Richard Keys backtracks after bizarre comments on £300m takeover of Newcastle United

A few weeks ago, Richard Keys showed his true colours in reaction to a potential Saudi-backed takeover at Newcastle United, stating “I wish it was any other club but them“.

He’d let his guard slip, however he’s now attempted to clarify those petty comments, suggesting us NUFC fans have ‘misunderstood the message’…yeh right.

Nevertheless, here’s what the Bein Sports host has just said this on his new Keys & Gray Podcast:

“I do like Newcastle… I love Newcastle as a football club. They don’t like me. And they don’t like me because they’ve misunderstood the message that I’ve been carrying.”

“What I said recently in the Gray Lounge on BeIN Sports: ‘I wish it was any other club [than Newcastle being taken over]’ I said that not because I was trying to steer Saudi money to any other club, but [I said that] so that I could be as critical as I was going to be of the prospect of the Saudis owning Newcastle.”

“But it was another club I was talking about Charlton, Rotherham, anybody!”

Does that actually make any sense to anybody? If Keys does like Newcastle, he has a funny way of showing and telling it. What he certainly seems to like is talking about Newcastle and trying to involve his Gray pal with him in it.

He has no reason to dislike Newcastle and indeed for a so-called neutral he should be championing the cause of the clubs chasing the big pack as it would gender him more favour and respect.

But in all honesty, it appears living where he does that the sun keeps going to his head and he continues to make preposterous statements that just make no sense. It could even be argued that by writing this piece I and this Blog is giving him more publicity than he deserves.

The issue though is that if someone, whoever that may be and whatever we think of them, has something to say about our club then we have a duty to report it. Even if it seems to make little sense or carry much conviction.

Therein also lies a theory. Given where Keys resides and broadcasts from you could be fooled into thinking that he should know someone or at least know someone that knows someone. I’d expect him to be more clued up on the situation than those in this country.

But given the bizarre nature of virtually everything he says it seems he’s as clueless as he’s always been and as confused himself as much as he confuses us!

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8 thoughts on “Richard Keys backtracks after bizarre comments on £300m takeover of Newcastle United

  1. The day Keys made that statement I suggested that Toon fans had chosen to take it the wrong way.

    I suggested at the time that Keys was actually suggesting that there was going to be heartache, and the deal would not go through, and he would have preferred that this huge disappointment did not happen to Newcastle fans.

    But no – our bizarre hatred of Keys and anything from south of the Metro Centre took us yet again in a negative direction.

    As for Keys not knowing anything, he socialises on a daily basis with all the big names in the game, mixing with the owners, agents, managers and players. He has been telling us since November that a takeover was on the table but ignorant fans just laughed him off.
    He told us another option was available. Again we said he knew nothing.
    He told us that the piracy issue would hit the sale of the club. He didn’t know what he was talking about. He told us that the Saudi’s were involved. We still said he knows nothing.

    The problem here is not that Keys knows nothing, it’s that the fans know nothing.
    And the problem with arguing from ignorance is that you are usually in the majority, and are therefore convinced you are right.


  2. Helen
    I tend to agree with you, dont forget he was the one who used to rave about the Keegan way and instrumental in The Entertainers badge we had for only a few years sadly.
    He has made a lot of silly statements about the the Saudis, in defence of the company he works for and the place he lives, okay there is justification for the piracy to a point.

    His latest comment was I beleieve he wished Newcastle were not the club involved with this scenario/saga.
    But we all have an opinion of how we read this, this is mine.


  3. Richard keys, why don’t you come to Newcastle and discuss your issues about our precious club??.We are very sensible fans with a wide knowledge of local soccer.i am not sure after your distaste for the club I can guarantee your safety of you retreating to wherever you come from.


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