Mike Ashley issues new Saudi takeover question to the Premier League via Sky Sports News

Keith Downie has revealed an interesting message Mike Ashley’s camp have put to the Premier League regarding the potential resurrection of a Saudi takeover at St James’ Park.

Following a letter published by Richard Masters this afternoon to Newcastle MP Chi Onwurah, Ashley is believed to have put this proposal to the Premier League via Sky Sports News:

If the information requested by the Premier League to the consortium was now provided, would the Premier League be in a position to act on the takeover?

This comes after Masters stated that the consortium was offered the prospect of an independent arbitration after the Premier League concluded that PIF and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not separate entities, but the PIF declined.

While this raises a fair point from the NUFC owner, I would question why the Saudi PIF haven’t done this already. Do they have something to hide or are the Premier League actually putting roadblocks in the way?

We know await a response from the buying side…

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10 thoughts on “Mike Ashley issues new Saudi takeover question to the Premier League via Sky Sports News

  1. Now then guys and gals I know that Mike Ashley only does anything for Mike Ashley but I am honestly willing him to be the self centred man we all know him to be and to get his way with this as that means we will be with new owners and being as it’s the only thing stopping this thing is who is the official top dog by the premier league’s own admission it’s not human rights it’s not piracy! What is the next move from the epl other than to say go ahead they’ve actually managed to make a mockery and shown themselves to be what they really are in all this ! Dirty underhand under tables shady *******s !


  2. Why would anybody take a deal to the edge then pull out knowing they would lose 17 million it stinks of underhanded back dealing by the premiership


  3. Can this deal be revived?
    I’m not so sure. Masters’ lengthy and mind-bogglingly ambiguous reply to Onwurah clarifies nothing we all didn’t already know through Staveley’s response to the takeover collapse.
    All parties certainly remain interested in pushing this deal through, however politics are getting in the way.
    It’s fine for the UK to sell arms to Saudi Arabia that result in the death of millions, but selling a football club?!?! Whoaaa, that’s just not right.
    I’ve came to the conclusion that none of this f*cking ******* makes sense.


  4. But again the headline and content of the article don’t match.
    ‘Sources close to’ doesn’t actually mean Mike Ashley has said anything, lol
    Piss poor copy and paste journalism.


  5. When they say they are not separate “entities” that means, as far as the PL are concerned. they are the same entity, so what’s the problem?


  6. I see Onwurah’s on the prowl again – jumping in where there are votes to be gained, though she doesn’t have a lot to say about human rights or piracy!

    If the Saudi’s were offered a way out by just clarifying a relationship, and also offered independent arbitration, why didn’t they take it? Could it be they realised it wasn’t going to play out the way they wanted it, with a bulletproof layer of deniability between the ruler and the PIF?

    The Arabic culture is very different to ours, and involves a lot of talking and posturing, but to suggest that we should all just return to the bargaining table and ignore what has passed is ridiculous.


  7. Through all this process masters and pl have not wanted this deal to go through, outside pressure, backhanders stopping,to far north take your pick but the hole thing stinks ,I for one hope the consortium take legal action and tie masters and the pl up for years in legal wrangling or an independent inquiry into the mishandling of this deal.


  8. If a decision has not been made why would you offer arbitration, surely arbitration would come when a decision has been made that you disagree with.


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