Mike Ashley could now face legal action after latest scandal at Newcastle United – Video

It’s been well documented that Mike Ashley’s Newcastle United are now the only Premier League club to have taken money from fans for next years season’s tickets.

It’s a frankly disgusting situation that needs no further comment on the ethical front. At a time when all Newcastle fans have frayed nerve endings due to awaiting the result of the Premier League’s fit and proper persons test, our current owner is once again proving himself to be the unfittest and most improper in the league, without any repercussions or challenge.

Moving forward, some very interesting comments have emerged from Bristol MP Darren Jones, who reveals how the likes of Mike Ashley could face legal action from Newcastle fans.

Here’s what he told BBC Radio 4 about the situation regarding refunds:

“Well, this is entirely unacceptable.

“The regulations are very clear that it (a refund) should be within 14 days.

“Even if it was described as a ‘non-refundable deposit’.

“With online payment there’s no excuse, I don’t think, for waiting longer than 2 weeks to do so.”

It’s not unlike Ashley to take from fans without a bit of care for our wellbeing, even if a takeover wasn’t bubbling away in the background, however he’s now messing with peoples money in the midst of a global crisis, hiding behind a potential £300m Saudi buyout as an excuse for his complete lack of communication on the matter.

It’s time loyal fans who continue to pay good money for a ticket they can’t use to not only get answers but their cash back too!

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3 thoughts on “Mike Ashley could now face legal action after latest scandal at Newcastle United – Video

  1. Don’t put too much pressure on mike Ashley,he is fat and might have a heart attack and Newcastle fans would not want that.


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