A message to the NUFC ‘supporters’ targeting Joelinton with latest wave of pathetic abuse

Miguel Cabrera

After scoring two goals in Wednesday night’s resounding win, Joelinton posted a video of his stunning second to social media.

Sadly, the Brazilian then decided to disable comments on his Instagram profile due to the level of abuse he was receiving from some Newcastle fans.

No matter what you think of him as a player, this is just plain wrong – even if it is the minority. If you’re one of the people who’ve been abusing him in the comments after what was supposed to be a confidence boosting performance, you should take a long hard look at yourself and the definition of a ‘supporter’.

Ok, he’s rarely looked like a £40m player since last summer’s big move from the Bundesliga, but he didn’t set the price tag that weighs heavily on his young shoulders.

Maybe the morons hurling vile abuse at him should also consider the fact he’s a human being first, a dad, a husband and someone’s son, not just a footballer. He’s a human being who moved to a new country on his own last year as a 22-year-old, not a robot without emotions.

He’s also a player whose confidence has visibility taken a battering during his struggles under Steve Bruce. It’s our responsibility to build that up – especially when he scores twice and curls one in from distance to prove what he’s capable of – not go out of our way to abuse him just hours after he’s played well.

This isn’t even a one off either. Just look at some of these comments posted on his family post on Christmas Eve last year:

Do people want to fail? Have some become so set on him being a ‘flop’ that they’ve already written him off? Are people refusing to accept any praise going his way just because it was “against a League Two side”? Do fans always need a scapegoat to vent their frustrations at? Or is this just a sad reality of the toxic nature of social media in this day and age? Do people always need

Maybe it’s all of the above. I get the feeling he could’ve scored all seven on Wednesday and some would still refuse to give him an ounce of credit.

There’s been times when Joelinton has deserved some criticism, but there’s never a right time to send abuse to a young player – especially not after his first brace for the club and a moment of magic we’ve all been hoping to see from him.

For the “most loyal fans in the world”, we have a few too many idiots who should learn to say nothing at all if they’ve got nothing better to say.

His fragile confidence levels will need to be built back up and Wednesday’s goals will have helped, so vile comments just hours after his first brace in a black and white shirt are absolutely baffling and completely uncalled for.

Well done Joelinton. You’ve got our support big man!

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6 thoughts on “A message to the NUFC ‘supporters’ targeting Joelinton with latest wave of pathetic abuse

  1. Joelinton has come in for a lot of deserved criticism but having a personal go at the lad on social media is beyond the pale. Keyboard morons without a brain who do not represent the great majority of Toon fans.
    I’ve never been your greatest fan Joe but stick with it son. Games like that against Morecambe could just turn the tide.


  2. Well said. We need to get behind the lad to build up his confidence so that he can become a success at Newcastle. We need to be generous of spirit while he develops into a mature player. It does the club and its supporters no credit by being deliberately malicicous.


  3. These aren’t Toon fans just keyboard morons who haven’t got half a cranium between them.
    Yes Joelinton has been deserving of a lot of criticism coming his way but he does NOT deserve personal abuse from so called ‘fans’ on social media.
    I’ve done my fair share of moaning about him too but luckily the majority of decent Toon fans would be delighted to see him continue his form like that shown in the Morecambe game. Go on Joe – you can turn this around.


  4. If you were a true Mag you wouldn’t be saying these negative things, WE ARE UNITED WE WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED, TOON TOON


  5. Agree with all the comments
    But 40 million is probably
    60 grand per week for six years
    18 million actual fee
    2million agent fee

    Suddenly fatty pays 40 million I doubt it

    He’s never a prem lge player mind but he shouldn’t be getting abuse either


  6. ***** keyboard warriors. Absolutely no need for that **** like.
    Still a young lad learning his trade.
    Not his fault the club paid so much for him.
    Let him crack on and see how he gets on.


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