Saudi owner speaks out on NUFC takeover & the chances of £300m deal being resurrected

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Sheffield United owner Abdullah Bin Mossad has weighed in with his thoughts on of our failed takeover.

He is understood to have a good relationship with the Saudi royal family – having worked for them for over two years – and suggests there is a ‘little chance’ it could be resurrected, but insists that he is only ‘speculating’ on a potential U-turn between the PIF and Premier League.

Here’s what he had to say to talkSPORT about the current situation:

“I’m not involved with the government anymore. I only work for them for two and a half years.

“From what I’ve heard the odds are it will not happen

“I think maybe there is a little chance, but I’m not involved – I’m only speculating

“We had a successful experience with Sheffield United, I hope that will open the door for my investors from our area to come and invest in football in England.”

“Because for me I really think it’s the best place to invest and enjoy football.”

It feels as though the likelihood of a Saudi takeover is at an all-time low at the moment, and someone like Bin Mossad claiming that ‘it will not happen’ is pretty damning – as is the silence from the buying side after Richard Masters said the ‘door was still open’ over a potential deal.

Despite his relationship with the Royal Family (having worked with then for two-and-a-half years), it does seem as though he is only postulating about the situation and giving his opinion as an outsider lookng in.

Let’s hope we get some actual communication on the status of any takeover bid soon from either Staveley, the Reuben brothers or a representative of the PIF – instead of being left to guess ourselves.

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5 thoughts on “Saudi owner speaks out on NUFC takeover & the chances of £300m deal being resurrected

  1. That’s it for me after 57years. I won’t be renewing or going back while that FCB is still around.


  2. To understand the fall out from the failed deal from a Saudi point of view you have to understand Arabian culture.

    Nothing is considered to be of higher importance than image, or “face”.
    For Saudi’s (and their neighbours), nothing is worse than being shamed or embarrassed.

    The reason the Saudis pulled out of the deal is simply down to the fact that because they were unwilling to structure the deal the way the EPL wanted it, there was a huge likelihood that they were going to be disqualified from owning the club.

    The possibility that they could be found in any way not good enough to buy the club would have been hugely embarrassing for them so they withdrew before it happened so that they could turn the tables and say “Us not good enough for the EPL? It is the EPL who are not good enough for us!”

    Considering Saudi culture and attitude, once the stalemate was met and the Saudis pulled out, that’s the end of it.

    There is no possibility that the deal with be resurrected because on principle that they have already been placed in what was going to be a “losing face” situation, they would never even consider putting themselves in that situation again.

    The deals off – accept it. Move on.

    And for those who still have not grasped the subtleties , the owner of Sheffield United, is a different person, under completely different circumstances, the only similarity being that they are both Saudis.

    And for further info the owner of Sheffield United is Abdulla bin Musa’ad.
    Mossad is the Israeli intelligence service.


  3. Our club will never be back to competing for anything if fat boy has anything to do with it its in the mess because of him not spending money to busy filling his pockets with our hard earned cash.Im not renewing if hes in charge either sad times ?


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