Journalist launches disgraceful attack on NUFC fans over takeover turmoil & transfer links

If you wanted to see just what Newcastle United fans are up against in some sections of the media, look no further than Daniel Harris’ below the belt dig in The Guardian today.

In a shameful attempt to mock NUFC fans pushing for answers from the Premier League and a better future for our deprived region and beloved football club, Harris has shown his true colours.

Following our reported interest in Bournemouth duo Josh King and David Brooks and the takeover events of the past week, here’s what he’s written in what can only be described as a disgraceful piece of ‘journalism’:

Incredible patronising and absolutely pathetic.

Considering most national reporters are paid to give an unbiased view of events, there is quite clearly an agenda here based on the disgraceful lack of respect he shows both Newcastle fans and the very thing we’re actually fighting for here.

We are not championing the human rights record in Saudi Arabia here – and he knows that – we are wanting answers from the Premier League as to why they are happy to not only ignore us (after a fourth month wait) and deny our region, not just our football club, the investment it so badly needs during these difficult times.

Maybe Josh King and David Brooks will receive better offers this summer, but to make fun of the efforts we’ve been making as a fanbase and belittle the seriousness of what we’re fighting for here is way below the belt.

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Olly has been a Junior Magpie from birth. As a season ticket holder and avid Newcastle United fan - he eats, sleeps and breathes all things NUFC.

13 thoughts on “Journalist launches disgraceful attack on NUFC fans over takeover turmoil & transfer links

  1. It’s not about regional investment. This is only being used since they walked away.
    I would be grateful if someone could prove the contrary and provide the information on the plans that they have for region wide investment across the North East, as I see that the whole area seems to be being used now in the current requests to the PL?
    Please post the region wide development projects in here.
    P.S; I’m not a football fan but I’m against having myself and the region used as some sort of bargaining chip to the PL for attempting to patch up a deal with a corrupt, abusive, murderous regime who walked away.


  2. Not sure exactly what is wrong with Harris’ comment.

    We are acting like a bunch of spoiled kids. We don’t like the result so we are demanding and enquiry, into a confidential procedure.

    As for his mick taking on the transfer front – do you honestly believe that the Toon would be the dream transfer for those boys?

    He’s implying we are not a big attraction – we are not. We have been relegation material for 3 seasons

    He’s implying we are a bunch of spoiled kids – we are certainly behaving that way.

    And your article above does nothing to change other fans’ view of us.

    Why aren’t we just moving on?


  3. He would do Coming from a Left wing rag like the Guardian definitely doesn’t fit in with there Fake Marxist propaganda


  4. NUFC have had 13 years of misery under Mike Cashley your on about human rights in Saudi Arabia what about this country we created concentration camps
    Slavery and will sell weapons to anybody all the fans want is to watch a team
    they can be proud of and investment in Newcastle good god it needs it the people are sick of broken promises if you got off your backside and asked the
    people of Newcastle they would tell you the are proud of their football and
    the city where they live obviously you know sweet FA about Newcastle.


  5. The people that signed the petition – I’m guessing – just wanted the Premier league to let everyone know that they actually do (!?)

    And once they find out, they would like to see reports on all the other owners – I’d bet not one has been looked into before a sale!

    BUT to the outside world you’re looking like a 10 year old boy that’s been dumped by his girlfriend

    Look its not you, it’s them SO MOVE ON and grow a pair!


  6. The one thing that sticks out is jealousy it’s that simple what has it got to do with the premier league who owns Newcastle they should not be allowed to have a say in that


  7. Jealously ??? Grow Up etc ??? What are you morons on about.

    It’s to do with being transparent and nothing else. Asking on what grounds was this held back for so long on, is not childish, it’s perfectly acceptable. If we are presented with a reason and we find that all the other clubs with Saudi involvement are treated the same, then fine. Being left in the dark is not, end of. As for the journalist, he’s a p***k and always will be.


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