‘I’m not sure Saudi bid can be salvaged, yet I’m convinced about what the PL do next…’

Oh, my goodness. Four days on and still I find myself in quiet moments shaking my head in disbelief at what happened on Thursday afternoon. My wife said I cant’s use the word devastated because it’s only football and there are far more important things going on.

Whilst I agree with her sentiments all I can say is that I am devastated! I’m also extremely disappointed, almost unbelievably so, saddened hugely, shocked to be honest and truly angry all at the same time.

Disappointed and shocked because this time I genuinely believed good things were coming. Even when it dragged on and on, I could see no way that it was going to be stopped or rejected. Then he-who-I-refuse-to-name said a decision would be made “shortly.”

And still we waited.

It seemed to me that every question that the consortium was asked they answered in a positive manner. Yet still we waited and the silence from The Premier League was deafening. Every day became surely today and then it didn’t.

The season ended, the transfer window opened and still nothing. Even though it appeared that the consortium had crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s and then came Thunder Thursday!

The fallout has been palpable. I cannot find a single NUFC supporter that has not suffered a similar reaction to mine. Perhaps there is one as the saying goes there always is. But certainly not one willing to come forward and voice their pleasure at the collapse.

Perhaps Steve Bruce is the supporter who is pleased. After all, for now, it’s kept him in a job. But even he’s gone silent and there’s been no mention of last Wednesday’s summit with Ashley either.

All the while The PL and he-who-I-refuse-to-name remain shtum. We get nada, zilch, zero, nowt from them and quite frankly on this subject I doubt we ever will. After all they could come out and say there’s nothing for them to say as the consortium pulled out before they gave an answer!

But that’s the whole point! Why didn’t they give an answer and why can’t they tell us why they didn’t? Seems to me that if they had nothing to hide and are in the right then they should be willing to put out a statement.

They and he-who-I-refuse-to-name have nothing to lose and everything to gain if they’ve done nothing wrong and yet, they are still silent and refuse to give an answer to a very reasonable set of questions.

They are getting bombarded from all sides. Journalists demanding an answer. MP’s demanding an answer. Celebrities demanding an answer. Trusts and Supporters representatives group demanding an answer. Most of all the long-suffering Geordie faithful demanding an answer.

Still we don’t get one!

We have a petition with over 50,000 signatures since it’s inception/birth. That’s 50,000+ in under three days and still we don’t get an answer. Premier League and he-who-I-refuse-to-name are cowards and should be hanging their heads in shame. I have a feeling they are not!

The consortium pulling out has given them quite clearly what they wanted. No need for them to make a public decision and no need for them to comment on it either. That is not right.

So, what next? The American factor. Supposedly Henry has been given 14 days to make a bid. Does that mean we have to wait another 14 days for something not to happen and be smashed in the face again? It’s interesting in what you read that the majority of fans don’t want Henry.

They see him as a non-entity and someone that is not interested or will certainly not take us forward in the way the consortium would have. Remember to that for the consortium it was much more than the Club.

They were going to have a considerably good effect on the city and the community as well with several organisations looking to benefit. That’s all gone now and whilst we want Ashley out, the right buyers have to be in for the right reasons and they were but the PL bungled that for us.

I read that the deal could be resurrected. I read that the more pressure the ordinary Geordie in the street can put on the powers that be the better that chance of resurrection. I’m not convinced but one thing I am convinced about is what happens next.

That will be continued silence from the side in the wrong and continued fury and demands from the side that is right. One thinks for sure; we aren’t going to be quiet any time soon.

17 thoughts on “‘I’m not sure Saudi bid can be salvaged, yet I’m convinced about what the PL do next…’

  1. You mentioned his name. Paragraph 8 “summit with Ashley”

    Hey if I don’t find something to laugh about i’m gonna cry!!


  2. There is more things in life more important than the takeover remember the Saudi murdered a journalist cut him up put his family in exile do you really want someone like that owning your club


  3. The think you are convinced will happen next – I was banking on this being the PL quickly updating their Owners’ and Directors’ Test now that they are not in the middle of an active bid. That will let them reject the bid if it comes back.


  4. KissKissx – yes we welcome them with open arms – now **** off and concentrate on ya 3rd division **** hole please x


  5. I have sent to emails to the coward mr masters off course had no response from them. I have today wrote to my MP to ask him to take the matter up with Masters and the sports minister. The premier League seems to be a closed shop it’s about time they and masters took there fingers out of there Arse and told some truths. These are not the words I would like to state as many other would.


  6. The Saudi have held court with the royal family politicians own business and do business with uk. They give me hope that in my remaining years on the planet I would see a team not surviving or club without soul. But the premier league took that away.


  7. The PL are a ****in’ joke, they can’t approve ownership cause of Saudi Connections yet we have a government who can sells arms to them no bother, the PL don’t want their big names upset by introducing someone who can compete with them financially
    Complete Joke


  8. Prem lge and that numpty in charge of the ain’t got a clue, if it was a London or Manchester club, would of been done in 4 wks, but because we’re north of Manchester, we don’t deserve anything.


  9. Alex, the Americans used nuclear bombs on Japan and have continued to invade who they like but that doesn’t seem to concern people


  10. It is disgusting how the northern teams or even worse the north as a whole are mugged 0f by the powers that be.would have put a bet on if Saudi bid had been for a southern team it would of passed with flyinv colours. F.A hang your head in shame


  11. They would of been accepted if they were black! All we hear these days is black this and black that and im sick of it


  12. NUFC1892:
    They would of been accepted if they were black! All we hear these days is black this and black that and im sick of it

    That’s an absolutely absurd comment and pretty disgusting.

    Take your racist remarks elsewhere please.


  13. So you never thought for a minute that the there might be an issue with a vicious corrupt dictator taking over our club?
    You never, for a minute, thought that this might go pear shaped?
    You never thought, for a minute, that killing thousands of people and condemning millions more to starvation in Yemen might suggest that the Saudi Crown Prince might not be the ideal owner for our football club?


  14. Who do you think you are saying who most of the fans want and don’t want that’s the trouble at the toon to many people making statements saying what we want you don’t know what we want so stop saying things like that and that’s me being polite


  15. Who put these twa.s in charge at the PL in the first place? Surely they can be removed for not doing their job to the satisfaction of the fans/supporters?


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