Joelinton’s disappearance now explained as Brazilian striker falls into COVID-19 trap?

Yesterday I mentioned that (for want of a better expression) Joelinton had been MIA for Newcastle this pre-season – without any explanation.

However, it seems as though we may finally have an answer as to why our £40 million man is yet to show his face in training this summer.

The Mail’s Craig Hope has suggested today that it may well be due to the Brazilian isolating – a result of his recent return from the Greek island of Mykonos.

On the 8th August, Joelinton posted on Instagram that he had been enjoying a family holiday on the island , which has become a ‘hot spot’ for Premier League footballers enjoying a break after a gruelling season.

As a result, the national press claim that this has led to many Premier League stars being forced to quarantine, with 6 Chelsea players and stars from other clubs having contracted the virus.

Here’s a snippet from the Daily Mail’s piece on it all, which perhaps explains why Joelinton is yet to return for pre-season following his holiday in Mykonos:

“Mykonos has proven to be a go-to hotspot for Premier League footballers this summer as an alternative to the usual haunts of Las Vegas, Ibiza and Marbella – all locations where the Foreign Office advise against all non-essential travel.”

“Fourteen positive tests were recorded at 12 different clubs who returned to pre-season training at the start of last week, including Sheffield United, West Ham and Brighton.”

Although unfortunate, it only adds to the damage of Newcastle’s already shambolic pre season – there’s now only one ‘fully fit’ striker available in Andy Carroll.

After a difficult first campaign in England, it was crucial for Joelinton to have a positive pre-season and hit the ground running in September.

It now seems as though the 24-year-old will have a rushed pre-season if he is in fact isolating – he will be under immense pressure to be sharp despite his shortened preparations.

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5 thoughts on “Joelinton’s disappearance now explained as Brazilian striker falls into COVID-19 trap?

  1. Good, Quarantine him forever, Because that is the only way he will ever be of any use to Newcastle United !


  2. Do we score more goals when Joelinton is not in the team?

    Lets hope he is in lockdown until January.


  3. Will he be missed this club under Ashley is going down don’t buy season tickets think of all the better things you can do with your money also the premier League is corrupt so why support it


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