Staveley, PIF & Reubens now ‘quietly confident’ new formula can revive £300m takeover – Report

A promising new report has emerged from The Independent in the last few moments, which claims there’s now ‘quiet confidence’ from the Saudi consortium that a compromise can be found that allows a potential £300m takeover to be resurrected.

This comes following the NUST’s meeting with Premier League chiefs this week, which saw Richard Masters state that the ‘door was still open’ for the Staveley-led buyers to do a deal.

A day after the minutes from that meeting were released, handing the baton over to the buying side to do their bit in response, The Independent’s Tony Evans writes that all THREE sides of the takeover bid (Saudi PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers) remain eager to revive the £300m deal and are ‘working behind the scenes’ to ‘find a formula’ that allows the takeover go ahead.

The report even states there’s now a ‘quiet confidence’ that a compromise can be found. Here’s a snippet from The Independent’s piece:

“The anger on Tyneside will not go away. Neither will the Amanda Staveley-led consortium.

“The appetite to purchase St James’ Park remains. The three parties continue to work behind the scenes to find a formula that will allow the takeover to proceed. There is quiet confidence that some sort of compromise can be found.

“The sticking point has been the role of the Saudi government in the future direction of the club.

“Staveley maintains that not only does PIF have complete autonomy from the regime but the wealth fund does not intend to take a hands-on approach to the day-to-day running of Newcastle.”

It’s promising to hear and a possible sign that the Saudi PIF may still have the appetite to get this deal done, however we have heard of this ‘confidence’ from Staveley and Co for a LONG time now – yet here we are four months later with the deal still huge doubt.

Talk is cheap and action is needed now, so it’s positive to read that all three sides of the consortium may be giving it one last push to see if a compromise can be achieved with the Premier League.

Let’s hope something can be worked out – for the good of our club, city and mental state heading into the new season!

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11 thoughts on “Staveley, PIF & Reubens now ‘quietly confident’ new formula can revive £300m takeover – Report

  1. What she says is very reasonable.

    Staveley has to respond to the EPL fairly quickly.

    If she´s asked and got 100,000 fans to take 5+ minutes of their lives to support her and the Saudi deal, that´s a lot of good will.
    If it was all for nothing the anger will soon flip 180 … then we´ll have to hate everyone Ashley, the EPL, Staveley, the Saudis … Sunderland … Qatar, Keys might as well just give up on the game


  2. For professional people they are awfully slow and come across as a dubious bunch when it is alledged by the media that:

    A – There is unclear ownership

    Sorry but either the Media are making **** up or PIF are really murky.

    Anyhow its another day and another one of many articles with the Words ‘Newcastle’ and ‘Takeover’ to get your attention.

    Where is Ronaldo and Countinho that we where apparently signing? bit like booking your car in for a respray before its been made.


  3. May I offer one small sensible crumb of advice…
    ALL reporting on this scenario should cease forthwith to allow an end game game to be drawn out in PRIVATE, instead of this endless speculation.
    Set a timescale of say 1 month to release a FINAL conclusion and let that be an end to it.


  4. The supporters still need to push the Premier League and MP’s, the stumbling block is that the PL don’t accept the reassurances of the Saudi Royal Court ( which is a monarchy absolute) that there will be no input into the club by the state. This is the crux of the matter, treating the Saudi state like a banana republic and not accepting the word of the monarchy is seen as a public insult and an affront to the nation.
    We need to bang on to the PL that this is not acceptable and a compromise needs reached to get the PIF back on side. The PL must accept the word of a monarchy absolute because if they still think the government have an input into the running of the club then the piracy issue will not go away, so even if they can get past the current hurdle the PL will use this as the next hurdle.


  5. Never going to happen, below is quotes from another article that seems to provide evidence of why PIF pulled out seems more legit than some journo raising false hope.

    “new information has come to light which points strongly to the Saudi PIF eventual decision to pull out, potentially being decided for reasons that were not to do with the Premier League.

    Yes, if the Premier League had approved in short space of time then the takeover would have happened, BUT with this new information to hand, it suggests that long before we got that 30 July announcement the decision had been made by the Saudi PIF to pull out of the NUFC deal.
    the new Saudi PIF SEC shows that their investment strategy radically changed during this last quarter.
    The Saudis got rid of their entire shareholdings in: Facebook, Disney, Marriott, BP, Shell, Boeing, Citigroup, Pfizer, Qualcomm, Broadcom and Bank of America (seen as high risk investments)
    Instead they have made massive new / extra investments in real estate and utilities ( seen as low risk investments).”
    Newcastle would fall into the first category.
    ” statement on the 30 July 2020 stated: ‘Unfortunately, the prolonged process under the current circumstances coupled with global uncertainty has rendered the potential investment no longer commercially viable.’ ”
    Over to you consortium for answers we wait for your reply.


  6. Can we not join the,Scottish Premier, along with Sunderland and Middlesbrough,. More excitement, less travel, chances of European football. F.. K the EPL.


  7. I really can’t believe that the Premier League think that the Saudi Royal family are going to spend their time thinking about who Steve Bruce should be signing


  8. The publicity surrounding this has not done the prem league any favours, I feel if they came back in now it would be easier for the league to pass it so they can wash their hands of it without the threat of legal action


  9. Snore,snore,..umm,err,what’s happened? Oh yeah that’s right ..**** all never will ! You know I’m actually getting bored of the whole thing ! It ain’t gonna happen the the phillipino lady boys or whoever they are ain’t gonna happen! These more chance of me myself and I setting up a consortium and buying the friggin club before any of these guys ! I’m finding the mummy diaries of pam friers or whatever her friggin non entity person is more exciting than this **** ! Just be done with get set for another trip roaring season of 10 players behind the ball the usual relegation battle and seeing if it would be easier to mix oil and water than trying to get us looking like a football team ! And this season I thought could we try putting a bell inside the ball for old joelinton! I’m sure that ****er is blind !


  10. I think we have been served up as entertainment during the lock down, after all we were made a laughing stock last season with the BZG saga . Once the lock down kicked in long term, at the exact time the Saudi’s showed interest in us. £350Mill before lock down, yes, but after lock down? someone was having a laugh. I would value us at well less than £200 Mill. If BoJo&Co unleash Lockdown two, then there won’t be a club in the country worth anywhere near £200 Mill. With all the jobless/homeless due to kick in, who in their right mind would wan’t to buy a football club, BoJo and the PL are acting out one big charade to stop people focusing on the main event, “they” obviously think there is a lot more mileage left in this event because this is like a relay, the Saudi’s have left the scene but they have passed on the baton to another tyre kicker.
    When will we wake up and smell the Coffee?


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