Steve Bruce gives brutal but brilliant interview on VAR after Spurs 1-1 Newcastle – Video

Steve Bruce has shared some brutally honest thoughts about the controversial penalty that earned us a point in the dying embers of Sunday’s 1-1 draw at Spurs.

Speaking with sympathy, Bruce admits that we might’ve ‘got away with one’ this afternoon – and we certainly did, both based on the balance of play and the shambolic decision via VAR.

We’re just three weeks into the season and the preposterous new handball rule has caused absolute anarchy. It’s just anti-football and absolutely baffling.

A host of Premier League clubs have suffered from questionable decisions due to the rule and this afternoon saw another talking point arise.

Eric Dier didn’t handball it, all who understand the game (except for FIFA) can see that. But it was given anyway, Callum Wilson scored the penalty – and we saved a point after 95 minutes of bad football.

Despite it sparing his blushes, the awful decision even outraged Bruce:

“It’s total nonsense”

“We’ve got away with one. I thought VAR was coming in for clear and obvious decisions.

“It ruins, for me, the spectacle of the Premier League. I should be delighted but I know it will bite me eventually. All we seem to be talking about is VAR.”

“It’s impossible to jump without putting your arms up to give you balance. It’s a nonsense.

“The whole VAR and handball thing in particular this year is a total nonsense.

“We’ve got away with one today, yes, but it could have quite easily been at our end.”

You have to agree with Bruce – yes it earned us a point – but it’s SO hard to get excited when it could have easily gone the other way, and probably will at times this season.

However, I’d imagine Bruce will be thankful deep-down – with the shocking decision gifting him a result and painting over the cracks of a terrible performance.

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