Saudi buyers offered TWO ways to resurrect £300m takeover by Premier League – Sky Sports

The minutes have emerged from the NUST’s meeting with the Premier League’s Richard Masters this week (you can read them in full here), and the key line that has emerged is that the ‘door is still open’ for a Saudi-backed takeover to be resurrected.

That said, something will need to change if and when they come back to the table, and well respected Sky Sports reporter Keith Downie has revealed TWO ways the consortium can now move forward.

Here’s what he posted on Twitter, along with his latest comments on Sky Sports News:

“The Newcastle United supporters (NUST) were told that a possible takeover with the Saudi-backed consortium led by Amanda Staveley was still a possible on two grounds.

“The first of those is that if the consortium return to the table with the information requested by the Premier League either proving or disproving their alleged links to the Saudi government.

“And the second is if they take up the unanswered option of independent arbitration.”

For me we’re at an impasse and whilst I maybe 100% wrong, I feel we may be near closure after reading the NUST update following their meeting with Richard Masters on Wednesday.

It’s quite clear that the deal is still saveable but there’s only one party that can revive it and that’s The PIF – not loyal NUFC fans who have done all they can now in response to the consortium’s rallying call three weeks ago.

For me, however, I worry we may have lost the PIF as they are now the silent ones and have not been given much wiggle room from the Premier League. Instead, it seems the ball is just back in their court with all the terms of a potential deal (which they pulled out of) still the same.

That said, questions still remain as to why and how the Premier League took so long to even consider the takeover and then even longer to not decide? That still looks wrong and even slightly corrupt. But it’s happened and it’s obvious we’re never going to get to the bottom of that one, with Masters’ answers always very guarded and defensive.

So, is it the additional information or arbitration? Well it has been widely reported by anyone that has been prepared to break cover from the consortium that they feel there is no more information for them to give so that’s an impasse again.

As for arbitration? Well look up the dictionary description of that! No decision was made so there’s nothing to arbitrate and we know the Saudi’s feel that and therefore this is not really an option.

Yes, Chi Onwurah has launched her petition which might fan the flames and keep the fire burning and there’s still the rumoured threat of legal action from Ashley. But are these now slim hopes and actually dying embers rather than flame-stokers? Feels like it to me.

The fans were asked to do their bit and boy did they ever. I honestly believe that no other fanbase cares about their club more than we do and no-one would have fought any harder. But we’re done or at least we have nothing more to offer. Only the Saudi consortium can save this now, it seems.

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6 thoughts on “Saudi buyers offered TWO ways to resurrect £300m takeover by Premier League – Sky Sports

  1. It´s the Gulf War being played out in a boardroom.

    Unfortunately for NUFC fans Qatar have been spreading their money and influence in world football for years.

    FIFA is corrupt.
    UEFA is corrupt.
    Surprise, surprise now a spotlight has been shone under their rock so is the EPL.

    Qatar got to the table first and have spread their influence.
    A Saudi takeover is not going to happen.
    The “FIX” is in.


  2. What grounds do the PL have for not believing the structure of the organisation PIF and who is going to be owning and running the club?
    When did the PL decide they could call into question the integrity of a sovereign state?
    Why can the Pl offer arbitration when they have neither turned the group down or passed them (their own criteria say they must give the reason for turning prospective OD down, then, and only then can the prospective unsuccessful OD ask for arbitration………all questions which need answered by the PL, the sooner the select committee investigates the better, less chance of them hiding the brown paper bags in the bread bin


  3. Arbitration is not about the decision of whether the bid is accepted it is about the Saudi state being an entity (or director/owner) of the bid.

    Once the decision is made by the EPL and that decision is to refuse the bid then the next course of action is to appeal, arbitration does not come into it.


  4. Why arbitration? Why not mediation? Through mediation the intention is to find common ground and compromise to reach a solution which could be accepted by both parties. It is not binding, but either side would look stupid ignoring it if it was an acceptable solution.


  5. You have to love the lengths bloggers will go to to try to lure you to their post.

    So “Saudi buyers offered TWO ways to resurrect £300m takeover by Premier League”

    What actually happened was the EPL stuck by their guns – and so they should – and gave them the two choices that they had when the buyers pulled out the deal.

    So not really news, is it? Unless you managed to time travel back to the 30 July.


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