A Newcastle United takeover – My take on the never ending Saudi story

I can wait no more.

Having enquired and been graciously accepted to write for this Blog over three weeks ago I wanted my first article to be about the takeover. Well, it sort of is but more in the fact that it hasn’t yet happened than me banging my empty cans.

Do I have an opinion on what’s going to happen? Yes, but it matters not what my opinion is. Do I think it’ll go ahead? How the buttons should I know! When “celebrated” journalists, football pundits and sports broadcasters many with insider’s knowledge don’t know how the hell can I?

So, what’s my take? Well I could say no news is good news and if that saying is true then there’s hope. Certainly, most of the speculatively nonsensical rumours or news as the respective scribes like to call it has been particularly good to read.

Patience is a virtue oft rewarded is another saying. Well, in that case, it must be going ahead as no-one can have been more patient than the long-standing Toon fans who deserve a bit of good news and fortune.

Okay, okay I get it. We’re in the grip of a global pandemic that dwarfs everything else and makes normal day to day activities virtual null and void. There are certainly more important things in life than football and the fate of our beloved NUFC but then again……..!

With the news that the Premier League will return in a couple of week’s time and a timeframe set for the FA Cup, who’d have thought we’d still be in the competition come June! Perhaps now the Premier League can finally get around to making some kind of decision?

I guess only those in the know really know and everyone else just has to speculate and regurgitate other’s musings. I do feel somewhat for those so-called “professionals” who have to write something to make a living and in reality, having had a lot to report on or deliver.

That’s what probably has made the daily takeover saga a bit of a nonsense, a non-story that has bounced back and forward and now is at a ludicrous stage where no-one believes anything that’s being written or said.

I genuinely thought that June 1st might have been announcement day. Not based on anything other than sentiment. After all, it was the beginning of a new month and it was also a Monday. Seemed like a good day for an announcement. But, no, my hopes once again were dashed.

So, what now? To be honest there’s not a lot we can all do other than wait, although my local bookies at the moment are giving better odds on the pandemic ending before the take over is resolved!

I do write for another sport on occasion and we have a saying in that one which goes “Only In The BBL.” I guess this takeover situation could be
described similar. “Only At NUFC!”

Thus, ended my first attempt at a blog. Pretty nondescript really, non-committal and nothing new to add.

Perhaps I can get paid as a Journalist now!

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5 thoughts on “A Newcastle United takeover – My take on the never ending Saudi story

  1. Morning

    I think what everyone is forgetting is the purchasing side only have an interest in a Premiership side. The Premier League checks are done, the deposit has been paid and its been stated (by some sources) its with the club to make the announcement.

    This will be made once top flight status is confirmed (weather that be mathematically or due to relegation being scrapped). No reputable buyer is paying £300m for a Championship side and that as things stand is not out of the question. The moment Newcastle are mathematically safe the deal will go through and before everyone jumps all over this by saying ‘oh but we are safe we only need 40 points and we are nearly there’ blah blah blah, top business people do not take risks.


  2. If I had an opinion on your first article, Jeff, I’d give it, but only after long consideration. But hey, who cares what I say? Or don’t say. Or even if I don’t say what I think I might say if I said anything at all.

    I look forward to reading more of your fine work. Or not, as the case may be. Who really knows what I may or may not think next time I read it.

    But don’t let that deter you … unless you want it to of course.




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