New Saudi takeover claims arrive as Sky Sports reveal legal threat & Premier League’s big issue

A new report from Sky Sports News‘ chief reporter Bryan Swanson has breathed new life into the Newcastle United takeover once again, despite it seeming as though the Saudi saga had finally reached an unsatisfying conclusion.

His Tuesday night piece claims that the Saudi PIF and Mike Ashley could now take legal action at the High Court in London against the Premier League, stating neither could be prevented from doing so if they decide to take it further.

Sky Sports also claim the takeover broke down due to the Premier League’s questioning over the who would become the “ultimate” controllers of the club, if the takeover was to be approved.

Initially, it was believed that the takeover had collapsed due to Premier League’s questioning of how much the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would be involved in the day-to-day running of the club, however the report suggests they were more concerned about who would be the decision makers at the very top when it came to budgets and potential appointments.

This is explained by Swanson below:

“It is understood the Premier League was less concerned by the day-to-day running and sought clarification over the ultimate controllers of the club; the decision-makers that set the budget and the appointment of senior officials, including directors.”

“A source close to the consortium has told Sky Sports News the group provided written assurances from the highest possible government department, notably the Saudi Royal Court, that the Kingdom would have no influence over the running of Newcastle United.”

Sky Sports also claim that because of this dispute, there is a possibility that the Saudi PIF and Mike Ashley take legal action against the Premier League

“As the Premier League has acknowledged the need for a resolution to the dispute, there is nothing to prevent the consortium, and Newcastle owner Mike Ashley, from launching legal action at the High Court in London, if the matter is not taken to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

Newcastle fans will have to wait with bated breath to see whether the Saudi PIF are prepared to take Legal Action or whether they have completely abandoned the idea of the takeover altogether.

Let’s hope the NUST get some good answers out of Richard Masters tonight!

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11 thoughts on “New Saudi takeover claims arrive as Sky Sports reveal legal threat & Premier League’s big issue

  1. What a ridiculous story. Just because there is nothing to stop them taking legal action, it doesn’t mean they would even consider it, especially as they were not disqualified, and voluntarily pulled out. All the EPL does is state they asked for clarification which was not provided, then the buyers pulled out.

    There’s nothing to stop me taking legal action against Newcastle because I’m not included in the squad, but that doesn’t indicate in any way that I’m about to do it.

    No wonder fans of other clubs think we are stupid.

    Absolute garbage!


  2. I thought they gave assurances that the government of KSA would not be involved surely that’s clarification


  3. Masters, Hoffman, K.Beeston & C.Arney stinks of Qatar corruption (AGAIN). All 4 should resign or be sacked, no payoffs ! Get the application back in PIF if its not approved quickly which I think it would be now – then legal action. Owner wants to sell consortium wants to buy. Get this deal done its what the owner and buyer along with not only NUFC fans but majority of football fans in general. Premier League being make to look corrupt (and it probably is) by these 4 clowns


  4. Masters would not have released a letter containing the statements that were in it if it was not true, that would be corporate suicide by the PL. So far the Saudis have not provided anything to the contrary.
    They were offered arbitrary assistance over a point – something which you can do before an overall decision is made, as it was over a specific point, and they refused. They have, up to what is known, not provided the information that was requested.
    The press and click bait pages are twisting this to try and keep the story alive.


  5. According to Staveley’s comments, the premier league wanted the Saudi state to be an entity and subject to the owners’ test rules which the PIF disagreed with, providing evidence from the Saudi royal court to show the state would have no involvement in the club. They decided to disregard this evidence.

    The premier league are going way outside the remit of the rules which are to simply apply them to the list of directors and owners provided by the bid. Nowhere in their rules does it give them the power to choose who the owners or directors of a takeover are.


  6. Have you ever thought to comment on the sheikh’s affinity for cheddar cheese? Cheers mate 😉


  7. Re: sheikh’s cheese preferences

    I’ve heard more sources citing his near rabid consumption of cottage cheese
    Please let me know your thoughts :mrgreen:


  8. It should be obvious that the EPL do not want NUFC as a Saudi owned member, with the only question unanswered “who will call the shots following the sale”do I sense a fear of the power which could be exercised through membership in the richest league in the world, is it about a fear of being overwhelmed by wealthy owners?
    As of now Richard Masters is the guy in the firing line , but who is really behind this refusal, being Masters is just the fall guy if things go wrong.
    It could be and would be a problem with both ordinary trade and especially the fact the UK is presently the armourer to the saudis, offering the Eurofighter, along with it’s armaments and ground control systems , plus with another $300b. in sales on stand-by
    destined to bring the kingdom into the 21st, century, by investment , which would lead one to believe the uk government would be more than happy to invest in a football club
    and that this kind of investment would ensure the EPL was there for the long run.
    No ?



  9. Dave:
    I thought they gave assurances that the government of KSA would not be involved surely that’s clarification

    Aye – and recent history relating to piracy and murder would suggest we can trust their word.


  10. Give it a rest man, that deals dead.

    The Saudis would never go to court in the UK where they don’t have control of the court system, and could come out looking dodgy.

    And why would Ashley go to court? He’s 16 plus million richer, with more suckers reportedly in the wings waiting to step in any buy.

    FFS man, move on.


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