of what’s available. A good Swiss Ramble would suit me.


  7. Be careful out there lads and lasses. Wear your gloves and masks. Wash your hands often and don’t touch your faces, except possibly with a stick or somfing like that. Stay six feet apart.


  8. Hi Kimtoon. I hope you remain well. I’m staying indoors pestering as many people as possible online…..


  9. Geordie Two: Ashley has syphoned off so much of the other revenue streams that we will probably not really be affected. He got free advertising for Sports Direct for years and then cut a sweetheart deal. Doesn’t he have deals for the kit and catering as well? He has his stumpy fingers in many NUFC pies. Hmmmm….pies.


  10. We will be getting new advertisers from Saudi companies soon and probably at vastly increased rates. They will want to stay within FFP to an extent but if the club buys better players and raises its profile then the advertising deals can be justified. Why would the Saudis buy NUFC for Sportswashing and then not encourage their companies to jump on the bandwagon and be associated with their project?

    No more billboards with Flannels ads. No more Wonga and Fun88 for 50 pence a year payments.


  11. GeordieTwo:
    Hi Kimtoon. I hope you remain well. I’m staying indoors pestering as many people as possible online…..

    Hi Kimtoon. I hope you remain well. I’m staying indoors pestering as many people as possible online…..

    Fine so far G2, Nice to see you back on, been a while.


  12. OK. News in The Sun today that NUFC are in talks with Inter about Lazaro. I had mentioned yesterday that we should just let the purchase option expire and put in a lower bid. BUT… who are teams in talks with at NUFC? Same with Agents for Coutinho or Cavani.

    Are they talking to Charnley. To Nickson? Do they have a batphone to Stavely?

    I can understand the speculation, I just don’t get who they would be talking to with this ongoing takeover saga. The noises have all been positive of this going through so why talk to Charnley, Bruce or Nickson?


  13. Saudi have just given $500 mil to help find a vaccine for the virus,WHY are the press not given them one word of thanks ffs


  14. Icedog:
    Saudi have just given $500 mil to help find a vaccine for the virus,WHY are the press not given them one word of thanks ffs

    Yeah saw that the other day Ice .


  15. Ice i think they have granted free health care to all with covid including migrant workers in Saudi.


  16. kimtoon:
    Icei think they have granted free health care to all with covid including migrant workers in Saudi.

    Good on them,you normally only hear the bad bits


  17. I am going to do some transfer speculation just because I want to and to show how we can get better very quickly. I assume we get rid of Atsu, Murphy, and all of those out of contract to make room.

    Cavani – Free
    Coutinho – Loan
    Ribiot – 25 million
    Willems – 10 million
    Lazaro 10 million

    You’ve only spent 35 million and probably have another 100 million to spend. In this market that will get you another exceptional CM and CF.

    Of course you will at least double the wages by getting such massive upgrades but we have the 4th lowest wage bill in the PL and the Saudis can afford it. We can get a couple of sponsorship deals to cover it (SJP anyone?) and should not fall afoul of the FFP rules. I have said it before that the FFP rules are a 3 year accounting saying you cannot make more than a 105 million loss over that period.

    Nobody else will be buying so we will have the transfer market to ourselves. I can even see Man U and Man City limiting their buys to 1 or 2 players. Spurs are fcked (stadium) Arsenal are cheap, Leicester will be skint (small club who got better by being well managed) and Chelsea want to let their academy have their heads. Liverpool will buy Werner if FSG stump up the cash and that will be it.


  18. I think Spurs are skint in the short term and that is extremely bad news as Jose has become a cheque book manager. Last time he worked on a tight budget was Porto more than 20 years ago. Of the big clubs, Spurs are in the biggest trouble. Of course that comes from having to pay interest on that stadium with much reduced income. There are other factors though.

    Spurs, along with teams like Man U and NUFC will be the last clubs to let fans back in as they are in densely populated areas. I think this will stop the other clubs from opening their doors as the big clubs will block it.

    It is said Levy wants 25 mil for naming rights and companies are baulking at that figure. In a global recession I doubt there will be any takers. I had read previously he wanted 50 mil but 25 is the figure quoted now.

    They have an unbalanced team with an aging defense and only good first 11 with very little backup. Injuries hit them hard as we have seen with Kane and Son. There is no money for recruitment.

    The whole business model was predicated on Champions League football. Aint going to happen consistently especially with a new rich kid on the block – NUFC.

    Levy also thought he would make a packet by doing concerts and getting NFL games. I would say that is at least a year away and probably 2. Americans get very insular when there is a crisis and the NFL owners will get super conservative and stay home.

    I think we can overtake Spurs in a couple of years as this COVID-19 pandemic will hit them hardest. It is like all of their worst nightmares came true all at once and revealed Levy’s negligence of planning for the stadium and not the team.


  19. Eric, IF the takeover happens i don’t see lots of big names coming in. I think it will be a project of steady growth with up and coming talent, they might do one big name like city did but can’t see too much more, not with FFP rules . I think the bulk of the money will be on upgrading facilities and a decent manager.
    Don’t want us to turn into a rest home for players at the end of their careers how ever good they once were.
    Also, though spurs undoubtedly have cash flow problems now, they have grown their commercial revenue far more than the likes of us over the last decade and being a London based club will still hold sway with many players over the north east if they have a choice of where to play.
    Why anyone would wanna live in London is beyond me but it is what it is.
    We have a long way to go to get back any glory days like under KK and Sir Bobby.


  20. So Saudi’s investing in Disney now then.
    I fully expect all the journos, and members of AI to stop taking their kids to Disney land and watching any disney films in future .


  21. I’m now resigned to the takeover taking a long while yet. I mentioned earlier in the week that I thought the PL had just started their tests. It now looks as if I was right.
    All of the old objections suddenly re-emerged, piracy, Kassoghi, select committees etc.
    Then their are timescales involved. The UK and Saudi have different weekends leaving only 3 days a week in common. They’re also 4 hours ahead of us. That all means there’s only 9 hours a week for any meaningful work, while it’s all being done across technologies.
    Hate to say it but there’s a long wait yet.


  22. Georgio, i still think it will go **** up , but that is likely because of the numerous fakeovers and let downs the last 13 years.

    I refuse to get excited, when and if it’s done then i’ll rejoice .


  23. kimtoon:
    Eric, IF the takeover happens i don’t see lots of big names coming in. I think it will be a project of steady growth with up and coming talent, they might do one big name like city did but can’t see too much more, not withFFP rules . I think the bulk of the money will be on upgrading facilities and a decent manager.
    Don’t want us to turn into a rest home for players at the end of their careers how ever good they once were.
    Also, though spurs undoubtedly have cash flow problems now, they have grown their commercial revenue far more than the likes of us over the last decade and being a London based club will still hold sway with many players over the north east if they have a choice of where to play.
    Why anyone would wanna live in London is beyond me but it is what it is.
    We have a long way to go to get back any glory days like under KKand Sir Bobby.

    I stayed away from oldies apart from Cavani. City didn’t really get started until they got rid of Hughes. That’s when they signed Silva and Aguero. Hoping we don’t make the same mistake and give Brucie a chance like his media pals say he DESERVES. He doesn’t.


  24. I see the Saudis also investing in BP and in Boeing as well as Disney… so I guess we will soon hear that nobody should fly in a Boeing plane or put petrol/diesel in our cars, boycott Disney and everything else they invest in… 😳😳😳. These moaners do my head in. Any other club, there would be none of this sh1t going on… doing my head in…

    And still stuck here after 10 weeks!


  25. I don’t know why anybody has not said it. BUT…

    The worst American accent ever is Mick Jagger.


  26. League 2 season ended as it stands . Clubs agreed too costly to continue season playing behind closed doors.
    Not so in league 1 where several clubs want to play out the season. It is going to be costly.
    Sunderland one of the clubs wanting to continue .
    They could avoid a financial hit by arguing that their fans should be allowed into the stadium because they can operate social distancing safely. 😆


  27. This lockdown has to end NOW.

    I feel sorry for people who have relatives at risk but they were already at risk. Supermarket workers are at risk. My grandfather worked in a coalmine every day for 50 years and was at risk.

    I am guessing a lot of the small businesses and pubs around me will not survive this. There is already a bit of an uprising against the Illinois Governor who keeps extending the lockdown from his palace on a grand shiny hill. Doesn’t help that he is fat and from the richest family in the state 🙂 So easy to call him a fat cat who doesn’t understand what the rest of us are going through.

    I think one of my neighbours moved out yesterday to live in their parents’ basement. They are young and probably lost their jobs and skipped out on the rent. I don’t blame them.


  28. I agree with Stuart Thatcher on this although I come from a different angle. This just cannot continue because it will not ONLY be the old and the sick and needy that will be fked. It will be all of us. And then there will be no-one to care for the old and the sick and the needy whatever political perspective you have.


  29. people are losing their jobs and livelihoods. My bother is a bricklayer and can go back to work now. I cant. I am not allowed to meet with clients but I can get served at the supermarket by someone who has served 200 or more people on the same day. But I cant get a pint across the street from somebody who would be serving 20 or 30 people tonight if the bar was open.


  30. Not sure about Stuart Thatcher’s idea about herd immunity but I do know it cannot go on like this.

    We have the 2 worst people in the world to handle a crisis – Trump and Boris – ego maniacs in their ivory towers.


  31. Well, the Eurovision Song Contest has been cancelled due to CV-19.


    If there is one thing that could be done on zoom it is a boring infomercial that nobody with any taste watches anyway. Bucks Fizz.


  32. OK. Bruce is saying players need at least 6 weeks to get match fit. What a load of b0llocks. Haven’t they all had their own tailored fitness plans at home with Shelvey saying his numbers are “off the charts” and also saying he has bumped into a few teammates on his runs. They have all been monitored remotely by the fitness staff as well.

    I know the game has changed a lot and I am not quite old enough to remember when footballers had to get jobs in the offseason to get by. Some smoked tabs as well. Bobby Charlton did.

    6 weeks! Yer ‘avin a larf Steve.


  33. I mean, they were sent home with specific fitness regimes to follow so they could keep, erm… fit. If they didn’t follow them they would be fined. Now Brucie is saying we should be treating this as a preseason and have 6 weeks of training. They didn’t all swan off to Miami and Vegas and get fat and drunk. They were training at home Brucie, you fat fck.


  34. And… And… The Bundesliga just returned after about 3 weeks of training. 6 weeks Brucie!!! I thought you were an idiot sticking with the 9-0-1 system, now you are proving it by opening your big fat gob on the return of football.


  35. I think the lockdown has affected some pundits thinking. Graeme Souness is saying clubs might be tempted to hide positive results for CV-19. Has he gone insane? Imagine the consequences if they were caught – legally, probably points deductions, suspensions or sackings of Managers and Directors etc.

    These talking heads get so used to hearing their own voice that they don’t think before they speak. Same with Gary Neville now. The Piers Morgan of football who Jurgen Klopp says has an opinion on everything. I think he has his own podcast now which just encourages him to spout off.

    I know they are paid for their opinions but you don’t have to have an opinion on EVERYTHING. Actually, if your name is Piers Morgan, Gary Neville or Graeme Souness it appears that you DO have an opinion on EVERYTHING. Maybe Gary can explain black holes to me? I have never really got what they are.


  36. Hey, I was on the wrong article. So here you all are. Stop hogging the comments Eric…. that’s my job!!!! Harrumph!


  37. Geordie Two: there is a video that plays if you don’t have an adblocker that has driven everybody away. It has been mentioned by several people. I am just trying to keep things moving until the takeover actually happens. The takeover story was boring 2 weeks ago and now is getting very, very old 🙂


  38. Eric Sykes: there is a video that plays if you don’t have an adblocker that has driven everybody away.

    Believe me, mate, it isn’t the video .


  39. kimtoon:
    6 positive coronavirus test from 3 PL clubs SSN

    Kim – to be fair, if each team has tests their squad of 25 players, that’s 6 out of 500 tested.

    There was bound to be some, and at least they know and can do what’s needed now. They’ll get tested way more than the average Joe going back to work.

    I can understand players like Troy Deeney not wanting to go back if they have family members at risk. If his son has been unwell then he’s right to put him first.


  40. It was weird not hearing the crowd at the weekend, but I did enjoy the Bundesliga footy.
    I reckon I could live without crowds for the sake of 9 games.

    I see afew clubs have refunded the fans their ticket money for the rest of the season. I’m sure that will be Ashley’s parting gift – he’s a good bloke like that you know.


  41. Sharpy: they tested staff as well so the number of tests was probably more like 1,000+.

    I am sure The Sun or The Mail will have their junior reporters trying to figure out who tested positive by seeing who doesn’t turn up for training etc. PL should just name them. There’s no shame in it (obviously).


  42. Not that it makes much difference to Sharpy’s original point but I just read that there were 748 tests done. Couldn’t have done all of the staff yet as I saw that the numbers attending the games will be 150-200 which will include, Refs, Cameramen, Ballboys etc (are they ball persons now?).

    That’s an infection rate of 0.008%. I wonder what the general population rate is, just for comparison.


  43. Danny Rose. Don’t want him, he can go back to Spurs. Not happy with his character. Not my cup of tea so that’s that then


  44. I got no problem with players refusing to work if they don’t feel safe so long as they don’t expect paying.
    Supermarket staff, key workers, all have no choice but to work and don’t get the benefit of testing twice a week.

    My daughter does evening care work with Lew 2 nights a week alongside me. At her day job her dept closed due to covid and she was seconded to the adult supported living team. She has to do sleep in’s with these vulnerable adults as well. She then comes into my home to help with Lew so there is a high chance of cross infection. Her company knew she worked with her brother yet still told her to move to a different department, potentially placing him at risk.
    Her previous position was mainly office based with just 7 hours a week out in the community with vulnerable older children.
    She still has a job which is more than some though.


  45. Kimtoon: it is strange that the protocol is so different for different jobs. Supermarket staff and health care workers would seem to be most at risk because of the sheer number of people they see.

    My mother’s dog had to have an operation on her eye last week and the vet assistant went out to the car to pick her up and drop her off.

    I should probably go to the dentist as I think I have a loose filling but I am not sure if they are even open. That would seem to be a very high risk of getting infected even with masks on the dentist. Pretty hard to social distance with someone poking around in your mouth.

    I really want the PL to restart for selfish reasons but can also understand Troy Deeney with a 5 month old not wanting to take any risks. Whatever way you look at it, it is bloody complicated! As I have said before though, you at some point have to say the risks to the economy of NOT returning to work are greater than the death threat of the virus. The World Health Organisation said today that 60 million people would be thrown into utter pervert by this.


  46. Eric, Dentist all shut here but you are able to ring for advice and antibiotic script if deemed needed. I know they are directing folk with facial swelling, trauma and extreme pain to emergency dental units which often involves a lot of travel.
    I would imagine same over there.

    If your filling falls out you can get an emergency temp filling material from chemist shops.


  47. Mark Douglas Retweeted
    The Chronicle
    NEW: Hatice Cengiz has today sent a second letter to
    asking for a meeting to be heard before a final decision is made on the Newcastle United Football Club takeover.


  48. She’s wasting her time, always has been. If this takeover isn’t real or happening, Ashley would have shot it down by now.


  49. georgio:
    She’s wasting her time, always has been. If this takeover isn’t real or happening, Ashley would have shot it down by now.

    It is odd how she has singled out NUFC. She refuses to comment if she has written to other companies that the Saudi’s have invested in or indeed to the British government about it’s dealings with SA.
    Could she be being backed or even paid by Qatar here, or am i barking up the wrong tree ?
    I do feel for her but them not buying into NUFC will not bring back her fiancee and the likes of Facebook, Disney, Uber are far bigger than us, better to lob stones at them if she wants publicity.


  50. Have NUFC disinfected their balls yet? This is very important vis a vis the virus and just common courtesy…. get oot there and disinfect your balls you lot!!! Harrumph…..


  51. Is this considered a slow takeover versus other takeovers? Someone wrote that a previous takeover of a club (can’t remember which) took six months! I’m just trying to get some idea of what to expect. I mean we’ll need to find other things to do (hobbies, disinfection of balls etc etc) if this is going to drag on for months longer…. sigh…….


  52. Well….. I’m just going to sit here and wait for the final word…. finished my crossword puzzle, and my Sidoku, got my balls disinfected….. I’m definitely not getting bored yet…… zzzzzzz


  53. Does anybody have some chloroquine they can lend me? And some disinfectants (I prefer the Bleach Chewables if you have them)? I’m following the Trump method of preventing virus infection…..


  54. Ryder and Douglas are interviewing each other today. I will have a read and I am sure it will be riveting and not at all a rehash of what they have said 3 times a day for the past 2 months.

    Not sure about the Bale link. That is a moan from certain sections of the NUFC online community waiting to happen. He would blow out any wage structure and he always seems to be recovering from one injury or another. Brilliant player, but when someone becomes a sicknote it almost always continues that way.


  55. What is the fiancée going to say the head of the PL that is not out there already? It is well documented what happened and there is nothing new to add except she wants NUFC treated differently to all other companies and governments.

    I suppose it is a way to keep her cause in the news as we are the most high profile thing going on with the Saudis. It should probably be what is happening in Yemen or the feuds with Qatar and Iran but I think the public have grown tired/immune/war weary to what is happening in the middle east from the wars in Iraq and afghanistan to Al Qaeda and ISIS.

    I don’t think it will stop when we are taken over either. We will be one of the biggest stories when the transfer window eventually opens and this is where she can get publicity for her cause.


  56. These players who won’t play because they don’t feel safe should be asked what environment will they feel safe in? What do the authorities need to do to make them play again – how safe? Football is probably the most sanitised and safe working environment in the world yet they still don’t feel safe – which is their right of course. But, are they saying they need it to be as safe as it was before? If that’s the case they could genuinely be retiring because this ain’t going away until we get a vaccine.

    It does show how detached they are from the every day population though.


  57. The Chronic Q&A was the usual mix of repetition and back patting by their journos. Douglas even claimed Ryder had impeccable sources. When, Mr Douglas, was the last time Wor Lee broke a story?

    Going deeper into Chronicle Live and you have the usual fluff. I will paraphrase what they were quoting former Villa player Alan Hutton about Matty Longstaff. If the takeover happens he might leave because other players might be bought in his position, but if it doesn’t happen he might stay, but whatever happens he should stay until the end of the season. No sh!t Sherlock. What does Alan Hutton know about NUFC anyway? The most likely scenario for Matty and Hutton doesn’t even mention it is that we get new money, Matty gets a relatively lucrative contract and is loaned out to a Championship team to see if he can push on.

    But this is what fills The Chronic pages now when there are so many pundits polluting the media with meaningless drivel.


  58. The PL should not grant an audience for Hatice imo. What happened to her fella is awful, but it has nothing to do with them being a right and proper owner of a football club.

    On Danny Rose. He is saying he doesn’t want to risk his health for other people’s entertainment – doesn’t he do that every weekend???. Doesn’t he risk injury every time he enters that football pitch?.
    He doesn’t want to be the guinea pig – what have all the key workers been?. The fella that was happy to pay dominos to make a load of pizzas for the NHS so he can grab a few headlines.
    So if other sports went back first, it would be ok – I mean, they aren’t the elite are they. They don’t earn the big bucks so they don’t matter as much.


  59. Agree Sharpy. Rose is a self centered ****. Most Spurs fans want shot of him and I do too.

    As for this woman wanting an audience. She is a non Brit meddling in affairs that have nothing to do with her, in a Nation that she is not affiliated with. She can sling her hook.

    Olly please get rid of these outrageous **** video adverts appearing on or main chat threads. By all means stick them on other threads but not where we are trying to discuss the Club and having to type around this pissing pop up box! I know it’s not you, but the guy who owns the site – however he pays you as front of house so you have to bear the brunt of the complaints on this one and feed it back effectively until the issue is resolved!


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