Could Mike Ashley really be the Saudis saviour & help resurrect this £300m takeover?

Some interesting news emerged from Sky Sports on Monday night, stating that Mike Ashley has now thrown himself into the takeover saga in a bid to push the Saudi consortium’s £300m deal ‘over the line’.

Sky’s Keith Downie stated that the NUFC owner is ‘personally trying to resolve the situation’ and is ‘100% committed’ to finding a resolution, and The Telegraph’s Tom Morgan now states he’s also considering legal action against the PL after being told there was “no red flags” in April.

After 13 years is Ashley finally going to do something that the Toon faithful want, The PIF want, PCP want and The Rueben Brothers want? Seems it may be so and if it’s true it’s about time he broke his silence and got involved.

This despite continued silence from the Premier League and the fact the would-be owners walked away from the deal 10 days ago, stating the lengthy time it’s taken for a resolution. That said, the statements both Staveley and the Reubens have made since then make it crystal clear there is still very much a deal to be done here.

I’m not sure where in this world when a seller finds a buyer and the buyer meets the seller’s requirements that a deal can’t be done. Everyone it seems wants this deal to be resurrected and to go through…but the Premier League and BeIN Sports.

MPs up and down the land have joined forces and look set to pressure the Premier League, a petition has been signed by well over 100,000 people and over 7,000 letters went out to local members of Parliament last week. Results of The Chronicle’s “Big Survey” were a landslide and the magnificent NUST organisers and supporters have also shown how badly they want it to happen. Everybody wants it apart from one organisation it seems and even then, they haven’t even rejected it. They’ve just sat on their hands and failed to make a decision.

The Premier League have been rightly slaughtered over their silence and refusal to explain why a 4-week process went over 18-weeks without a decision until seemingly The PIF bailed them out. I say seemingly for a reason. That reason is the silence.

The amount of pressure has been phenomenal. The Geordie Nation won’t be silenced or go away quietly. Now it seems Ashley is ready to respond to the Geordie Roar, not that this should come as any huge surprise given he’s the man getting £300m quid from this!

After years of moving the goal posts or calling prospective buyers time wasters, wouldn’t it be odd if Mike Ashley himself played a key role in forcing through this long awaited takeover we’ve all been waiting for.

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9 thoughts on “Could Mike Ashley really be the Saudis saviour & help resurrect this £300m takeover?

  1. That is going to be the only way for the buyers and the seller to start legal proceedings against the Premier league and masters its plain to a blind man the corruption, where is the level playing field in this league outside of the top six have no chance


  2. Does any one else think this is masters personal grudge alienating the northeast,the total silence from him and the pl is beyond any normal business behavior,more like the spoilt child not speaking because he can’t get his own way, it would be interesting to find out who decided he was the fit and proper person for ceo, looks like they made a massive mistake.


  3. When Masters became CEO of the Premier League, he was the 4th choice to get the post. Two previous choices did not want it and the 3rd choice had to resign from it almost immediately due to personal problems coming into the public domain.


  4. Who knows what goes on in the crazy world of the Fat Controller. Believe nothing you read, and rely on what you see.

    Speaking of which, I actually saw Ashley this morning on my usual ride through my local park. He was chucking bread at the ducks in his boxers, shouting and swearing in Hunter wellies, there were kids about. Does this man know no shame? Although ducks can digest all types of bread, too much can leave them feeling full without giving them all of the important vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need. The man is a psychopath!


  5. Have you seen on TV those police interrogation rooms when the officers start to ask the criminal questions and they keep saying (aided by their solicitor) “No comment”?
    The only inference from this annoyingly cowardly action is to assume they know that they are indeed guilty or they don’t want to say something that will incriminate them because they know a wrong statement can make things worse.
    This is where the Premier League sits at present. We have to hope that we, the jury, can overturn this to our satisfaction. I think one wrong word from Masters and the litigation from all sides will flood in. And they know it.


  6. Personally think the involvement of Amnesty International in the early stages of the takeover posed serious questions to Masters and his fellow fatcats. They were sh1t scared from then on and couldn’t commit to anything. The so-called ‘Owners and Directors’ test will be dramatically overhauled very soon. Let’s not forget, the COVID-19 meteorite, whatever the f•k it is, has had a huge impact on all businesses. Football, and all sports for that matter, no longer get gate receipts. I’m sure merchandising will also have taken a big hit. Times of uncertainty, and the funds are running out. We’re all doomed!


  7. On another note, how the duck is Immobile worth £50m after scoring 39 goals in one season when we (apparently) paid £40m for Jokelinton, after he walked to the shops with his nana few times? I actually know his nana. Canny lass like. Walks in Greggs ootside Haymarket. A get free sausage rerls like.


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